Physiotherapy & Physical Medicine / Sport Medicine - Medical Devices in United Arab Emirates

Medical Equipment Categories
Bandage (9)
A bandage is a piece of material used either to support a medical device such as a dressing or splint, or on its own to provide support to the body.
Wheelchair (8)
Chair attached to large wheels for indoor or outdoor transportation of patients or individuals with impaired walking.
Physical Therapy Massage Machine (6)
Physical Therapy Massage Machine
A specialised massage machine used in physical therapy.
Mobility Scooter (5)
Mobility Scooter
A mobility scooter is a motorscooter that helps physically impaired people get around.

A device used for physiotherapy exercise and rehabilitation.
Power Exam Table (3)
Power Exam Table
Treatment and examination tables with height and position adjustments.
Manual Exam Table (3)
Manual Exam Table
Treatment and examination tables with height/position adjustments.
Walker (3)
Walkers are intended to facilitate users' ambulation, intended for permanent assistance of disabled patients or for use during rehabilitation. Some are wheeled, other none-wheeled, and some models combine the walker with an integral seat.
Stretcher Mattress (3)
Stretcher Mattress
Mattresse suitable for hospital stretchers or ambulances.
Pain Relief Cooling Device (2)
Pain Relief Cooling Device
Devices which cool the skin in order to relieve pain caused by various medical procedures, such as laser treatment, injections, injuries, plastic surgery and minor surgery.
Hospital Beds (2)
Hospital Beds
Various types of Electric and Manual beds, Delivery beds, Pediatric beds and Stretchers.
Low Level Laser Therapy (2)
Low Level Laser Therapy
Treatment using low-level lasers or light-emitting diodes to alter cellular function over nerves or joints.
Patient Transfer Stretcher (2)
Patient Transfer Stretcher
Mobile hospital stretcher that allows hospital personnel to atraumatically move a patient without altering the patients body position or lifting, rolling, or dragging them.
Examination Room Casework (2)
Examination Room Casework
A variety of furniture and wall cabinets in examination rooms.
Cane (2)
A device used by people to facilitate balancing while walking.
Disabled Patient Chair (2)
Disabled Patient Chair
Chair to assist permanently disabled persons to do lengthy activities that would otherwise be difficult or impossible for them to do.
Cryotherapy/Compression Unit (2)
Cryotherapy/Compression Unit
Device that uses a compression cuff wrapped around an articulation with either a cold gas or liquid source.
Ultraviolet Phototherapy Unit (2)
Ultraviolet Phototherapy Unit
Phototherapy unit that irradiates patients with ultraviolet light for therapeutic purposes.
Practice Management System (1)
Practice Management System
Data management information systems for physician's office and clinics.
Ultrasound Therapy System (1)
Ultrasound Therapy System
Ultrasound systems for physical therapy.
Intermittent Compression Unit (1)
Intermittent Compression Unit
Compression devices, intermittent or sequential, for treatment of poor circulation.
Patient Hoist (1)
Patient Hoist
Transfer lifts and track-mounted patient lifts.
Hospital Bed (1)
Hospital Bed
Adjustable electrically controlled bed.
Manual Wheelchair (1)
Manual Wheelchair
User and/or attendant operated manually propelled wheelchairs.
Treadmill (1)
Treadmills for stress tests and rehabilitation.
Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulator (1)
Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulator
Electrical pulse generator for physical therapy and diagnosis.
Diathermy Unit, Physical Therapy (1)
Diathermy Unit, Physical Therapy
Radio frequency high power generator for tissue heating.
Ultrasound and Electrical Stimulation Unit (1)
Ultrasound and Electrical Stimulation Unit
An electrical stimulator / ultrasound generator for physical therapy.
Paraffin Wax Bath (1)
Paraffin Wax Bath
Tubs which use liquid paraffin to maintain pre-set temperature for the patient's limbs (or fingers) aimed to relieve pain and stiffness.
Hydrocollator (1)
Hydrocollators are heating devices that are used for heating of “hot packs” used primarily during physical therapy procedures.
Traction Unit (1)
Traction Unit
A device used to apply traction to the patient by mean of a weights or electric motor.
Physiotherapy Wheel (1)
Physiotherapy Wheel
A device used for physiotherapy of the upper limbs and shoulders, by mean of circular motion. It can be used in a sitting position and has a resistance regulating mechanism.
Powered Wheelchair (1)
Powered Wheelchair
Battery-powered wheelchairs for indoor and outdoor use. These electric models are heavier than manual chairs, and are suitable for users with limited upper body strength, or those who can't use self-propelled chairs.
Cold Therapy System (1)
Cold Therapy System
Therapy units reducing pain and swelling from injuries to soft tissues, or post surgical procedures, with a combination of cryotherapy and compression.
Chiropractic Table (1)
Chiropractic Table
Stationary tables for chiropractic patients receiving treatment. Used by a massage therapist who provides a hands-on massage or rollers, rolling bars or rolling balls which travel up and down part or the whole of the body. Types include HiLo adjusting tables, elevating tables, and drop tables which feature head, chest, pelvic, cervical or thoracic drop pieces.
Recovery Chair (1)
Recovery Chair
Furniture designed for one person, usually used in a chiropractic, geriatric or pediatric setting.
Chiropractic Therapy (1)
Chiropractic Therapy
Diagnostic and Treatment equipment which can be used in the chiropractic practice.
Standing Frame (1)
Standing Frame
System that supports the patient and allows exercising in vertical position. Used for rehabilitation purposes.
Body Composition Scale (1)
Body Composition Scale
Physiologic analyzers and scales which assess human body fat composition. These devices may determine body composition based on fat / fat free two component methods, or on several component methods.
Tilting Treatment Table (1)
Tilting Treatment Table
The table is designed for physical treatment and the support of orthopedic patients.
Special Physical Treatment (1)
Special Physical Treatment
Various devices using different types of energy (e.g. RF, Ultrasound, Heat) to produce healing and renovation of human tissue. Some are used for aesthetic medicine purposes.
High Power Laser Therapy (1)
High Power Laser Therapy
Class IV therapeutic lasers for pain relief physical therapy and wound healing following Surgery or injuries.
Cold/Hot Compresses (1)
Cold/Hot Compresses
Compresses or packs used to apply cold therapy to a specific surface on the body.
Electromechanical Oral Feeding Aids (1)
Electromechanical Oral Feeding Aids
Oral feeding aids that use electromechanical mechanisms to help or enable disabled patients to feed themselves.
Hot/Cold Water Bottle (1)
Hot/Cold Water Bottle
Pliable container filled with hot or cold water and put on the body to administer dry heat or cold therapy to a specific area of the body.
Body Pressure Distribution Analyzer (1)
Body Pressure Distribution Analyzer
Physiologic analyzer used to calculate the area of contact and pressure exerted by the whole body or part of it when lying or sitting on a surface.
Bedside Scales (1)
Bedside Scales
Bedside scales that weigh the patient by lifting them from their bed.
Steam Bath (1)
Steam Bath
Bath that delivers hot steam to an enclosed patient to receive the full effect of the steam.
Whirlpool Bath (1)
Whirlpool Bath
Equipment that creates a turbulent water bath for the user.
Biofeedback System (1)
Biofeedback System
System that produces a visual or auditory signal relating to the status of one or more of a patient's physiological functions.
Patient Transfer Board (1)
Patient Transfer Board
Board that helps in transfering the patient between two close surfaces.
Balance Exerciser (1)
Balance Exerciser
Balance exerciser to enhance the ability to hold good posture by using balls.
Muscle Strength Exerciser (1)
Muscle Strength Exerciser
Exerciser for improving muscular strength and endurance.
Intravenous Pole (1)
Intravenous Pole
Slender stand to suspend containers of liquid for intravenous delivery to patients.
Microwave Diathermy Unit (1)
Microwave Diathermy Unit
Microwave therapy system that warms localized body tissues one to two centimeters below the skin to prevent tissue resistance to high-frequency electromagnetic radiation.
Patient Transfer Aids (1)
Patient Transfer Aids
Aids that make transfering a diabled person simpler that require partial or total assistance when going to or from a bed, stretcher, operating table, wheelchair, or other location.
Seat Lifter (1)
Seat Lifter
Cushion-like device that helps the user get up from a standard chair or sofa.
Adhesive Tape (1)
Adhesive Tape
Sticking tape made of natural, semi-synthetic or synthetic fibers.
Portable/Home Care Ventilator (1)
Portable/Home Care Ventilator
Ventilator that gives support to patients who do not need complex critical care ventilators.
Whole Body Vibration Therapy Unit (1)
Whole Body Vibration Therapy Unit
Equipment that mechanically vibrates the whole body.
Injection Needle (1)
Injection Needle
Needle that injects fluid under the skin and/or other soft tissues.
TENS Cable/Lead (1)
TENS Cable/Lead
Cable/lead that hooks up the transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation electrode to the generator.
Neuromuscular Stimulator Electrode (1)
Neuromuscular Stimulator Electrode
Electrode that employs electrical stimuli to nerves and/or muscles from external and/or implantable neuromuscular stimulators.
Lumbar Pillow (1)
Lumbar Pillow
Pillow used while sitting or lying down that are shaped to conform to the lower back, which encourages correct posture and helps with lower back pain and fatigue.
Back Orthosis (1)
Back Orthosis
Orthosis that supports, aligns, prevents, or corrects deformities or to enhance spinal function.
Storage Cabinet (1)
Storage Cabinet
Cabinet for storing various products at a healthcare facility.
Traction Belt (1)
Traction Belt
Belt that provides traction to the lower spine, including the lumbar and pelvic areas through external force from a traction unit.
Cable/Lead (1)
An electric cable that delivers electricity to medical devices and equipment.
Ice Collar (1)
Ice Collar
Ice bag placed around the throat as a collar.
Sand Bag (1)
Sand Bag
A medical sand bag is used to position patients during diagnostic imaging procedures.
Transcutaneous Joint Electrical Stimulator, Analgesic (1)
Transcutaneous Joint Electrical Stimulator, Analgesic
Transcutaneous electrical stimulator that gives pain relief and biophysical stimulation to the joints.
Height Measurement Instrument (1)
Height Measurement Instrument
Device used to measure a patient's height, used in doctors' offices, hospitals, other healthcare facilities, and in the field for routine evaluation of adults, children, and/or infants.
Body Composition Analyzer (1)
Body Composition Analyzer
Physiologic analyzer that evaluates human body composition.
Skin Analyzer (1)
Skin Analyzer
Physiologic analyzer that calculates and assesses all or most of the main characteristics of the skin, as well as its elasticity, surface moisture and sebum, pigmentation and transepidermal water loss.
Computerized Exercise System (1)
Computerized Exercise System
Exerciser that guides, calculates, and evaluates the operation of all major muscle groups in four kinds of muscle activity: passive, isometric, isokinetic, and isotonic.
Cyclic Arm Exerciser Ergometer (1)
Cyclic Arm Exerciser Ergometer
Ergometer that calculates the work or rate of work conducted by the upper extremity muscles while performing rotary movement on an arm exerciser under controlled conditions.
Wobble Board Exerciser (1)
Wobble Board Exerciser
Board balance exerciser that enhances the user's capability to maintain proper posture.
Hydrotherapy Pool (1)
Hydrotherapy Pool
Pre-assembled pool filled with water for conducting exercises in a water environment for therapeutic purposes.
Patient Recovery Chair (1)
Patient Recovery Chair
Chair that keeps patients comfortable and in an orthopedically correct position during prolonged sitting.
Vacuum Therapy Unit (1)
Vacuum Therapy Unit
A suction device that pulls the air out of a cupped part of a patient’s skin to improve blood flow to certain parts of the body, help wounds heal, clear skin blemishes, or treat erectile dysfunction. Many vacuums include a massager for simultaneous kneading of the skin whilst vacuuming is taking place.