Imaging - Medical Supplies in South Africa - Listings

Medical Equipment Categories
Injection Needle (3)
Injection Needle
Needle that injects fluid under the skin and/or other soft tissues.
Physician Practice Information System (3)
Physician Practice Information System
Computer system to manage data and provide clinical and administrative information related to healthcare providers
Ultrasonic Coupling Gel (2)
Ultrasonic Coupling Gel
Gel that conducts and strengthens ultrasonic waves and their transmission from the ultrasonic probe to the body of the patient and vice versa
Angioplasty Balloon Inflator (2)
Angioplasty Balloon Inflator
An angioplasty balloon inflator is a special handheld syringe pump that fills the balloon with a mixture of saline and contrast material.
Echocardiograph Paper (2)
Echocardiograph Paper
The paper on which echocardiograph is printed.
Cardiac Catheterization Kit (1)
Cardiac Catheterization Kit
Prepackaged collection of articles reqiored for the introduction/insertion of a cardiac catheter into the vascular system.
Doppler Guide Wires (1)
Doppler Guide Wires
Measurement of blood flow velocity in coronary artieries by doppler tipped guidewires.
Tissue Ablation Microwave Therapy System (1)
Tissue Ablation Microwave Therapy System
Designed to wear away regions of endocardial tissue that give cause or allow cardiac arrhythmia.
Catheter Tip Flow Transducer (1)
Catheter Tip Flow Transducer
A tip for a catheter that calculates flow volume.
Angiographic Catheter (1)
Angiographic Catheter
Cardiac catheter that permits dye to be flushed, hand injected, or power injected with the needed flow and volume to opacify cardiac and/or coronary artery structures in fluoroscopy and radiography.
Mapping/Ablation Cardiac Catheter (1)
Mapping/Ablation Cardiac Catheter
Cardiac catheter for mapping the three-dimensional anatomy of the heart, receiving electrophysiologic information during the process.
Brachytherapy Vascular Catheter (1)
Brachytherapy Vascular Catheter
Vascular catheter that administers radiation to a specific place inside a vessel and/or into a stent already inserted into the vessel.
Coronary Artery Catheter (1)
Coronary Artery Catheter
Catheter designed to facilitate access to the coronary arteries
X-Ray Film (1)
X-Ray Film
A film sensitized to x-rays, either before or after exposure.
Brachytherapy Applicator (1)
Brachytherapy Applicator
Applicator that is used to deliver therapeutic radioactive material to, retrieve them from, and/or hold them in interstices or cavities of the body.
Skin Marker (1)
Skin Marker
Device used to write on the patient's skin for surgical or treatment purposes.
Liquid Germicide (1)
Liquid Germicide
A liquid sterilizer used to eliminate germs.
Contrast Media Material (1)
Contrast Media Material
A liquid substance used to apply colour to body tissues to facilitate visualization during imaging procedures.
Hydrogen Peroxide Germicide (1)
Hydrogen Peroxide Germicide
A sterilizing agent used to kill germs made from hydrogen peroxide.
Lymphangiographic Kit (1)
Lymphangiographic Kit
A kit with all the needed materials to inject dye into the bloodstream to conduct a Lymphangiogram.
X-Ray Intensifying Screen (1)
X-Ray Intensifying Screen
Screen used to strengthen the latent image on x-ray films used in radiography.
MRI Compatible Large Volume Infusion Pump (1)
MRI Compatible Large Volume Infusion Pump
Infusion pump that administers large amounts of liquid medications and other therapeutic solutions during MRI procedures.
Gel Warming Unit (1)
Gel Warming Unit
Warming unit used for bringing gel used in coupling ultrasonic transducers close to body temperature.
Enema Tip (1)
Enema Tip
An applicator tip is used to deliver barium to the patient's rectum during a lower gastrointestinal examination.