Veterinary - Medical Devices in South Africa

Medical Equipment Categories
Film Storage (2)
Film Storage
A safety box to keep new films in dark conditions.
Ultrasound, Veterinary (2)
Ultrasound, Veterinary
Ultrasound units specially designed for diagnosing animals of all sizes, including big and medium sized animals.
Film Processor (1)
Film Processor
Automatic film developing units for X-rays.
Small Animal X-ray Products (1)Digital Radiography, Veterinary (1)
Digital Radiography, Veterinary
A type of X-ray imaging on animals that uses digital X-ray sensors.
Equine X-Ray Products (1)Ultrasound Machines, Veterinary (1)
Ultrasound Machines, Veterinary
An ultrasound machine designed for use on animals.
Doppler, Veterinary (1)
Doppler, Veterinary
A method to measure the speed and direction of blood flow in animals.
Wrap-around Protective X-Ray Eyewear, Veterinary (1)
Wrap-around Protective X-Ray Eyewear, Veterinary
Safety eyewear worn by veterinary staff during X-ray procedures.
X-Ray Apron, Veterinary (1)
X-Ray Apron, Veterinary
Safety aprons worn by veterinary staff during X-ray procedures.
Heavy Duty Hanger for X-Ray Apron, Veterinary (1)
Heavy Duty Hanger for X-Ray Apron, Veterinary
A hanger used for hanging X-Ray Aprons and/or other heavy X-ray protective gear
Video Imaging System, Veterinary (1)
Video Imaging System, Veterinary
A system used for imaging of an animal's internal body part/s
X-Ray Screen, Veterinary (1)
X-Ray Screen, Veterinary
A safety screen that protects the veterinary staff conducting the X-ray procedure.