Toxicology - Medical Devices in South Africa

Medical Equipment Categories
Sharps Disposal Unit (4)
Sharps Disposal Unit
Puncture-resistant container used to dispose sharp objects used in medical treatment and procedures.
Mass Spectrometer (2)
Mass Spectrometer
Mass spectrometers for clinical laboratory use.
Analytical Electronic Balance (2)
Analytical Electronic Balance
Electronic balance that weighs with a high degree of accuracy and precision.
Electrolyte Analyzer (1)
Electrolyte Analyzer
General purpose electrolyte analyzers.
Immunoassay Analyzer, Enzyme (1)
Immunoassay Analyzer, Enzyme
Analyzers for enzymes using fluorescence and chemiluminescence immunoassay techniques.
PCR (1)
A device which performs a precise predetermined time-thermal cycle in consequently of which a process of amplification of polymerase chain reaction is obtained.
Alcohol Analyzer (1)
Alcohol Analyzer
Point-of-care analyzers are used to determine the alcohol (ethanol) content in a breath sample, usually % of blood alcohol concentration. Laboratory analyzers are used to determine the alcohol concentration in body fluids (urine, serum).
Hemofiltration Unit (1)
Hemofiltration Unit
Equipment that extracts particular toxins or wastes from the blood.
Point-of-Care Analyzer (1)
Point-of-Care Analyzer
Analyzer used for testing at or near the site of patient care.