Medical Genetics - Medical Devices in South Africa

Medical Equipment Categories
Quantification Laboratory Incubator (2)
Quantification Laboratory Incubator
Laboratory thermocycling incubator that determines the number of target sequences in real time.
Laboratory Incubator, Thermocycling (1)
Laboratory Incubator, Thermocycling
Laboratory incubators for heating and cooling test samples, cell culture, DNA and gene manipulation studies.
PCR (1)
A device which performs a precise predetermined time-thermal cycle in consequently of which a process of amplification of polymerase chain reaction is obtained.
Camera System for Microscopy Imaging (1)
Camera System for Microscopy Imaging
A camera which is devised specially for obtaining optimal images from microscope or other optical visual device.
Infectious Microorganism Molecular Assay Analyzer (1)
Infectious Microorganism Molecular Assay Analyzer
Molecular diagnostic laboratory analyzer that uses nucleic acid diagnostic techniques to find and/or count relevant molecules belonging or associated to microorganisms that infect humans.