Hospital and Exam Room Furniture - Medical Devices in South Africa

Medical Equipment Categories
Medicine Cart (2)
Medicine Cart
Carts designed to transport medication and supplies to patient's bed.
Bed, Pediatric (2)
Bed, Pediatric
Pediatric beds for intensive care or transport within medical facility.
Birthing Bed (2)
Birthing Bed
An adjustable bed allowing more natural delivery positions at birthing.
Hospital Bed (2)
Hospital Bed
Adjustable electrically controlled bed.
Power Exam Table (2)
Power Exam Table
Treatment and examination tables with height and position adjustments.
Manual Exam Table (2)
Manual Exam Table
Treatment and examination tables with height/position adjustments.
Film Storage (2)
Film Storage
A safety box to keep new films in dark conditions.
Exam Light (2)
Exam Light
A high power lamp intended for illuminating the examined area. Sometimes used for various small operations and other medical purposes.
Hospital Beds (2)
Hospital Beds
Various types of Electric and Manual beds, Delivery beds, Pediatric beds and Stretchers.
Cabinets and Lockers (2)
Cabinets and Lockers
Furniture consisting of enclosed repositories, which usually include shelves, drawers, and compartments. Used in healthcare facilities to display, store and provide ready access to equipment, drugs, utensils, ancillary material, supplies, or medical and administrative records.
Stools and Chairs (2)
Stools and Chairs
Stools typically consist of a single seat without back or arms, designed for healthcare personnel use while performing an examination or other clinical procedure. Chairs typically consist of a single seat with a back and arms, designed for patients during examination, treatment or rehabilitation.
Tables and Stands (2)
Tables and Stands
Furniture used within the field of medicine, consisting of a smooth, flat slab fixed on legs.
Blood Drawing Chair (2)
Blood Drawing Chair
Chair made of easy cleaning materials, with an adjustable arm board for convenient blood drawing.
Recovery Chair (2)
Recovery Chair
Furniture designed for one person, usually used in a chiropractic, geriatric or pediatric setting.
Darkroom Cabinet (2)
Darkroom Cabinet
Cabinets designed for X-ray departments, darkrooms and film loading stations. Used for storage of film, images, cassettes and utilities used by the X-ray department.
X-ray Shelving (2)
X-ray Shelving
Shelving systems designed for efficient storage and easy access of X-ray images, folders and medical records. The shelves are strong and durable to support the weight, and prevent curling of folders. Some include a mobile base.
Curtains and Screens (2)
Curtains and Screens
Medical curtains and screens for use in hospitals, patient rooms, exam areas and cubicles. Some types are bio-active or anti-bacterial.
Baby Changing Table (2)
Baby Changing Table
A special table for comfortable changing of baby's diapers or clothes. May come in various height and may contain drawers.
Warming Cabinet (1)
Warming Cabinet
Warming devices for blankets and other items.
Supplies Boom (1)
Supplies Boom
Ceiling-mounted devices (booms) for utility and medical device organization.