Hematology & Serology - Medical Devices in South Africa

Medical Equipment Categories
Syringe (17)
Syringe is often used to administer injections, insert intravenous drugs into the bloodstream, apply compounds such as glue or lubricant, and measure liquids.
Microscope (4)
Light microscopes using various contrast methods for use in clinical laboratories
Sharps Disposal Unit (4)
Sharps Disposal Unit
Puncture-resistant container used to dispose sharp objects used in medical treatment and procedures.
Glucose Monitor (3)
Glucose Monitor
Point-of-Care whole blood analyzers measuring glucose concentration in blood.
Blood POC Analyzer (3)
Blood POC Analyzer
Point-Of-Care analyzers for hemotological tests.
Hypodermic Syringe (3)
Hypodermic Syringe
Small-caliber plunger syringe that administers liquids through a hollow needle beneath the skin.
Hematology Laboratory Analysis Software (3)
Hematology Laboratory Analysis Software
Laboratory analysis software that runs computerized hematology analyzers and monitor a limited number of their capabilities.
Centrifuge (2)
Floor centrifuges, refrigerated/non refrigerated, high/low speed.
Mass Spectrometer (2)
Mass Spectrometer
Mass spectrometers for clinical laboratory use.
Blood Centrifuge (2)
Blood Centrifuge
Floor or tabletop nonrefrigerated low speed centrifuges for blood banks.
Blood Gas Analyzer, POC (2)
Blood Gas Analyzer, POC
Blood testing devices for use at Point-Of-Care.
Blood Bank Information System (2)
Blood Bank Information System
Data management information system that gives clinical and administrative data at blood bank centers.
Blood Drawing Chair (2)
Blood Drawing Chair
Chair made of easy cleaning materials, with an adjustable arm board for convenient blood drawing.
Basic Labware (2)
Basic Labware
All the glassware and other equipment used in many different types of laboratory, but excluding specialist equipment such as spectrometers
Cytometer (1)
Devices intended to measure the number of cells (particles) in a flow of suspension. Detection is done either by electrical methods, or by an optical system (e.g. laser system).
Centrifuge, Table Top (1)
Centrifuge, Table Top
Refrigerated and non-refrigerated centrifuges for clinical laboratory testing.
Blood Bank Refrigerator (1)
Blood Bank Refrigerator
Refrigerator that stores blood bank products and samples for short periods at temperatures typically between 1 and 8 degrees Celsius.
Oximeter (1)
A laboratory instrument used to simultaneously determine oxygenation of hemoglobin forms.
Hematocrit Centrifuge (1)
Hematocrit Centrifuge
High-speed microhematocrit centrifuges.
Hematology Analyzer (1)
Hematology Analyzer
Semi-automated and fully automated hematology analyzers.
Cell Washing Centrifuge (1)
Cell Washing Centrifuge
Cell washing, low speed, non-refrigerated table top centrifuge.
Blood Gas Analyzer (1)
Blood Gas Analyzer
Blood gas/pH analyzers for laboratories.
Glycohemoglobin Analyzer (1)
Glycohemoglobin Analyzer
Laboratory and point-of-care analyzers that measure levels of glycohemoglobin in blood.
Hemodialysis Machine (1)
Hemodialysis Machine
Devices for hemodialysis.
Practice Management System (1)
Practice Management System
Data management information systems for physician's office and clinics.
Voice Recorder (1)
Voice Recorder
Digital system for dictating and transcribing medical reports and records.
Blood Grouping System (1)
Blood Grouping System
Blood grouping analyzers with data processing capabilities for testing, used in hematology, blood banks, and laboratories.
Laboratory Pump (1)
Laboratory Pump
Pump designed to transfer or deliver fluids to support environmental conditions or to perform specific tasks required in clinical laboratories.
ESR Measurement Device (1)
ESR Measurement Device
A device or a rack for measuring the rate of blood (erythrocyte) sedimentation. Multi test capabilities which enables the laboratory in performing a high throughput of blood samples.
Blood Rocker / Mixer (1)
Blood Rocker / Mixer
A device which periodically tilts up and down to mix the blood samples in tubes.
Pipettes (1)
Pipettes, pipette fillers and serial repeating pipettes.
Camera System for Microscopy Imaging (1)
Camera System for Microscopy Imaging
A camera which is devised specially for obtaining optimal images from microscope or other optical visual device.
Laboratory Thermometer (1)
Laboratory Thermometer
Thermometer desinged to measures temperatures in clinical laboratory equipment.
Blood Bank Mobile Medical Facilities (1)
Blood Bank Mobile Medical Facilities
Mobile modular medical facilities usually divided into various areas for: blood-drawing, reception, processing and storage, and auxiliary equipment.
Cryogenic Temperature Controller (1)
Cryogenic Temperature Controller
Temperature controller used to maintain extremely low temperatures in a container between preestablished limits.
Laboratory Automation System (1)
Laboratory Automation System
Clinical laboratory automation system that prepares, analyzes, and evaluates samples.
Cryogenic Storage Container (1)
Cryogenic Storage Container
Container that stores cells, tissue, organs, and/or biological samples at very low temperatures, usually -180 degrees celsius or lower.
Diluter (1)
Instrument for use in laboratories to make repeatable, accurate dilutions of sample and reagent solutions.
Laboratory Rotator (1)
Laboratory Rotator
A laboratory device that uses centrifuge to separate sample particles.