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Contrast Injector Description:

In the MedWOW’s catalog, Contrast Injector is described as follows:
Contrast media injectors for CT, MRI and angiography.
The above ads list companies that sell and / or service Contrast Injector.

Contrast Injector may also be referred to as:

Cardiac Catheterization Equipment | Catheterization Injector | Contrast Media Injector | Injector for Cardiology, Angiography, CT, MRI | Injector for Contrast Media | Injector, Cat Lab | Injector, Contrast Media, Angiography / Computed Tomography / MRI | Injector, MRI

Contrast Injector can be found under the following headings:

Cardiology | Imaging

Tips for buying Contrast Injector

  • Before making a purchase of either a new or used contrast injector, buyers should negotiate the pricing and supply of disposable syringes and administration sets with the supplier. Suppliers of injectors for cardiology may offer unit doses with prefilled syringes.
  • Some contrast injector systems have contrast media conservation features that could result in significant cost savings.
  • Hand-driven syringes may be preferable by some physicians for delicate procedures, since they provide a better feel for resistance than an automatic injector. However, automatic injectors deliver more consistent flow.
  • These are the requirements for MRI injectors: a syringe capacity of 60 mL, a flow range of 0.1-7 mL/sec, and a delivery pressure range of 0.7-13.8 bar.
  • These are some requirements for catheterization injector units used for CT scanning: a syringe capacity of 125 mL, a flow range of 0.1-7 mL/sec, a delivery pressure range of 0-20 bar, and an x-ray generator.
  • These are some requirements for contrast injectors used for angiography: a syringe capacity of 100 mL, a flow range of 0.8-7 mL/sec, a delivery pressure range of 14-82 bar, and an x-ray generator.
  • These are some requirements for all new and used contrast injectors: disposable syringes, selectable pressure in increments of 10 psi, and an adjustable volume stop in 1 mL increments.
  • Facilities should make sure that the injector for cardiology or infusion system they are about to purchase is MRI-compatible.
  • When medical facilities are considering whether a contrast injector is suitable for the types and numbers of procedures performed, they should consider the catheterization injector unit's capabilities, including: programmability and ECG and x-ray generator synchronization and also available configurations.