Cardiology - Medical Devices in South Africa

Medical Equipment Categories
Blood Pressure Monitor (14)
Blood Pressure Monitor
Automatic electronic non-invasive blood-pressure meters and monitors, also other non-invasive parameters.
ECG (11)
Multichannel and interpretive electrocardiographs for on-site analysis.
Physiologic Monitoring System (7)
Physiologic Monitoring System
Physiologic monitoring system to continuously track vital physiologic parameters in critical care conditions.
Patient Monitor (5)
Patient Monitor
Physiologic monitoring systems that detect and display ECG's, respiratory rate, non-invasive and invasive blood pressure, body temperature, airway gas concentrations, and others.
ECG Lead (5)
ECG Lead
Each lead has a positive and negative pole attached to the surface of the skin, which can be used to measure the spread of electrical activity within the heart.
Interpretative Electrocardiograph (5)
Interpretative Electrocardiograph
Multichannel electrocardiograph that takes and evaluates the electrical signals of the cardiac activity by computer using an internal algorithm.
Blood Pressure Cuff (5)
Blood Pressure Cuff
Device that has an inflating and deflating bladder in an inelastic sleeve.
Cardiology Information System (4)
Cardiology Information System
Data management information system that records, processes, and shows clinical and administrative data connected with the cardiac status of patients.
Cable/Lead (4)
An electric cable that delivers electricity to medical devices and equipment.
Defibrillator/Pacemaker, External (4)
Defibrillator/Pacemaker, External
Defibrillator-pacemaker that produces electric impulses outside the body and administers them to the heart through the chest wall using paddles.
Neonatal Patient Monitor (4)
Neonatal Patient Monitor
Physiologic monitor for continuous observation of vital physiologic parameters of newborns and infants.
Glucose Monitor (3)
Glucose Monitor
Point-of-Care whole blood analyzers measuring glucose concentration in blood.
Blood POC Analyzer (3)
Blood POC Analyzer
Point-Of-Care analyzers for hemotological tests.
Ultrasound, Cardiac (3)
Ultrasound, Cardiac
Cardiac ultrasonic scanning systems.
External Automated Defibrillator (3)
External Automated Defibrillator
External automated defibrillators which can be operated by non medical personnel.
CT Scanner (3)
CT Scanner
Radiographic computed tomography systems (CT) for total body scanning.
Stethoscope (3)
Acoustic devices for listening to internal sounds (auscultation). Often used to listen to heart sounds, intestines and blood flow in arteries and veins. Electronic stethoscope (stethophones) electronically amplify body sounds.
Monitor Mount (3)
Monitor Mount
A fastening system that secures a monitor to a wall, table or stand.
Pressure Transducer (3)
Pressure Transducer
An electronic device that turns blood pressure into electrical signals that is recorded graphically for monitoring purposes.
ECG Transmitter/Receiver System (3)
ECG Transmitter/Receiver System
System that submits and receives electrocardiographic signals through telephone channels.
Hypodermic Syringe (3)
Hypodermic Syringe
Small-caliber plunger syringe that administers liquids through a hollow needle beneath the skin.
Electrocardiography Electronic Recording Processor (3)
Electrocardiography Electronic Recording Processor
Data processor that takes and processes digital data received from electrocardiographic signals that used to be electronically recorded.
Intravenous Pole (3)
Intravenous Pole
Slender stand to suspend containers of liquid for intravenous delivery to patients.
Sphygmomanometer, Mercury (3)
Sphygmomanometer, Mercury
Sphygmomanometer with an inflatable cuff that goes around the arm, a bulb for controlling the air pressure within the cuff, and a mercury manometer.
Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation Emergency Kit (3)
Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation Emergency Kit
A collection of instruments and materials needed to perform cardiopulmonary resuscitation.
Mobile Radiographic Unit (3)
Mobile Radiographic Unit
Radiographic unit that includes a manually driven or motor-driven wheeled cart that transports an x-ray generator, an x-ray tube and tube stand, collimators, and a film cassette storage drawer.
Blood Gas Analyzer, POC (2)
Blood Gas Analyzer, POC
Blood testing devices for use at Point-Of-Care.
Emergency Cart (2)
Emergency Cart
Carts with appropriate features for emergency cardiopulmonary resuscitation procedures.
Cardiac Electrophysiologic Monitor (2)
Cardiac Electrophysiologic Monitor
Cardiac electrophysiology monitoring/recording system.
Ultrasonic Fetal Monitor (2)
Ultrasonic Fetal Monitor
Ultrasonic fetal heart detectors.
Digital Angiography (2)
Digital Angiography
Digital imaging systems that convert input signal to visual display.
C-Arm (2)
Mobile radiographic and fluoroscopic units.
MRI (2)
Magnetic Resonance Imaging scanning units (stationary).
ECG Scanner (2)
ECG Scanner
Scanners that analyze and display recorded data from ECG holters/recorders.
Training Manikin (2)
Training Manikin
Anatomically correct model of the human body or parts for medical training.
Sphygmomanometer (2)
A device used to measure blood pressure, comprising of an inflatable cuff to restrict blood flow, and a mercury or mechanical manometer to measure the pressure.
Defibrillator Tester (2)
Defibrillator Tester
Testing instrument to evaluate the proper function of external manually operated defibrillators and cardioverters, semi automated and automated defibrillators.
Ultrasonic Fetal Heart Detector (2)
Ultrasonic Fetal Heart Detector
Fetal heart detector that uses ultrasonic waves to give audible and/or visual information.
Contrast Media Injector (2)
Contrast Media Injector
Contrast media injector is designed to introduce dye through a small catheter into the vascular system for angiographic studies.
Ultrasonic Transducer (2)
Ultrasonic Transducer
Transducer that converts electrical signals into mechanical energy in the form of sound and vice versa.
ECG Simulator (2)
ECG Simulator
Cardiac simulator that mimics the electrical signals of the normal sinus rhythms of the heart.
Facility Boom (2)
Facility Boom
Facility boom is used to organize and support hospital utility services and medical devices.
Cardiology Picture Archiving and Communication System (CPACS) (2)
Cardiology Picture Archiving and Communication System (CPACS)
Picture archiving and communication system that stores and retrieves digital images from cardiac catheterization laboratories and other cardiac digital imaging systems.
Physiologic Monitor Data Interface Unit (2)
Physiologic Monitor Data Interface Unit
Data interface unit that permits communication between a physiologic monitor and a computer or computer peripherals, giving data download functionalities to the monitor and real-time numerical and/or graphical data computer processing.
Angiographic/Cardiovascular Image Digitization System Software (2)
Angiographic/Cardiovascular Image Digitization System Software
Image digitization system software that runs systems that process and store digital angiographic or cardiovascular data and images taken from an external source and monitors a limited number of the system capabilities.
Cardiac Magnetic Resonance Imaging Study Software (2)
Cardiac Magnetic Resonance Imaging Study Software
Magnetic resonance imaging study software that acquires, process, and archives data and images taken during studies meant for cardiac evaluation.
Cardiac Catheterization Workstation Management Software (2)
Cardiac Catheterization Workstation Management Software
Software that runs cardiac catheterization workstations, controls/monitors a limited number of their capabilities, and processes data and images taken during the catheterization procedure.
PACS Workstation (2)
PACS Workstation
Workstation that processes and stores digital images and data taken by one or more diagnostic imaging systems, as well as computed radiography, computed tomography, magnetic resonance imaging, and ultrasound scanners
Circulatory Assist Unit, Peripheral Compression (2)
Circulatory Assist Unit, Peripheral Compression
Peripheral circulatory assist unit for occasional compression.
Circulatory Assist Unit, Intra-Aortic Balloon (2)
Circulatory Assist Unit, Intra-Aortic Balloon
Circulatory assist unit that creates mechanical counterpulsation to lower the afterload to the heart and raise coronary and cerebral blood flow.
Transcranial Ultrasonic Blood Flowmeter (2)
Transcranial Ultrasonic Blood Flowmeter
Flowmeter for non-invasive calculations of blood flow in the main brain arteries.
Data Recorder (2)
Data Recorder
Electronic storage recorder for archiving analog or digital electronic data information.
Ventriculoscope (2)
Endoscope for evaluating the cerebral ventricles and for cauterizing the choroid plexus.
Mobile Radiographic/Fluoroscopic Unit (2)
Mobile Radiographic/Fluoroscopic Unit
Radiographic/fluoroscopic unit typically includes two wheeled carts, one supporting the C-arm and the control console and the other holding display monitors and image processing and recording devices.
Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation Training Manikin (2)
Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation Training Manikin
Training manikin that used in life-saving treatment training, such as cardiopulmonary resuscitation, rescue breathing, and choking first-aid.
Multiparameter Patient Monitor (2)
Multiparameter Patient Monitor
Bedside physiologic monitor that is customized to use one or more individual and/or multiparameter physiologic monitor modules.
Heart-Lung Machine (1)
Heart-Lung Machine
Bypass units for temporary circulation, oxygenation and blood filtration.
Oxygenator (1)
A medical device that is capable of exchanging oxygen and carbon dioxide in the blood of patient in surgical procedures that may necessitate the interruption or cessation of blood flow in the body, a critical organ or great blood vessel.
Telemetry Monitor (1)
Telemetry Monitor
Telemetric monitors used for in the hospital setting.
Practice Management System (1)
Practice Management System
Data management information systems for physician's office and clinics.
Video Endoscopy (1)
Video Endoscopy
A video system used during endoscopic procedures.
External Pacemaker (1)
External Pacemaker
External transvenous cardiac pacemakers.
Intermittent Compression Unit (1)
Intermittent Compression Unit
Compression devices, intermittent or sequential, for treatment of poor circulation.
Intra Aortic Balloon Pump (1)
Intra Aortic Balloon Pump
Units producing mechanical counterpulsation to assist cardiovascular functioning during heart failure.
Pacemaker (1)
Implantable cardiac pacemakers.
Pulmonary Stress Test (1)
Pulmonary Stress Test
Whole systems intended to measure the pulmonary (and sometimes the associated cardiac) functions under stress conditions.
ECG Holter (1)
ECG Holter
Electrocardiography scanners for analysis and display of recorded data.
Cardiac Ablation System (1)
Cardiac Ablation System
Lesion generators using low-end radio frequency currents (below 500 kHz).
Implantable Defibrillator (1)
Implantable Defibrillator
Battery operated defibrillators for continuous monitoring and prompt corrective cardioversion.
Blood Pressure Holter (1)
Blood Pressure Holter
Data recorders/storage systems for blood pressure monitoring in ambulatory patients.
External Defibrillator (1)
External Defibrillator
Manually and battery-operated external defibrillators which include an ECG monitor.
Intravascular Ultrasound (IVUS) (1)
Intravascular Ultrasound (IVUS)
Ultrasonic scanning systems for intravascular analysis (IntraVascular UltraSound).
Cardiac Stress Test (1)
Cardiac Stress Test
Systems for cardiac stress tests.
Cardiac Output Computer (1)
Cardiac Output Computer
Device using indicator dilution technique to measure blood flow from heart.
Cardiac Catheterization Monitor (1)
Cardiac Catheterization Monitor
Cath lab monitoring/recording system.
Cardiac Video System (1)
Cardiac Video System
Video camera and recording device used for fluoroscopic systems.
Artificial Heart Valve (1)
Artificial Heart Valve
Artificial replacement for cardiac valve.
Endoscope Light Source (1)
Endoscope Light Source
Fiberoptic light sources for endoscopes.
Single Channel ECG (1)
Single Channel ECG
Single channel electrocardiographs.
Video Conferencing Equipment (1)
Video Conferencing Equipment
Telemedicine systems using remote telecommunications for videoconferences.
Ventricular Assist Device (1)
Ventricular Assist Device
Circulatory aid unit that helps one of the ventricles of a damaged or weakened heart to pump blood.
Radiographic Photospot Camera (1)
Radiographic Photospot Camera
Adapted motion-picture camera used to take images directly from the output phosphor of the image intensifier.
Film Processor, Cine (1)
Film Processor, Cine
Cine film processors used mainly for cinefluorography films.
Contrast Injector (1)
Contrast Injector
Contrast media injectors for CT, MRI and angiography.
Rad Room, Analog (1)
Rad Room, Analog
A complete general purpose film based radiographic system.
Mobile X-ray (1)
Mobile X-ray
Mobile radiographic units.
PET/CT (1)
Computed Tomography Positron Emission Tomography (PET/CT) scanning systems generate PET and CT images of a patient in a single study.
Voice Recorder (1)
Voice Recorder
Digital system for dictating and transcribing medical reports and records.
Tourniquet (1)
Pneumatic tourniquets for use in limb surgery.
Portable ECG (1)
Portable ECG
Data tape recorders used to record ECG in ambulatory patients.
Passive Motion Exerciser, Limbs (1)
Passive Motion Exerciser, Limbs
Exercisers for continuous passive motion of patient's limbs.
Cine Projector (1)
Cine Projector
Movie projectors for viewing 35mm film.
Cine Camera (1)
Cine Camera
Specialized motion picture camera that records fluoroscopic images onto 16 or 35 mm roll film.
Spot Film Device (1)
Spot Film Device
Serial imaging systems for dynamic radiography.
Cath Lab (1)
Cath Lab
Angiographic and special-procedure R/F imaging systems (fluoroscopy), including cardiovascular and cardiac catheterization.
Cardiac Echo (1)
Cardiac Echo
Data analysis systems for cardiac ultrasound images.
Ergometer (1)
Bicycle ergometers.
Treadmill (1)
Treadmills for stress tests and rehabilitation.
EECP (1)
Enhanced external counterpulsation system is used for noninvasive treatment for patients with coronary artery disease.
Therapeutic Intravascular Ultrasound (1)
Therapeutic Intravascular Ultrasound
Ultrasound angioplasty systems for therapeutic procedures.
Revascularization Laser (1)
Revascularization Laser
Lasers designed to deliver energy into the myocardium using fiberoptic catheters, producing temporary myocardial channels.
Cardiac Mapping System (1)
Cardiac Mapping System
An invasive catheter system used for measuring the electrical potential mapping of the heart.
Microvolt T-Wave Alternans (1)
Microvolt T-Wave Alternans
A device which detects T-Wave alternans.
Electron Beam Tomography (1)
Electron Beam Tomography
CT scanning systems with electron beam.
Endovenous Occlusion System (1)
Endovenous Occlusion System
Therapy systems for vein occlusion using radiofrequency or Varicose Vein Ablation by laser.
Bio Impedance Measurement (1)
Bio Impedance Measurement
Various devices and equipment based on electrical measurements, which are performed with the aid of surface electrodes or volume electrodes.
Ultrasonic Cardiac Ablation System (1)
Ultrasonic Cardiac Ablation System
Ultrasound angioplasty systems for therapeutic procedures.
Pacemaker Tester (1)
Pacemaker Tester
Tester that assesses the performance of implantable pacemakers; they are typically intended to measure, evaluate, display, and/or record a set of pacemaker parameters and/or visual waveforms, such as amplitude, pulse rate, and pulse width of the pacing current signal.
Stereotactic System, Cardiac Mapping Ablation (1)
Stereotactic System, Cardiac Mapping Ablation
Stereotactic system for 3-D cardiac mapping of cardiac structures, also used for ablation.
Rad Room, Digital (1)
Rad Room, Digital
A complete general purpose digital radiographic system.
Rad/Fluoro Room, Image Intensifier (1)
Rad/Fluoro Room, Image Intensifier
Conventional radiographic and fluoroscopic equipment.
Rad/Fluoro Room, Flat Panel (1)
Rad/Fluoro Room, Flat Panel
Digital radiographic (DR) and fluoroscopic system.
Laboratory X-ray (1)
Laboratory X-ray
X-ray source for scientific purposes.
ECG R-Wave Trigger (1)
ECG R-Wave Trigger
This module is especially designed to accurately trigger different devices (e.g. stimulator or other devices) with the R-wave of an ECG signal. This device can work as a module of other medical devices, or as a stand alone unit, for different medical diagnostic procedures.
Imaging Radiation Protection (1)
Imaging Radiation Protection
Control room and personal accessories intended to protect the radiologist, technician or visitors from X-ray radiation, or to provide RF shielding.
Image Intensifier (1)
Image Intensifier
A device which converts X-ray patterns into a visible image (Analogue).
C-Arm Table (1)
C-Arm Table
Tables for C-Arm systems.
Patient Monitor Module (1)
Patient Monitor Module
Modules to be used in patient monitoring systems.
Angioscope (1)
Flexible endoscopic device designed for viewing blood vessels.
Human Anatomy Model (1)
Human Anatomy Model
Human Anatomy Models for teaching and training purposes, as well as patient education.
Electrode Tester (1)
Electrode Tester
An appliance which tests the applied electrodes used in various diagnostic procedures such as EEG, ECG, EMG, ENG and evoked potentials.
ECG Tester (1)
ECG Tester
Device which generates electrical signals that simulate human ECG. This signal is used to check the proper response of ECG recorders and monitors.
External Pacemaker Tester (1)
External Pacemaker Tester
A device which analyzes the output of external pacemakers.
Rotational Angioplasty System (1)
Rotational Angioplasty System
A device which acts to remove hard calcified plaque during the angioplasty procedures.
Injector for Measuring Cardiac Output (1)
Injector for Measuring Cardiac Output
An injecting device which is used to facilitate the injection of the cold saline (0 deg C) for performing the measurement of the cardiac output.
Vascular Laboratory (1)
Vascular Laboratory
Integrated equipment for studies of the blood flow.
Non-Invasive Cardiac Support Pump (1)
Non-Invasive Cardiac Support Pump
Battery operated pumps which move blood consistently by squeezes the entire chest. As a result, cardiac arrest victims receive consistent, high-quality compressions which deliver improved blood flow.
Mobile Cath Lab (1)
Mobile Cath Lab
Cath Lab systems installed in a specially designed mobile trailer (or movable container).
Fractional Flow Reserve Information System (1)
Fractional Flow Reserve Information System
Systems which measure intravascular pressure, and calculate fractional flow reserve.
Automatic Chest Compressor (1)
Automatic Chest Compressor
Automatic chest compression device.
Airborne Radon Bath (1)
Airborne Radon Bath
A device for Air-Radon medical procedures.
Pressure Transducer Adapter Cable (1)
Pressure Transducer Adapter Cable
Cable that translates one form of energy to another and transmit them as an electrical signal to a device.
ECG Calipers (1)
ECG Calipers
Caliper that calculates the distance between two points on a printed electrocardiogram waveform.
Cardiac Wall Stabilizer (1)
Cardiac Wall Stabilizer
Device for the local immobilization of a part of the cardiac wall with a minimum loss of muscle function during beating-heart surgical procedures.
Cardiograph (1)
An instrument used to record the mechanical movements of the heart.
Cuff Inflator (1)
Cuff Inflator
Device that inserts air to a cylindrical chamber.
Pressure Transducer Dome (1)
Pressure Transducer Dome
Suitable for both arterial and venous blood pressure monitoring, the dome pressure transducer allows for continuous pressure monitoring.
Blood Flowmeter (1)
Blood Flowmeter
Blood flowmeter for internal calculation of blood flow electromagnetically.
Pacemaker Lead Adapter (1)
Pacemaker Lead Adapter
Device used to adapt an implantable pacemaker lead to the connectors of another pacemaker for which the lead was not originally meant to be connected.
Phonocardiograph (1)
Cardiograph for recording heart sounds at the chest surface.
Telemetry Pouch (1)
Telemetry Pouch
Pouch in which a battery-powered mobile telecommunication transmitter fastened to an ambulatory patient can be held.
Dye Dilution Pump (1)
Dye Dilution Pump
Syringe pump that pulls blood through a densitometer to create dye dilution curves for cardiac output determination.
Cardiac Simulator (1)
Cardiac Simulator
Simulator that replicates some traits of normal or abnormal human heart functions.
Sphygmograph (1)
Graphical recorder that documents the waveform, strength, and alterations in the arterial pulse.
Analgesic Stimulator (1)
Analgesic Stimulator
Spinal cord electrical stimulator that administer stimuli to alleviate pain.
Plunger Syringe (1)
Plunger Syringe
Plunger syringe that injects dye, usually into veins or arteries, for imaging procedures such as CT, MRI, radiographic angiography or some ultrasound procedures.
Imaging Table (1)
Imaging Table
Suitable table for performing patient imaging procedures.
Cardiac Impedance Tester (1)
Cardiac Impedance Tester
Tester that calculates the opposition to a material or device's electric current circulation when a source of alternating voltage is administered to it.
Transducer Holder (1)
Transducer Holder
A holder that provides a level and secure platform to accommodate transducers
Flow Transducer (1)
Flow Transducer
A measuring device that calculates volume by dividing flow by time.
Control Hypothermia System (1)
Control Hypothermia System
A hypothermia system that helps regulate patient temperature through a state-of-the-art microprocessor control.
Atherectomy Angioplasty System (1)
Atherectomy Angioplasty System
A system for opening arteries without surgery.
Apex Cardiograph (1)
Apex Cardiograph
Cardiograph that creates a graphical record of the movements of the pericardium over the left ventricular apex of the heart
Cardiac Output Unit (1)
Cardiac Output Unit
Instrument that checks the volume and flow rate of blood pumped by the heart.
Cardiokymograph (1)
Cardiograph that records heart-wall motion, in an amplitude-versus-time graph.
Laser Angioplasty System (1)
Laser Angioplasty System
Argon laser that administers its energy into the vessels to destroy sections of narrowing.
Angioplasty Ultrasound Therapy System (1)
Angioplasty Ultrasound Therapy System
Ultrasound therapy system that administers energy into the vessels to destroy sections of narrowing.
Field Strength Meter (1)
Field Strength Meter
Measuring instrument used to measure and display the power density field in a given range of frequencies.
Multiparameter Simulator (1)
Multiparameter Simulator
Simulator used to mimic the bioelectrical signals of human organs and/or the electrical output of transducers that detect patient vital signs.
Medical Device Performance Tester (1)
Medical Device Performance Tester
Tester that utilizes together the capabilities of electrical safety testers and multiparameter medical device simulators.
External Pacemaker Analyzer (1)
External Pacemaker Analyzer
Designed to assess the performance of external pacemakers that use invasive or noninvasive electrodes.
Hemofiltration Unit (1)
Hemofiltration Unit
Equipment that extracts particular toxins or wastes from the blood.
Ultrasonic Scanning Data Processor (1)
Ultrasonic Scanning Data Processor
Data processor designed to take and process digital data collected from ultrasonic scanning systems.
X-Ray Shield (1)
X-Ray Shield
Radiation shield to protect the operator or patient from radiation exposure.
Angiography Image Digitization System (1)
Angiography Image Digitization System
Image digitization system that changeS an input signal taken from a television camera or from a charge-coupled device into a digital signal and process the digital signal to take images that can be shown on a TV monitor or in other computerized imaging systems.
Stress Exercise Workstation Management Software (1)
Stress Exercise Workstation Management Software
Software that runs stress exercise workstations, controls/monitors a limited number of their capabilities, and/or processes data and images taken in the stress exercise procedure.
Cardiac Catheterization Laboratory Workstation (1)
Cardiac Catheterization Laboratory Workstation
Workstation that processes and stores digital data and images taken by monitors and/or recorders used in a cardiac catheterization laboratory, meant to locate and identify irregularities in the heart and its vasculature, the aorta, or the vena cava, as well as to define the size or severity of lesions.
Stress Exercise Workstation (1)
Stress Exercise Workstation
Workstation that processes and stores digital data and images taken by monitors and/or recorders used in a stress-exercise laboratory, meant to evaluate the cardiac and/or pulmonary response of a person to physical stress during exercise on a treadmill or a bicycle ergometer.
Aerobic Exerciser (1)
Aerobic Exerciser
An excersise machine that facilitates increasing the heart beat through physical activity
Intravenous Hanger (1)
Intravenous Hanger
Hanger to suspend intravenous fluid delivery containers.
Electronic Storage Recorder (1)
Electronic Storage Recorder
Recorder that stores information electronically in a solid state electronic memory.
Ultrasonic Doppler Flowmeter (1)
Ultrasonic Doppler Flowmeter
An ultrasonic flowmeter is a volumetric flow meter which requires particulates or bubbles in the flow.
Radiographic/Fluoroscopic System (1)
Radiographic/Fluoroscopic System
Radiographic/fluoroscopic system that consists of a number of units that is used in various diagnostic procedures.
Electrocardiography Recorder (1)
Electrocardiography Recorder
Electrocardiography electronic storage loop-recorder that is implanted to store information only for a pre-defined, short period of time, and then record again on the same memory erasing the previous information.
Contourograph (1)
Graphic recorder that continuously places time-varying segmented signals sequentially one on top of the other, either manually or using a computer
Impedance Cardiograph (1)
Impedance Cardiograph
Cardiograph that records changes in the thoracic electrical impedance resulting from the activity of the heart muscle, typically sensed at the body surface.
Water-Jet Surgical Unit (1)
Water-Jet Surgical Unit
Surgical unit that performs surgery using jets of high-pressure water or water solutions.
Brain Plethysmograph (1)
Brain Plethysmograph
Segmental plethysmograph that assesses blood flow in the brain.
Polygraph (1)
Multichannel physiologic graphical recorder records instantaneous values and/or variations of a number of different physiologic parameters at the same time, typically under conditions of physical or mental stress.
Nerve Fiber Ablation System (1)
Nerve Fiber Ablation System
Radio-frequency therapy system used for selective excision of nerve pain fibers.
Fluoroscopic Video System (1)
Fluoroscopic Video System
Video system that shows the output of the image intensifier of fluoroscopic systems, with suitable preservation of image quality with minimum lag
Resuscitation Cart (1)
Resuscitation Cart
Cart with drawers and compartments to organize the storage and transportation of equipment, instruments, and accessories needed for emergency cardiopulmonary resuscitation procedures.
Ultrasound Contrast Media Injector (1)
Ultrasound Contrast Media Injector
Contrast media injector that inserts dye into the vascular system to selectively alter the image of an anatomic region of interest.
Drug Delivery Iontophoresis Unit (1)
Drug Delivery Iontophoresis Unit
Device for minimum-access treatment of diseases by introduction of soluble drug ions into the body through an electric current.
CPR Counting Pacer (1)
CPR Counting Pacer
A device that helps the first aid health provider to pace time during delivery of CPR.
Arrhythmia Recognition Training Aid (1)
Arrhythmia Recognition Training Aid
Training equipment and supplies that facilitate training emergency medicine professionals to recognize arrhythmia.
Automated External Defibrillator Training Aid (1)
Automated External Defibrillator Training Aid
Training aid that instructs users how to use an automated external defibrillator and its accessories.
Full-Body MRI Unit (1)
Full-Body MRI Unit
MRI system that permits imaging of all body areas, and whose magnetic fields usually range from 0.5 to 1.5 Tesla.
Airway Management Training Manikin (1)
Airway Management Training Manikin
Training manikin that is used in airway management and intubation training.
Cyclic Arm Exerciser Ergometer (1)
Cyclic Arm Exerciser Ergometer
Ergometer that calculates the work or rate of work conducted by the upper extremity muscles while performing rotary movement on an arm exerciser under controlled conditions.
Rehabilitation Chair (1)
Rehabilitation Chair
Chair that helps patients hold a posture that helpful in their rehabilitation and mobilization.
Plethysmograph (1)
An instrument for measuring changes in volume within an organ or the whole body
Implantable Defribrillator Lead (1)
Implantable Defribrillator Lead
Lead that conducts electrical signals from the pulse-generating unit of an implantable defibrillator/pacemaker to the heart and then creates the myocardial signals back to the unit.
Cardiac Catheterization Modular Medical Facility (1)
Cardiac Catheterization Modular Medical Facility
Freestanding stationary modular medical facilitiy that has the equipment and items to operate as an integrated unit for performing cardiac catheterization procedures .
Programmer/Tester (1)
Device for testing and/or changing the functions of implanted programmable devices.
Extracorporeal Pump (1)
Extracorporeal Pump
Pump for extracorporeal gas exchange and reinfusion of blood, usually during heart-lung bypass procedures.
Intraoperative Pacemaker Tester (1)
Intraoperative Pacemaker Tester
Implantable cardiac pacemaker tester that calculates the minimum electrical stimulus that causes a ventricular contraction and the minimum intracardiac signal amplitude to impede the pacemaker.
Force Transducer (1)
Force Transducer
Transducer that changes mechanical forces into electrical signals with values that range depending on the intensity of the force.