Nephrology - Medical Devices in Singapore

Medical Equipment Categories
Sharps Disposal Unit (5)
Sharps Disposal Unit
Puncture-resistant container used to dispose sharp objects used in medical treatment and procedures.
Peritoneal Dialysis Unit (4)
Peritoneal Dialysis Unit
Device that extracts metabolic wastes through selective diffusion across the peritoneum by controlling the flow of a solution into and out of the abdominal cavity.
Intravenous Pole (4)
Intravenous Pole
Slender stand to suspend containers of liquid for intravenous delivery to patients.
Extracorporeal Lithotripter (2)
Extracorporeal Lithotripter
External lithotripter that destroys stones using focused shock waves.
Hypodermic Syringe (2)
Hypodermic Syringe
Small-caliber plunger syringe that administers liquids through a hollow needle beneath the skin.
Hemofiltration Unit (2)
Hemofiltration Unit
Equipment that extracts particular toxins or wastes from the blood.
Operating Microscope Video Image Processor (2)
Operating Microscope Video Image Processor
Video image processor that takes and processes electronic images from an operating microscope and send the images to peripheral devices such as video monitors, VCRs, still-disk recorders, and video printers.
Dialyzer Reprocessing Unit (2)
Dialyzer Reprocessing Unit
Automated equipment for rinsing, cleaning, and resterilizing hemodialysis dialyzers before reuse.
Stone Dislodger (2)
Stone Dislodger
A device used to entrap and remove stones from the ureter.
Laboratory Pump (1)
Laboratory Pump
Pump designed to transfer or deliver fluids to support environmental conditions or to perform specific tasks required in clinical laboratories.
Medical Device Performance Tester (1)
Medical Device Performance Tester
Tester that utilizes together the capabilities of electrical safety testers and multiparameter medical device simulators.
Dialysate Tester (1)
Dialysate Tester
Tester that measures and display the main parameters of the dialysate used to remove metabolic products from the blood during hemodialysis procedures.
Endoscopic Telescope (1)
Endoscopic Telescope
The viewing part of an endoscope or laparoscope that allows the observation of internal tissues and/or organs of the human body that normally are inaccessible through natural canals, body cavities, or surgical orifices.
Injection Needle (1)
Injection Needle
Needle that injects fluid under the skin and/or other soft tissues.
Cryotherapy System (1)
Cryotherapy System
System for minimally invasive treatment of diseases by applying cold temperatures below the freezing point.
Dialysate Delivery System (1)
Dialysate Delivery System
A unit that purifies and delivers cleaned blood back to the patient.
Dialysate Conductivity Meter (1)
Dialysate Conductivity Meter
Electric conductivity meter that measures and displays the electric conductivity of a solution administered to a dialyzer.
Hemodialysis Unit Blood Pump (1)
Hemodialysis Unit Blood Pump
A pump which powers blood extraction and reintroduction to the patient.
Urologic Mobile Medical Facility (1)
Urologic Mobile Medical Facility
Mobile modular medical facility usually divided into a patient treatment area, an operator room, and an auxiliary equipment room.
Bubble Trap (1)
Bubble Trap
Bubble Trap attaches to laboratory tubing to remove air bubbles that interfere with flow system and produce errors or cause columns to run dry.
Water-Jet Surgical Unit (1)
Water-Jet Surgical Unit
Surgical unit that performs surgery using jets of high-pressure water or water solutions.
Operating Room Casework (1)
Operating Room Casework
Casework used in surgical or special procedures rooms.
Ureteroscope (1)
Endoscope for direct insertion into the urinary tract for visual checks, biopsy, extraction or crushing of stones, and treatment of lesions of the ureters.