Pathology - Medical Devices in Rwanda

Medical Equipment Categories
Microcentrifuge (1)
Microcentrifuges for small volume samples.
Laboratory Information System (1)
Laboratory Information System
A clinical and administrative information system for hospital laboratories.
Centrifuge (1)
Floor centrifuges, refrigerated/non refrigerated, high/low speed.
Laboratory Hood (1)
Laboratory Hood
Hoods which are used to remove or filter harmful materials from clinical laboratories.
Laboratory Incubator, Thermocycling (1)
Laboratory Incubator, Thermocycling
Laboratory incubators for heating and cooling test samples, cell culture, DNA and gene manipulation studies.
Video Conferencing Equipment (1)
Video Conferencing Equipment
Telemedicine systems using remote telecommunications for videoconferences.
X-ray Spectrophotometer (1)
X-ray Spectrophotometer
These instruments use X-ray tube to “bomb” the sample with X-ray radiation while measuring the wavelength and intensity of the emitted energy.
Laboratory Scale (1)
Laboratory Scale
General purpose balance for quick weighing of relatively large quantities of substance.
Nitrogen Generator (1)
Nitrogen Generator
A system which separates Nitrogen from other gases and purifies it according to necessary degree.