Health Facility - Medical Devices in Rwanda

Medical Equipment Categories
Laboratory Safety Cabinet (1)
Laboratory Safety Cabinet
Safety cabinets designed to isolate and protect from various biological pathogens.
Laboratory Information System (1)
Laboratory Information System
A clinical and administrative information system for hospital laboratories.
Ultrasonic Cleaning System (1)
Ultrasonic Cleaning System
Ultrasonic cleaning systems for surgical and laboratory instruments.
Surgical Light (1)
Surgical Light
Light that illuminates the surgical site, for optimal visualization of small, low-contrast objects at varying depths or through small incisions.
Video Conferencing Equipment (1)
Video Conferencing Equipment
Telemedicine systems using remote telecommunications for videoconferences.
Table Top Steam Sterilizer (1)
Table Top Steam Sterilizer
Tabletop steam sterilizers.
Blood Bank Information System (1)
Blood Bank Information System
Data management information system that gives clinical and administrative data at blood bank centers.
Bed Head System (1)
Bed Head System
Bedside organization units for utility services and devices.
Birthing Bed (1)
Birthing Bed
An adjustable bed allowing more natural delivery positions at birthing.
Hospital Bed (1)
Hospital Bed
Adjustable electrically controlled bed.
Steam Sterilizer (1)
Steam Sterilizer
Steam sterilizing units for large quantities.
Plasma Sterilizer (1)
Plasma Sterilizer
Sterilizing unit that destroys microorganisms on medical devices using vapors or gases in plasma state.
Water Decontamination System (1)
Water Decontamination System
Decontamination units using water delivered at high-pressure.
Hospital Laundry Machine (1)
Hospital Laundry Machine
A hospital washing machine, or hospital washer, is a machine designed to clean laundry, such as staff uniforms, towels and sheets.
Medical Waste System (1)
Medical Waste System
Medical Waste Systems combine the main treatments of medical waste: Sterilization, volume reduction and removal of surgical fluids and tissue
Medical Air Compressor / Dehydrator (1)
Medical Air Compressor / Dehydrator
Compressor units supply compressed air, free of oil, moisture, and particulate to operate various operating treatment units.
Vacuum Pump (1)
Vacuum Pump
Electrical pumps in various output capacities and various vacuum pressure ranges.
Electrical Safety Analyzer (1)
Electrical Safety Analyzer
An instrument intended to check the electrical safety of the line input power circuit of medical equipment.
Water Parameters Meter (1)
Water Parameters Meter
A simple portable meter which allows to check the conductivity, the pH, the salt content etc of liquid solutions.
Medical Gas Supply Accessories (1)
Medical Gas Supply Accessories
Devices for performing gas concentration measurements, or lowering vapor and water drops contents in the flow of medical gas.
Medical Gas Cylinder (1)
Medical Gas Cylinder
A pressure vessel used to store gases at above atmospheric pressure.
Environmental Test Equipment (1)
Environmental Test Equipment
Equipment intended for the measurement of various parameters associated with the environment.
Kitchen Equipment (1)
Kitchen Equipment
Equipment for different areas of hospital kitchens and cafeterias, such as the storage and cold rooms, cooking and baking equipment, fish, meat and vegetable preparation, dish washing, and the distribution of meals.
Gynecologic Table (1)
Gynecologic Table
Alterable examination/treatment table that typically includes knee crutches, traction handles and heel stirrups.
Computed Radiography System (1)
Computed Radiography System
Image digitization system that takes and digitizes x-ray images from image storage phosphor plates.