Pulmonary Medicine - Medical Devices in Puerto Rico

Medical Equipment Categories
CO2 Monitor (1)
CO2 Monitor
Bedside carbon dioxide respiratory monitors.
Oxygen Monitor (1)
Oxygen Monitor
Oxygen monitors with electrochemical sensors.
Suction Regulator (1)
Suction Regulator
A device which regulates the negative pressure of the suction line.
Cylinder Cart (1)
Cylinder Cart
A cart used to transfer various sized medical gas cylinders (bottles). It is used both in the medical institution, as well as in home care environment.
Medical Gas Cylinder (1)
Medical Gas Cylinder
A pressure vessel used to store gases at above atmospheric pressure.
Central Gas System Alarm (1)
Central Gas System Alarm
Alarm that activates audible and/or visual alarms notifying when a central gas system perameter is outside of a chosen operating range.
Pulse Oximeter Transducer Output Simulator (1)
Pulse Oximeter Transducer Output Simulator
Transducer output simulator that mimics the electrical output of pulse oximetry monitor transducers.
Syringe (1)
Syringe is often used to administer injections, insert intravenous drugs into the bloodstream, apply compounds such as glue or lubricant, and measure liquids.
Gas Flowmeter (1)
Gas Flowmeter
Gas flowmeter designed to measure the flow rate through pipes or equipment tubing medical device inspection and/or maintenance.
Gas Manifold (1)
Gas Manifold
A Gas manifold is a systematic arrangement of valves, regulators and other gas components for the purpose of delivery gas at a regulated pressure from a portable source.
Transcranial Ultrasonic Blood Flowmeter (1)
Transcranial Ultrasonic Blood Flowmeter
Flowmeter for non-invasive calculations of blood flow in the main brain arteries.