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MSA Safety (Polska) Sp z o o

MSA Safety (Polska) Sp z o o Logo
Location: Poland
Business Type: Manufacturer, Supplier
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Safety Eyewear Description:

In the MedWOW’s catalog, Safety Eyewear is described as follows:
Eyeglasses that guard the eyes from hazardous mechanical and/or light intensity/frequency conditions, improving user safety.
The above ads list companies that sell and / or service Safety Eyewear.

Safety Eyewear may also be referred to as:

Eyeglass, Safety, Laser | Eyewear, Safety, Laser | Face Shield, Safety, Laser | Goggle | Laser Eye Protection Device | Laser Safety Device | Laser Safety, Eyeglass | Safety Eyewear | Spectacles, Safety, Laser

Tips for buying Safety Eyewear

  • There are several types of laser safety eyewear. Before purchasing, facilities should consider the following: the amount of peripheral protection desired, the field of vision, the user's face and head shape, and whether the user is wearing vision-correcting spectacles.
  • Side and brow coverage is another preferred feature.
  • Comfortable, size-adjustable eyewear can reduce fatigue.
  • Wearing vision-correcting eyeglasses alone does not protect against most laser wavelengths.
  • For every laser used in the facility, the laser safety officer should select the right eye protection and determine the NHZ for each.