Emergency Medicine - Medical Devices in Libya

Medical Equipment Categories
Blood Pressure Monitor (2)
Blood Pressure Monitor
Automatic electronic non-invasive blood-pressure meters and monitors, also other non-invasive parameters.
ECG (2)
Multichannel and interpretive electrocardiographs for on-site analysis.
Dressing (2)
An adjunct used by a person for application to a wound to promote healing or prevent further harm.
Warming Cabinet (1)
Warming Cabinet
Warming devices for blankets and other items.
Power Exam Table (1)
Power Exam Table
Treatment and examination tables with height and position adjustments.
Manual Exam Table (1)
Manual Exam Table
Treatment and examination tables with height/position adjustments.
Exam Light (1)
Exam Light
A high power lamp intended for illuminating the examined area. Sometimes used for various small operations and other medical purposes.