Physiotherapy & Physical Medicine / Sport Medicine - Medical Devices in Japan

Medical Equipment Categories
Mobility Scooter (10)
Mobility Scooter
A mobility scooter is a motorscooter that helps physically impaired people get around.
Body Composition Analyzer (7)
Body Composition Analyzer
Physiologic analyzer that evaluates human body composition.
Adhesive Tape (6)
Adhesive Tape
Sticking tape made of natural, semi-synthetic or synthetic fibers.
Portable/Home Care Ventilator (6)
Portable/Home Care Ventilator
Ventilator that gives support to patients who do not need complex critical care ventilators.
Physical Therapy Massage Machine (5)
Physical Therapy Massage Machine
A specialised massage machine used in physical therapy.
Wheelchair (5)
Chair attached to large wheels for indoor or outdoor transportation of patients or individuals with impaired walking.
Hot/Cold Water Bottle (4)
Hot/Cold Water Bottle
Pliable container filled with hot or cold water and put on the body to administer dry heat or cold therapy to a specific area of the body.
Patient Transfer Stretcher (4)
Patient Transfer Stretcher
Mobile hospital stretcher that allows hospital personnel to atraumatically move a patient without altering the patients body position or lifting, rolling, or dragging them.
Whirlpool Bath (4)
Whirlpool Bath
Equipment that creates a turbulent water bath for the user.
Patient Transfer Aids (4)
Patient Transfer Aids
Aids that make transfering a diabled person simpler that require partial or total assistance when going to or from a bed, stretcher, operating table, wheelchair, or other location.
Traction Unit (3)
Traction Unit
A device used to apply traction to the patient by mean of a weights or electric motor.
Intravenous Pole (3)
Intravenous Pole
Slender stand to suspend containers of liquid for intravenous delivery to patients.
Bandage (3)
A bandage is a piece of material used either to support a medical device such as a dressing or splint, or on its own to provide support to the body.
Wheeled Walker (3)
Wheeled Walker
Walker with four- or five-leg, stiff, frameworks with wheels to assist patients walk. Wheeled walker is intended to facilitate users' ambulation
Powered Wheelchair (2)
Powered Wheelchair
Battery-powered wheelchairs for indoor and outdoor use. These electric models are heavier than manual chairs, and are suitable for users with limited upper body strength, or those who can't use self-propelled chairs.
Walker (2)
Walkers are intended to facilitate users' ambulation, intended for permanent assistance of disabled patients or for use during rehabilitation. Some are wheeled, other none-wheeled, and some models combine the walker with an integral seat.
Body Composition Scale (2)
Body Composition Scale
Physiologic analyzers and scales which assess human body fat composition. These devices may determine body composition based on fat / fat free two component methods, or on several component methods.
Circulatory Assist Unit, Peripheral Compression (2)
Circulatory Assist Unit, Peripheral Compression
Peripheral circulatory assist unit for occasional compression.
Microwave Diathermy Unit (2)
Microwave Diathermy Unit
Microwave therapy system that warms localized body tissues one to two centimeters below the skin to prevent tissue resistance to high-frequency electromagnetic radiation.
Stretcher Mattress (2)
Stretcher Mattress
Mattresse suitable for hospital stretchers or ambulances.
EMG Electrode (2)
EMG Electrode
Electrode inserted into muscle or nerve tissue to receive bioelectrical signals.
Neuromuscular Stimulator Electrode (2)
Neuromuscular Stimulator Electrode
Electrode that employs electrical stimuli to nerves and/or muscles from external and/or implantable neuromuscular stimulators.
Brain/Spinal Cord Electromagnetic Stimulator (2)
Brain/Spinal Cord Electromagnetic Stimulator
Electromagnetic stimulator that employs electromagnetic flux density to the brain and the spinal cord.
Cable/Lead (2)
An electric cable that delivers electricity to medical devices and equipment.
Ice Collar (2)
Ice Collar
Ice bag placed around the throat as a collar.
Nerve Stimulator (1)
Nerve Stimulator
Peripheral-nerve electrical stimulator that employs stimuli to a nerve which assesses the suitability of neuromuscular block during surgery and its reversal during the recovery period.
Ultrasound and Electrical Stimulation Unit (1)
Ultrasound and Electrical Stimulation Unit
An electrical stimulator / ultrasound generator for physical therapy.
Analgesic Stimulator (1)
Analgesic Stimulator
Spinal cord electrical stimulator that administer stimuli to alleviate pain.
Calibration Syringes (1)
Calibration Syringes
Plunger syringe that calibrates reservoirs and/or instruments.
Cold/Hot Compresses (1)
Cold/Hot Compresses
Compresses or packs used to apply cold therapy to a specific surface on the body.
Patient/Staff Communication Aids (1)
Patient/Staff Communication Aids
A variety of electronic communication devices that allow the patient and hospital staff to communicate.
Cushion (1)
Soft pillow or pad for patients to provide pain relief and comfort when sitting, kneeling, or lying down.
Patient Monitoring Television System (1)
Patient Monitoring Television System
Video system for remote observation of patients in healthcare facilities.
Occupancy Alarm System (1)
Occupancy Alarm System
Alarm system that turns on trigger audible and/or visual signals when patients try to move from a specific area such as a chair, wheelchair, bed, or room.
Leg Bath (1)
Leg Bath
Water bath for the legs.
Nail Clipper (1)
Nail Clipper
Clipper designed for trimming finger or toenails.
Aerobic Exerciser (1)
Aerobic Exerciser
An excersise machine that facilitates increasing the heart beat through physical activity
Lower Limb Exerciser (1)
Lower Limb Exerciser
Exerciser that produces controlled movements in the lower limb joints without muscular exertion.
Muscle Strength Exerciser (1)
Muscle Strength Exerciser
Exerciser for improving muscular strength and endurance.
TENS Cable/Lead (1)
TENS Cable/Lead
Cable/lead that hooks up the transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation electrode to the generator.
Back Orthosis (1)
Back Orthosis
Orthosis that supports, aligns, prevents, or corrects deformities or to enhance spinal function.
Goniometer (1)
Clinical goniometer is meant to measure the angle of displacement of a joint using mechanical gauges
Artificial Larynx (1)
Artificial Larynx
Speech aid device that creates sounds similar to the normal voice produced by vocal cords during speech.
Cyclic Arm Exerciser Ergometer (1)
Cyclic Arm Exerciser Ergometer
Ergometer that calculates the work or rate of work conducted by the upper extremity muscles while performing rotary movement on an arm exerciser under controlled conditions.
Wobble Board Exerciser (1)
Wobble Board Exerciser
Board balance exerciser that enhances the user's capability to maintain proper posture.
Stairway Lift (1)
Stairway Lift
Patient transfer chair lift that transports people along a mounted wall track on a staircase.