Lasers - Medical Devices in Israel

Medical Equipment Categories
Laser Safety Eyewear (33)
Laser Safety Eyewear
Protective device used during laser procedures containing filter glass that provides adequate visual transmission with high optical density for the specified laser wavelength with which they will be used.
Scissors (30)
Scissors that cut bandage, gauze, and dressing.
Safety Eyewear (18)
Safety Eyewear
Eyeglasses that guard the eyes from hazardous mechanical and/or light intensity/frequency conditions, improving user safety.
Ophthalmic Laser (8)
Ophthalmic Laser
Lasers used in ophthalmology for treatment and surgery.
Dermatologic Dye Laser (8)
Dermatologic Dye Laser
Dye laser for treatment of pigmented skin lesions and other skin diseases.
Laser Hair Therapy (7)
Laser Hair Therapy
Cosmetic lasers and brushes intended for hair restoration and treatment of hair loss.
Dental Laser (4)
Dental Laser
Argon lasers used for dental treatment of soft tissue. Carbon dioxide lasers used for dental procedures. Er:YAG lasers for dental procedures involving hard tissue. ErCr:YSGG lasers used for dental procedures. Excimer lasers used for dental procedures. Ho:YAG lasers used for dental procedures. Diode lasers for soft tissue cutting
Scanning Laser Microscope (4)
Scanning Laser Microscope
Microscope with a monochromatic light source that emits from a scanning laser.
Hair Removal Laser (3)
Hair Removal Laser
Lasers which are used for hair removal treatments in addition to other skin treatments.
Laser Microdissector (3)
Laser Microdissector
Laser Microdissection used for laboratory’s sample preparation. Its high precision technology is aimed to obtain clearly defined starting material for many future experiments.
Optical Tomography Laser Scanning System (3)
Optical Tomography Laser Scanning System
Laser scanning system that uses coherent light to obtain pictures of the underlying structure within the eye.
Laser - Diode (2)
Laser - Diode
Diode lasers for photodynamic therapy, cutting, vaporizing and coagulating tissues.
Vascular Lesion Removal Laser (2)
Vascular Lesion Removal Laser
Multi purpose laser system for vascular lesion removal.
Laser Radiometer (2)
Laser Radiometer
Device that measures the radiant flux of a laser beam within a predefined spectral range.
Ultrashort Pulse Laser (2)
Ultrashort Pulse Laser
Laser that emits optical ultrashort pulses with duration in the range of the femtoseconds well below one picosecond to perform very accurate cutting as needed in opthalmic surgery.
Laser - CO2 (1)
Laser - CO2
Carbon dioxide lasers for use in general surgery and dermatology.
Cellulite Reduction (1)
Cellulite Reduction
An apparatus which is used for cellulite treatment.
Laser - Ho:YAG (1)
Laser - Ho:YAG
Solid-state laser that has a rod of yttrium-aluminum-garnet crystal doped with holmium as the active medium.
Fiberoptic Laser Delivery System (1)
Fiberoptic Laser Delivery System
Laser delivery system consisting of optic fibers used to deliver laser energy of visible and near-infrared wavelengths.
Waveguide Laser Delivery System (1)
Waveguide Laser Delivery System
Laser delivery system constructed of rigid hollow tubes used to deliver laser energy from the laser source to the tissue
Argon/Krypton Laser, Ophthalmic (1)
Argon/Krypton Laser, Ophthalmic
Argon or Krypton laser used to perform photocoagulation in the eye and abnormal vascular tissue in the retina.
Diode Laser, Ophthalmic (1)
Diode Laser, Ophthalmic
Diode laser used to perform photocoagulation in the eye and abnormal vascular tissue in the retina.
Krypton Laser, Ophthalmic (1)
Krypton Laser, Ophthalmic
Krypton laster to perform photocoagulation in the eye and abnormal vascular tissue in the retina.
Nd:YAG Laser, Ophthalmic (1)
Nd:YAG Laser, Ophthalmic
Laser used to cause photodisruption in the eye, forming a plasma and generating immense localized mechanical shock waves that can destroy tissue.
Biometry Optical Tomography Scanning Laser (1)
Biometry Optical Tomography Scanning Laser
Optical tomography laser scanning system to measure the characteristics of eye structures.