Clinical Engineering - Medical Devices in Israel

Medical Equipment Categories
Vacuum Pump (51)
Vacuum Pump
Electrical pumps in various output capacities and various vacuum pressure ranges.
Environmental Test Equipment (45)
Environmental Test Equipment
Equipment intended for the measurement of various parameters associated with the environment.
Medical Gas/Vacuum Valves (41)
Medical Gas/Vacuum Valves
A valve that is used to release gas or vacuum from a system or container.
Storage Cabinet (40)
Storage Cabinet
Cabinet for storing various products at a healthcare facility.
Liquids Conductivity Meter (34)
Liquids Conductivity Meter
A device to measure the conductivity of water or other polarized liquids.
Cytometer (33)
Devices intended to measure the number of cells (particles) in a flow of suspension. Detection is done either by electrical methods, or by an optical system (e.g. laser system).
Laser Safety Eyewear (33)
Laser Safety Eyewear
Protective device used during laser procedures containing filter glass that provides adequate visual transmission with high optical density for the specified laser wavelength with which they will be used.
Radiation Counter (31)
Radiation Counter
An instrument used for detecting or measuring nuclear radiation by counting the resultant ionizing events.
Laboratory Thermometer (31)
Laboratory Thermometer
Thermometer desinged to measures temperatures in clinical laboratory equipment.
Water Parameters Meter (28)
Water Parameters Meter
A simple portable meter which allows to check the conductivity, the pH, the salt content etc of liquid solutions.
Uninterruptible Power Supply (24)
Uninterruptible Power Supply
An uninterruptible power supply provides emergency power and line regulation to connected equipment by supplying power from a separate source, typically for 5–15 minutes until an auxiliary power supply can be turned on, utility power restored, or equipment safely shut down.
Safety Eyewear (18)
Safety Eyewear
Eyeglasses that guard the eyes from hazardous mechanical and/or light intensity/frequency conditions, improving user safety.
Thermostatic Water Cooler (18)
Thermostatic Water Cooler
A device which cools the water down to predetermined temperature and circulates the water through laboratory and other equipment.
Medical Gas System Outlet Tester (18)
Medical Gas System Outlet Tester
Device that assesses the performance of the outlets in a medical gas system; they can measure, evaluate, display, and/or record a set of gas output characteristics.
Refrigerating Medical Air Dryer (16)
Refrigerating Medical Air Dryer
Designed to remove air moisture using refrigeration techniques.
Counter / Electronic Test Equipment (14)
Counter / Electronic Test Equipment
An instrument intended mainly for technical use during measurement and calibration of medical and other equipment.
Nitrogen Generator (13)
Nitrogen Generator
A system which separates Nitrogen from other gases and purifies it according to necessary degree.
Training Manikin (12)
Training Manikin
Anatomically correct model of the human body or parts for medical training.
Radiation Dosimeter (11)
Radiation Dosimeter
A radiation dosimeter is a device that measures and calculates the absorbtion of ionizing radiation in matter and tissue.
Medical Compressed Air System (11)
Medical Compressed Air System
Air compressor systems provide air for human consumption within the hospital facility.
Air Sampler (11)
Air Sampler
Device that used to obtain air samples.
Medical Signal Analyzer (10)
Medical Signal Analyzer
A device or a system which is intended for processing the signal obtained from various physiological/medical transducers.
Bench Power Supply (8)
Bench Power Supply
A power supply used for various technical purposes.
Radiographic Quality Control Device (7)
Radiographic Quality Control Device
Device that checks the performance of imaging equipment.
Service Trolley for Linear Accelerators (6)
Service Trolley for Linear Accelerators
A mobile high vacuum pump used for Linac maintenance. This pump is used to achieve the primary vacuum in the Linac.
Medical Gas Outlet (6)
Medical Gas Outlet
A medical gas outlet is an interface that gives a device access to a facility's gas delivery system.
Microscopy Photometer (6)
Microscopy Photometer
Allows the quantitative analysis of microscopic images and may be coupled to recorders or to computerized systems.
Nuclear Medicine Phantom (5)
Nuclear Medicine Phantom
Phantoms for nuclear medicine.
Helium Leak Detector (5)
Helium Leak Detector
A device used for detection of helium leak into the ambient atmosphere.
Mammographic Phantom (4)
Mammographic Phantom
Phantoms for mammography.
Image Intensifier (4)
Image Intensifier
A device which converts X-ray patterns into a visible image (Analogue).
Hypodermic Syringe (4)
Hypodermic Syringe
Small-caliber plunger syringe that administers liquids through a hollow needle beneath the skin.
MRI Phantom (3)
MRI Phantom
Phantoms for MRI simulation and testing.
Radiotherapy Phantom (3)
Radiotherapy Phantom
Phantoms for radiotherapy.
CT Phantom (3)
CT Phantom
Phantoms for CT simulation and testing.
Ultrasound Phantom (3)
Ultrasound Phantom
Phantoms for ultrasound.
Infusion Pump Analyzer (3)
Infusion Pump Analyzer
A device which analyzes and tests infusion pumps, mainly the flow volume.
Electrical Multimeter (3)
Electrical Multimeter
Measuring instrument that measures electric variables and parameters, including, at least current, voltage, and resistance in several scales.
Pulse Oximeter Transducer Output Simulator (3)
Pulse Oximeter Transducer Output Simulator
Transducer output simulator that mimics the electrical output of pulse oximetry monitor transducers.
Ventilator Tester (3)
Ventilator Tester
Tester that checkes the performance of ventilators.
Radiographic Phantom (2)
Radiographic Phantom
Phantoms for radiography.
Accurate Pressure Meter (2)
Accurate Pressure Meter
Accurate electronic pressure meters used as standards or as pressure meters.
ECG Tester (2)
ECG Tester
Device which generates electrical signals that simulate human ECG. This signal is used to check the proper response of ECG recorders and monitors.
Defibrillator Tester (2)
Defibrillator Tester
Testing instrument to evaluate the proper function of external manually operated defibrillators and cardioverters, semi automated and automated defibrillators.
Field Strength Meter (2)
Field Strength Meter
Measuring instrument used to measure and display the power density field in a given range of frequencies.
Laser Radiometer (2)
Laser Radiometer
Device that measures the radiant flux of a laser beam within a predefined spectral range.
Ultraviolet Radiometer (2)
Ultraviolet Radiometer
Device that used to measure the radiant flux in the ultraviolet range.
External Pacemaker Analyzer (2)
External Pacemaker Analyzer
Designed to assess the performance of external pacemakers that use invasive or noninvasive electrodes.
Electrode Tester (1)
Electrode Tester
An appliance which tests the applied electrodes used in various diagnostic procedures such as EEG, ECG, EMG, ENG and evoked potentials.
Electrosurgical Unit Analyzer (1)
Electrosurgical Unit Analyzer
A device for testing the proper function of electrosurgical units.
NIBP Simulator (1)
NIBP Simulator
Simulator that mimics the pressure variations of noninvasive arterial blood pressure monitoring or measuring devices cuffs when placed on a patient's arm.
Phototherapy Radiometer (1)
Phototherapy Radiometer
Device that measures light energy used during phototherapy.
Accelerometer (1)
Device that measures the rate of change of an object's speed.
Beta/Gamma Radiation Detector (1)
Beta/Gamma Radiation Detector
Detector used to locate and record beta/gamma radiation emissions mainly from the human body after the injection or ingestion of a radiopharmaceutical.
Electrical Conductivity Meter (1)
Electrical Conductivity Meter
Measuring instrument that measures electrical conductivity, a measure of the capability to conduct electric charges when a voltage is applied.
Antistatic Grounding Device (1)
Antistatic Grounding Device
Antistatic device used to safely ground a person by preventing a static electricity buildup on their body which can result in electrostatic discharge (ESD).
Paging System (1)
Paging System
Hospital communication system that pages, summons, or locates people via radiated electromagnetic signals.
Cardiac Output Simulator (1)
Cardiac Output Simulator
Transducer output simulator that mimics the electrical signals of a cardiac output transducer, typically simulating a particular catheter system, at several possible combinations of blood flow rates, blood temperatures, and injection temperatures.