Rheumatology - Medical Devices in India

Medical Equipment Categories
Injection Needle (16)
Injection Needle
Needle that injects fluid under the skin and/or other soft tissues.
Hypodermic Syringe (11)
Hypodermic Syringe
Small-caliber plunger syringe that administers liquids through a hollow needle beneath the skin.
Intravenous Pole (5)
Intravenous Pole
Slender stand to suspend containers of liquid for intravenous delivery to patients.
Microwave Diathermy Unit (3)
Microwave Diathermy Unit
Microwave therapy system that warms localized body tissues one to two centimeters below the skin to prevent tissue resistance to high-frequency electromagnetic radiation.
Goniometer (3)
Clinical goniometer is meant to measure the angle of displacement of a joint using mechanical gauges
Whirlpool Bath (2)
Whirlpool Bath
Equipment that creates a turbulent water bath for the user.
Intravenous Hanger (2)
Intravenous Hanger
Hanger to suspend intravenous fluid delivery containers.
Arthroscopy Probe (2)
Arthroscopy Probe
An arthroscopy probe is a medical device used in conjunction with arthroscopic procedures to evaluate articular cartilage properties.
Body Motion Analyzer (1)
Body Motion Analyzer
Neuromuscular function analyzer that calculates the movement of the human body or body segments.
Muscle Performance Assessment Manometer (1)
Muscle Performance Assessment Manometer
Manometer that calculates the pressure employed between a body part and a solid surface while doing a pre-established series of physical exercises.
Inclinometer (1)
Measuring instrument that calculates the angle of displacement of a joint.