Plastic Surgery & Aesthetics - Medical Devices in India

Medical Equipment Categories
Dressing (3,112)
An adjunct used by a person for application to a wound to promote healing or prevent further harm.
Glove (120)
Glove used by healthcare workers during surgery.
Intravenous Line Connector (90)
Intravenous Line Connector
Intravenous line connector that gives access to an IV infusion set or catheter port from a needleless mechanism.
Adhesive Tape (74)
Adhesive Tape
Sticking tape made of natural, semi-synthetic or synthetic fibers.
Gown (57)
Disposable medical gown that is worn once then thrown away.
Surgical Light (56)
Surgical Light
Light that illuminates the surgical site, for optimal visualization of small, low-contrast objects at varying depths or through small incisions.
Synthetic Suture (54)
Synthetic Suture
A suture made of polyglecaprone, an absorbable polymer made from a copolymer of the glycolide epsilon caprolactone.
Safety Eyewear (37)
Safety Eyewear
Eyeglasses that guard the eyes from hazardous mechanical and/or light intensity/frequency conditions, improving user safety.
Instrument Tray (18)
Instrument Tray
Flat open container for carrying and storing sterile surgical instruments.
Injection Needle (16)
Injection Needle
Needle that injects fluid under the skin and/or other soft tissues.
Electrosurgical Unit (15)
Electrosurgical Unit
Monopolar and bipolar electrosurgical devices.
Hypodermic Syringe (11)
Hypodermic Syringe
Small-caliber plunger syringe that administers liquids through a hollow needle beneath the skin.
Manual Exam Table (10)
Manual Exam Table
Treatment and examination tables with height/position adjustments.
Laser - CO2 (9)
Laser - CO2
Carbon dioxide lasers for use in general surgery and dermatology.
Operating Tabletop (8)
Operating Tabletop
Detachable tabletop for use as a component of surgical tables when used with common pedestals.
Microsurgical Instrument (8)
Microsurgical Instrument
An instrument designed for microsurgery.
Tissue Forceps (8)
Tissue Forceps
Forceps without teeth or with one or more small teeth at the end of each blade, designed for handling tissues with minimal trauma during surgery.
Endoscope Light Source (7)
Endoscope Light Source
Fiberoptic light sources for endoscopes.
Power Exam Table (7)
Power Exam Table
Treatment and examination tables with height and position adjustments.
Exam Light (7)
Exam Light
A high power lamp intended for illuminating the examined area. Sometimes used for various small operations and other medical purposes.
Special Physical Treatment (7)
Special Physical Treatment
Various devices using different types of energy (e.g. RF, Ultrasound, Heat) to produce healing and renovation of human tissue. Some are used for aesthetic medicine purposes.
Microscope, Operating (6)
Microscope, Operating
Operating microscopes for high magnification in surgery.
Multi-Specialty Operating Tabletop (6)
Multi-Specialty Operating Tabletop
Detachable tabletop that is a component of surgical table that may be suited for several different procedures
Lacrimal Dilator (6)
Lacrimal Dilator
A surgical instrument used to probe the lacrimal duct.
Ocular Speculum (6)
Ocular Speculum
Speculum that keeps the eyelids apart for examination and or treatment.
Surgical Procedure Tray (6)
Surgical Procedure Tray
A tray designed to provide all the instruments and supplies needed for the physician to perform a specific medical procedure.
Binocular Loupe (6)
Binocular Loupe
Loupe that is worn close to the practitioner's eyes to give stereo-optic visual magnification of the patient during medical examinations or procedures.
Operating Table Pedestal (5)
Operating Table Pedestal
Pedestal is a common component of surgical table. It is attached to one of several different interchangeable tabletops according to the surgical procedure being performed.
Intravenous Pole (5)
Intravenous Pole
Slender stand to suspend containers of liquid for intravenous delivery to patients.
Sharps Disposal Unit (5)
Sharps Disposal Unit
Puncture-resistant container used to dispose sharp objects used in medical treatment and procedures.
Voice Recorder (4)
Voice Recorder
Digital system for dictating and transcribing medical reports and records.
Surgical Power Tool (4)
Surgical Power Tool
Pneumatic and electrically powered surgical handpieces, and other tools.
Video/Picture Management System (4)
Video/Picture Management System
A comprehensive system for management, processing and storage of imported video and stills.
Wound Management (4)
Wound Management
Equipment intended for cleaning and rinsing of wounds, as well as removal of pus and other secretions.
Aspirator/Irrigator (4)
Equipment used for automated or semiautomated aspiration and irrigation of body cavities or other body areas.
Examination Room Casework (4)
Examination Room Casework
A variety of furniture and wall cabinets in examination rooms.
Saw Blade (4)
Saw Blade
Blade that is the cutting component of a manually operated rotatory electric or pneumatic saw to cut materials, objects, or anatomic structures.
Surgical Bur (4)
Surgical Bur
Surgical bur that excavates, perforates, reshapes, or excises fragments of bone usually during orthopedic procedures, including podiatric surgery.
Nasal Speculum (4)
Nasal Speculum
Speculum used to enlarge the nasal cavity for examination and treatment of the inner surface of the nasal cavity.
Keratome (4)
Surgical instrument for incision of the cornea, usually to remove the outer layer of the cornea.
Argon Coagulator (3)
Argon Coagulator
Electrosurgical units capable of delivering argon gas for coagulation purposes.
Hair Clipper (3)
Hair Clipper
Scissor to cut hair above the skin surface.
Fiberoptic Laser Delivery System (3)
Fiberoptic Laser Delivery System
Laser delivery system consisting of optic fibers used to deliver laser energy of visible and near-infrared wavelengths.
Goniometer (3)
Clinical goniometer is meant to measure the angle of displacement of a joint using mechanical gauges
Surgical Handpiece (3)
Surgical Handpiece
Handpiece that operates surgical rotary instruments used in surgical procedures for dissecting bone and cartilage, such as orthopedic, middle ear, and cranial procedures.
Fiberoptic Retractor (3)
Fiberoptic Retractor
Retractor suited with a fiberoptic light source that is used to give light to surgical site.
Aural Speculum (3)
Aural Speculum
Speculum used to enlarge the ear canal to perform examination and manual procedures in the ear or as part of an otoscope for examination or surgery.
Laser - Nd:YAG (2)
Laser - Nd:YAG
Surgical Nd:YAG lasers for laparoscopic and endoscopic procedures.
Practice Management System (2)
Practice Management System
Data management information systems for physician's office and clinics.
Aspirator, Ultrasonic (2)
Aspirator, Ultrasonic
Ultrasonic irrigation/suction system for soft tissue removal from body.
Nerve Locator (2)
Nerve Locator
Device to find a nerve by administering an electrical stimulus with a probe and comparing muscle responses as the probe is moved.
Lipo Reduction Equipment (2)
Lipo Reduction Equipment
Devices used for reducing accumulated fat. Such devices can be based on several techniques such as massage equipment, liposuction, and combined liposuction with ultrasonic emulsification or laser melting.
Hair Removal Laser (2)
Hair Removal Laser
Lasers which are used for hair removal treatments in addition to other skin treatments.
High Resolution Medical Video Monitor (2)
High Resolution Medical Video Monitor
High resolution monitors intended for use with various medical imaging techniques.
Jaw Fracture Fixation Device (2)
Jaw Fracture Fixation Device
Device used to secure the jaw in place in cases of fracture to facilitate correct healing.
Electrothermal Cautery Probe (2)
Electrothermal Cautery Probe
Electrothermal cautery probe whose heating part is encased in a probe cover.
Intravenous Hanger (2)
Intravenous Hanger
Hanger to suspend intravenous fluid delivery containers.
Laser Safety Eyewear (2)
Laser Safety Eyewear
Protective device used during laser procedures containing filter glass that provides adequate visual transmission with high optical density for the specified laser wavelength with which they will be used.
Skull Trephine (2)
Skull Trephine
Surgical trephine that slices circular portions of the skull.
Head Camera Operating Room Video System (2)
Head Camera Operating Room Video System
Video system that submits pictures and audio from the operating field.
Operating Room Casework (2)
Operating Room Casework
Casework used in surgical or special procedures rooms.
Surgical Hand Drill (2)
Surgical Hand Drill
An orthopaedic surgical tool that is used to remove diseased areas and alien objects from bones and to drill holes into bone for implants.
Nasal Surgery Bur (2)
Nasal Surgery Bur
Surgical bur for burrowing, cutting, or extracting hard tissue during nasal procedures.
Nasal Surgery Chisel (2)
Nasal Surgery Chisel
Nasal surgical chisel that incises and shapes cartilage of the nose during plastic surgery procedures.
Surgical Punch (2)
Surgical Punch
Surgical punch that cuts a portion of tissue from surrounding anatomic structures.
Surgical Apron (2)
Surgical Apron
Apron worn to protect clothing during surgery.
Cautery Unit (1)
Cautery Unit
The Electrocautery units are used to stop bleeding by means of heat.
Harmonic Scalpel (1)
Harmonic Scalpel
A system which includes a high-frequency generator driving a hand-piece with a vibrating knife, for tissue cutting and coagulation in surgery.
Pain Relief Cooling Device (1)
Pain Relief Cooling Device
Devices which cool the skin in order to relieve pain caused by various medical procedures, such as laser treatment, injections, injuries, plastic surgery and minor surgery.
Teeth Whitening System (1)
Teeth Whitening System
A system used for the common procedure of bleaching teeth, which uses oxidizing agents such as hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide to lighten the shade of the tooth.
Skin Graft Mesher (1)
Skin Graft Mesher
Mechanical device which stretches pieces of skin graft.
Digital Camera Adaptor (1)
Digital Camera Adaptor
Digital cameras which can be inserted over the eye piece or instead of it, and produce high quality digital images.
Low Level Laser Therapy (1)
Low Level Laser Therapy
Treatment using low-level lasers or light-emitting diodes to alter cellular function over nerves or joints.
Photodynamic Therapy (1)
Photodynamic Therapy
PDT equipment with three key components: a photosensitizer, light, and tissue oxygen. Used to eradicate premalignant and early-stage cancer and reduce tumor size in end-stage cancer.
Dermatoscope (1)
A special microscope for skin observations.
Gag (1)
A device used to hold the patient's mouth open when working in the oral cavity, or to force the mouth open when it cannot open naturally.
Ultrasound Surgical Unit (1)
Ultrasound Surgical Unit
Ultrasound surgery device that uses ultrasound frequency energy. The heating effect that causes tissue cutting and coagulation is from the friction when tissue comes into contact with a vibrating blade.
Surgical Instrument Tracking System (1)
Surgical Instrument Tracking System
Security system that finds, tracks, monitors, and controls the movement of individual surgical instruments in the operating room and sterilization department.
Nasal Implant Sizer (1)
Nasal Implant Sizer
Sizer that helps in the selection of the suitable nasal bone and/or cartilage implant size and placement.
Water-Jet Surgical Unit (1)
Water-Jet Surgical Unit
Surgical unit that performs surgery using jets of high-pressure water or water solutions.
Eyelid Weight Sizer Set (1)
Eyelid Weight Sizer Set
Set of different external eyelid weights meant to help choose the suitable weight needed.
Nerve Approximator (1)
Nerve Approximator
Approximator that brings nerve edges into proximity during surgical procedures.
Vascular Clip Applier (1)
Vascular Clip Applier
Vascular clip applier that administers small atraumatic vascular clips for blood vessel ligature during a single surgical procedure to cease or prevent bleeding.
Suture Cutter (1)
Suture Cutter
An instrument used to cut sutures.
Aseptic Barrier Penetration Detector (1)
Aseptic Barrier Penetration Detector
Detector that causes a visual or audible signal when penetration of a possible contaminant through an aseptic barrier, like protective gear, is sensed.
Suturing Guide (1)
Suturing Guide
A surgical device that organizes and secures sutures during surgery to help prevent suture entanglement and reduce clutter.
Surgical Site Irrigator (1)
Surgical Site Irrigator
Irrigator that delivers sterile solutions into the operating site during surgical procedures.
Wire Driver (1)
Wire Driver
A surgical device designed to insert and remove wires during orthopedic procedures.
Salivary Duct Dilator (1)
Salivary Duct Dilator
A salivary duct dilator is used for dilation of the salivary duct orifice.
Pharynx Speculum (1)
Pharynx Speculum
Specula that enlarges the distal opening of the oral cavity for assessment and/or treatment of the pharynx.
Surgical Trephine (1)
Surgical Trephine
Surgical trephine percutaneously cuts and extracts cylindrical parts of bone from donor sites.
Staple Remover (1)
Staple Remover
Handheld instrument to extract skin staples.
Liposuction Aspirator (1)
Liposuction Aspirator
Surgical aspirator that extracts fat deposits from specific body areas through vacuum suction.
Dermabrasion Unit (1)
Dermabrasion Unit
Mechanical device like wire brush or emery paper cylinder that planes the skin to remove scars, tattoos, pigmented nevi, fine wrinkles, or other irregularities of the skin.
Argon-Enhanced Coagulation System (1)
Argon-Enhanced Coagulation System
Unit that delivers argon gas for argon-fortified coagulation.
Laser Probe (1)
Laser Probe
A measuring device that projects a narrow beam of light onto the part's surface. A lens on the probe then reads the beam's position