Pathology - Medical Devices in India

Medical Equipment Categories
Oximeter (58)
A laboratory instrument used to simultaneously determine oxygenation of hemoglobin forms.
Centrifuge (23)
Floor centrifuges, refrigerated/non refrigerated, high/low speed.
Injection Needle (16)
Injection Needle
Needle that injects fluid under the skin and/or other soft tissues.
Laboratory Light Microscope (10)
Laboratory Light Microscope
Microscope that illuminates the object in a way that it appears against a bright background.
Microcentrifuge (8)
Microcentrifuges for small volume samples.
Tissue Forceps (8)
Tissue Forceps
Forceps without teeth or with one or more small teeth at the end of each blade, designed for handling tissues with minimal trauma during surgery.
Exam Light (7)
Exam Light
A high power lamp intended for illuminating the examined area. Sometimes used for various small operations and other medical purposes.
Laboratory Incubator, Thermocycling (6)
Laboratory Incubator, Thermocycling
Laboratory incubators for heating and cooling test samples, cell culture, DNA and gene manipulation studies.
Rotary Histotome (6)
Rotary Histotome
Microtome that cuts tissue specimens for microscopic analysis.
ELISA Analyzer (5)
ELISA Analyzer
Analyzers for photometric immunoassays.
Laboratory Freezer (5)
Laboratory Freezer
Laboratory cryogenic freezer that uses traditional compressed gas cycles for cooling.
Basic Labware (5)
Basic Labware
All the glassware and other equipment used in many different types of laboratory, but excluding specialist equipment such as spectrometers
Sharps Disposal Unit (5)
Sharps Disposal Unit
Puncture-resistant container used to dispose sharp objects used in medical treatment and procedures.
Voice Recorder (4)
Voice Recorder
Digital system for dictating and transcribing medical reports and records.
Laboratory Shaker (4)
Laboratory Shaker
A device intended to shake, mix or rock the solution or suspension.
Examination Room Casework (4)
Examination Room Casework
A variety of furniture and wall cabinets in examination rooms.
Centrifuge Rotor (4)
Centrifuge Rotor
Device that operates as the rotary component of a centrifuge.
Saw Blade (4)
Saw Blade
Blade that is the cutting component of a manually operated rotatory electric or pneumatic saw to cut materials, objects, or anatomic structures.
Centrifuge, Table Top (3)
Centrifuge, Table Top
Refrigerated and non-refrigerated centrifuges for clinical laboratory testing.
Cryostat (3)
Cryostat microtomes, some with knife sharpeners.
HPLC (3)
High pressure liquid/gas chromatography system (High Pressure Liquid Chromatography)
Microplate Washer (3)
Microplate Washer
Automatic microplate washers.
Culture Media Preparator (3)
Culture Media Preparator
A solution used in the preparation of high-quality broth and agar media.
Photometer (3)
An instrument for measuring light intensity or optical properties of solutions or surfaces.
Turbidimeter (3)
Filter photometer that uses a light source that directs the light through a suspension to a photodetector that measures the undeviated light from the suspension.
Microscope Slide Warmer (3)
Microscope Slide Warmer
Warming unit that heats slides and paraffin specimens.
Dissecting Forceps (3)
Dissecting Forceps
Small forceps with scissorlike handles, used to hold, manage and exert traction or compression on a specimen during dissection.
Laboratory Hood, Ductless (2)
Laboratory Hood, Ductless
Hoods which are used for the protection of the personnel while using hazard materials.
Laboratory Hood (2)
Laboratory Hood
Hoods which are used to remove or filter harmful materials from clinical laboratories.
Microtome Knife Sharpener (2)
Microtome Knife Sharpener
Device that mechanically sharpens the cutting angle of knives used to cut thin tissue sections for microscopic examination
Practice Management System (2)
Practice Management System
Data management information systems for physician's office and clinics.
Video Conferencing Equipment (2)
Video Conferencing Equipment
Telemedicine systems using remote telecommunications for videoconferences.
Tomographic X-ray (2)
Tomographic X-ray
Linear radiographic/ tomographic system.
Gas Liquid Chromatograph (2)
Gas Liquid Chromatograph
Gas Chromatography systems for use with liquid or solid as stationary phase.
Immunoassay Analyzer (2)
Immunoassay Analyzer
Clinical chemistry/immunoassay analyzers intended for clinical laboratory applications.
Clinical Laboratory Light Source (2)
Clinical Laboratory Light Source
Light sources used externally to laboratory equipment.
Organ Transport Container (2)
Organ Transport Container
A container that maintains organ viability during transportation.
Telepathology System (2)
Telepathology System
Telemedicine information system that electronically submits and receives images of microscopic pathology preparations and/or specimens and consultative text to and from one or more remote sites.
Tissue Flotation Bath (2)
Tissue Flotation Bath
Temperature-controlled water bath used in conjunction with a microtome.
Chromatography System (2)
Chromatography System
A gas chromatography system is used as the stationary phase.
Cryostat Microtome (2)
Cryostat Microtome
Microtome held in a temperature-controlled stainless steel cabinet called a cryostat.
Sliding Microtome (2)
Sliding Microtome
A microtome in which the object to be cut is fixed and the knife is carried obliquely across it
Microwave Ovens, Plasma-Thawing (2)
Microwave Ovens, Plasma-Thawing
A microwave oven is used in the thawing of plasma.
Urine Refractometer (2)
Urine Refractometer
Dedicated laboratory refractometer that typically directly indicates the refractive index, the specific gravity, and the serum or plasma protein in the urine sample.
Operating Room Casework (2)
Operating Room Casework
Casework used in surgical or special procedures rooms.
Urine Densitometer (2)
Urine Densitometer
Dedicated laboratory liquid densitometer used to calculate the specific gravity of urine samples.
Slide Stainers, Histology (1)
Slide Stainers, Histology
Automated slide stainers suitable for different staining techniques.
Tissue Processor (1)
Tissue Processor
Automated devices for processing tissue specimens.
Microtome (1)
Microtomes used in histopathology laboratories, for cutting tissue specimens.
Glycohemoglobin Analyzer (1)
Glycohemoglobin Analyzer
Laboratory and point-of-care analyzers that measure levels of glycohemoglobin in blood.
Autopsy Table (1)
Autopsy Table
Tables designed for autopsy or dissection (pathology tables).
Microscopy Sample Preparation System (1)
Microscopy Sample Preparation System
Systems for preparing samples for microscopy, including Papanicolaou smear samples.
Paraffin Bath (1)
Paraffin Bath
Tub filled with liquid paraffin and kept at an elevated temperature in which the patient's hands are placed to relieve pain and stiffness.
X-ray Spectrophotometer (1)
X-ray Spectrophotometer
These instruments use X-ray tube to “bomb” the sample with X-ray radiation while measuring the wavelength and intensity of the emitted energy.
Tissue Homogenizer (1)
Tissue Homogenizer
A device used to smash a tissue and to turn it to small particles which can be examined or processed for examination.
Laboratory Scale (1)
Laboratory Scale
General purpose balance for quick weighing of relatively large quantities of substance.
Digital Camera Adaptor (1)
Digital Camera Adaptor
Digital cameras which can be inserted over the eye piece or instead of it, and produce high quality digital images.
Synthesizer (1)
A device that combines substances in order to form a new, complex product.
Biopsy Gun (1)
Biopsy Gun
Biopsy gun is used to automatically extract core tissue samples from an anatomic structure (normally an organ or a suspected tumor).
Computer-Aided Detection System (1)
Computer-Aided Detection System
Computerized system that analyze digital information to detect abnormalities.
Confocal Laser Microscopy Video Colonoscope (1)
Confocal Laser Microscopy Video Colonoscope
Video colonoscope with integrated optical scanning laser microscopy functionality.
Capillary Chromatography Column (1)
Capillary Chromatography Column
A chromatography column is utilized in systems that employ gas as the mobile phase.
Blood Irradiator (1)
Blood Irradiator
Irradiators that provide uniform and efficient irradiation of blood and blood products.
Ultra Microtome (1)
Ultra Microtome
A stable and accurate tissue cutter, microtome that prepares specimens for microscopic analysis in the histopathology laboratory.
Molecular Assay Microarray Arrayer (1)
Molecular Assay Microarray Arrayer
Device that deposits small and accurate volumes of chemicals in predetermined spots of prepared surfaces to obtain molecular assay microarrays.
Tissue Embedding System (1)
Tissue Embedding System
System used for placing cells or tissue in a supporting medium so that thin sections can be cut using a microtome. 
Microscope Video System (1)
Microscope Video System
Video system that displays images from a microscope in a video monitor or video printer.
Infectious Microorganism Molecular Assay Analyzer (1)
Infectious Microorganism Molecular Assay Analyzer
Molecular diagnostic laboratory analyzer that uses nucleic acid diagnostic techniques to find and/or count relevant molecules belonging or associated to microorganisms that infect humans.
Microarray Hybridization Chamber (1)
Microarray Hybridization Chamber
Chamber that holds and encases microarray slides, giving a constant humidity environment during hybridization procedures conducted in either hybridization incubators or less commonly in water baths.
Spinal Image-Guided Surgery Stereotactic System Software (1)
Spinal Image-Guided Surgery Stereotactic System Software
Software that operates computer-assisted spinal surgery systems and controls their functions.
Nasal Biopsy Curette (1)
Nasal Biopsy Curette
Biopsy curette to extract nasal mucosal cells for laboratory examination and/or test, typically by carefully scraping the surface of the inferior turbinate.
Dissecting Board (1)
Dissecting Board
Board on which human body parts are dissected.
Mortuary Cart (1)
Mortuary Cart
Cart used for transporting corpses from hospital rooms to the morgue and from the refrigerator to work areas.
Mortuary Rack (1)
Mortuary Rack
Shelving system in the morgue refrigerator to hold steel body trays.
Morgue Refrigerator (1)
Morgue Refrigerator
Refrigerator for slow decomposition of housed morgue cadavers during autopsy procedures or until the cadaver is disposed of.
Postmortem Saw (1)
Postmortem Saw
Saw designed to cut hard tissue during autopsy and dissection procedures.
Autopsy Scales (1)
Autopsy Scales
Clinical scale that uses a detachable pan suspended as part of a spring scale or is on the top of a mechanical or electronic scale.
Tissue Cassette Paraffin Trimmer (1)
Tissue Cassette Paraffin Trimmer
Laboratory device that extracts extra paraffin from a tissue cassette after embedding.
Microdilution Viewer (1)
Microdilution Viewer
A microbiologic system for identifying bacteria and testing their susceptibility to antibiotics
Dissector (1)
A surgical instrument that is used to cut apart or separate tissue, especially for anatomical study.