Ophthalmology - Medical Devices in India

Medical Equipment Categories
Operating Table (42)
Operating Table
General purpose operating tables with adjustable segments.
Safety Eyewear (37)
Safety Eyewear
Eyeglasses that guard the eyes from hazardous mechanical and/or light intensity/frequency conditions, improving user safety.
Ophthalmoscope (24)
A device which enables inspection of the eye without dilatation of the pupils. It contains the optical system and a proper light source.
Ophthalmic Lenses (23)
Ophthalmic Lenses
Various lenses intended for eye examinations.
Cold/Hot Compresses (17)
Cold/Hot Compresses
Compresses or packs used to apply cold therapy to a specific surface on the body.
Eyeglasses (17)
Device with two lenses held in a frame sits before the eyes to aid vision.
Injection Needle (16)
Injection Needle
Needle that injects fluid under the skin and/or other soft tissues.
Electrosurgical Unit (15)
Electrosurgical Unit
Monopolar and bipolar electrosurgical devices.
Loupe (12)
Convex lense for magnifying or focusing light on an object.
Manual Exam Table (10)
Manual Exam Table
Treatment and examination tables with height/position adjustments.
Eyeglass Lense (9)
Eyeglass Lense
Lense designed to be held in pairs by frames that sit on the nose before the eyes to aid vision.
Operating Tabletop (8)
Operating Tabletop
Detachable tabletop for use as a component of surgical tables when used with common pedestals.
Ophthalmic Forceps (8)
Ophthalmic Forceps
Forcep commonly used during surgery to hold and manipulate structures of the eye.
Microsurgical Instrument (8)
Microsurgical Instrument
An instrument designed for microsurgery.
Endoscope Light Source (7)
Endoscope Light Source
Fiberoptic light sources for endoscopes.
Power Exam Table (7)
Power Exam Table
Treatment and examination tables with height and position adjustments.
Light Source (7)
Light Source
A visible light lamp, driven by a controllable electrical power source. Usually coupled to a flexible fiber optic which delivers the light beam on its opposite end to illuminate various sites of the body.
Eye Pad (7)
Eye Pad
Gauze or cotton pad to protect the eye and absorbe secretions.
Microscope, Operating (6)
Microscope, Operating
Operating microscopes for high magnification in surgery.
Surgical Head Light (6)
Surgical Head Light
A device which can be attached to the operator's head for illuminating the operating site.
Spatula (6)
Instrument that is used to remove cells or tissues from a surface or cavity, spread materials on a surface, or mix them.
Multi-Specialty Operating Tabletop (6)
Multi-Specialty Operating Tabletop
Detachable tabletop that is a component of surgical table that may be suited for several different procedures
Lacrimal Dilator (6)
Lacrimal Dilator
A surgical instrument used to probe the lacrimal duct.
Ocular Speculum (6)
Ocular Speculum
Speculum that keeps the eyelids apart for examination and or treatment.
Ophthalmic Trial Lens Set (6)
Ophthalmic Trial Lens Set
A set of cylindrical and spherical lenses used in testing vision.
Binocular Loupe (6)
Binocular Loupe
Loupe that is worn close to the practitioner's eyes to give stereo-optic visual magnification of the patient during medical examinations or procedures.
Operating Table Pedestal (5)
Operating Table Pedestal
Pedestal is a common component of surgical table. It is attached to one of several different interchangeable tabletops according to the surgical procedure being performed.
Intravenous Pole (5)
Intravenous Pole
Slender stand to suspend containers of liquid for intravenous delivery to patients.
Storage Cabinet (5)
Storage Cabinet
Cabinet for storing various products at a healthcare facility.
Scleral Fixation Hook (5)
Scleral Fixation Hook
A surgical instrument used in eye surgery.
Phacoemulsification Unit (5)
Phacoemulsification Unit
Surgical unit used to remove cataract lenses in the eye
Surgical Eye Scissors (5)
Surgical Eye Scissors
Surgical scissor used to cut corneal and scleral tissues during surgery.
Transilluminator (5)
Used for medical examination in which a strong light is cast through the body or a body part so that blockages and other foreign objects can be seen. 
Voice Recorder (4)
Voice Recorder
Digital system for dictating and transcribing medical reports and records.
Cataract Surgical Unit (4)
Cataract Surgical Unit
Units for cataract extraction using probe with ultrasonic waves.
Slit Lamp (4)
Slit Lamp
Opthalmic slit lamps used for diagnostic purposes in office, clinic, or hospital.
Keratometer (4)
An instrument used to obtain precise measurements of the refraction and keratometry of the eye.
Aspirator/Irrigator (4)
Equipment used for automated or semiautomated aspiration and irrigation of body cavities or other body areas.
Examination Room Casework (4)
Examination Room Casework
A variety of furniture and wall cabinets in examination rooms.
Operating Microscope Video Image Processor (4)
Operating Microscope Video Image Processor
Video image processor that takes and processes electronic images from an operating microscope and send the images to peripheral devices such as video monitors, VCRs, still-disk recorders, and video printers.
Prism Bar (4)
Prism Bar
A graduated series of prisms mounted on a frame and used in ocular diagnosis.
Eye Surgery Trephine (4)
Eye Surgery Trephine
Surgical device used to cut and remove circular sections of eye tissue.
Treatment Cabinet (4)
Treatment Cabinet
Cabinet that stores, displays, and provides ready access to small articles in medical treatment and other medical procedures.
Keratome (4)
Surgical instrument for incision of the cornea, usually to remove the outer layer of the cornea.
Cryosurgical Unit (3)
Cryosurgical Unit
Cryosurgical units for general and ophthalmic use, which cause target tissue freezing.
EMG & Evoked Potential Response Unit (3)
EMG & Evoked Potential Response Unit
Classic EMG units, and equipment for testing the evoked potential response.
Argon Coagulator (3)
Argon Coagulator
Electrosurgical units capable of delivering argon gas for coagulation purposes.
Telemetry Monitor (3)
Telemetry Monitor
Telemetric monitors used for in the hospital setting.
Synoptophore (3)
Diagnosis tool used to test occurance of binocular vision.
Retinoscope (3)
Retinoscopes for examination of the retinal surface and light refraction.
Lensometer (3)
A device intended to measure the optical characteristics of lenses.
Ophthalmology Chair (3)
Ophthalmology Chair
Adjustable chairs for ophthalmology procedures, examination and treatment.
Trial Lens Case (3)
Trial Lens Case
Specially designed cases for keeping trial lens sets.
Binocular Indirect Ophthalmoscope (3)
Binocular Indirect Ophthalmoscope
A device intended for examination of the eye.
EOG Electrode (3)
EOG Electrode
Electrodes used for measuring the resting potential of the retina in Electrooculography.
Evoked-Potential Recorder (3)
Evoked-Potential Recorder
Graphic recorder for recording a localized electrical potential from the brain or spinal cord in reaction to stimulation of the sensory organs or of some location along the ascending pathway from the sensory organs or within the central nervous system.
Chaliazon Surgery Curette (3)
Chaliazon Surgery Curette
Currette that is used to remove masses from the eyelid during eye surgery.
Fiberoptic Laser Delivery System (3)
Fiberoptic Laser Delivery System
Laser delivery system consisting of optic fibers used to deliver laser energy of visible and near-infrared wavelengths.
Biometry Optical Tomography Scanning Laser (3)
Biometry Optical Tomography Scanning Laser
Optical tomography laser scanning system to measure the characteristics of eye structures.
Fiberoptic Retractor (3)
Fiberoptic Retractor
Retractor suited with a fiberoptic light source that is used to give light to surgical site.
Voltage Transformer (3)
Voltage Transformer
An instrument whose primary winding is connected in parallel with a circuit in which the voltage is to be measured or controlled.
ENG Unit (2)
ENG Unit
Electronystamographs are used as a testing device to detect and record nystagmus.
Practice Management System (2)
Practice Management System
Data management information systems for physician's office and clinics.
Video Conferencing Equipment (2)
Video Conferencing Equipment
Telemedicine systems using remote telecommunications for videoconferences.
Aspirator, Ultrasonic (2)
Aspirator, Ultrasonic
Ultrasonic irrigation/suction system for soft tissue removal from body.
Amblyoscope (2)
Amblyoscopes for eye examinations.
Refractometer, Ophthalmologic (2)
Refractometer, Ophthalmologic
Manual or automatic ophthalmologic refractors used for eye examinations.
Ophthalmic Viewer (2)
Ophthalmic Viewer
A magnification viewer attached to one's glasses, intended for medical observations and operations.
Perimeter (2)
Ophthalmology device that is used for the measurements of visual field.
High Resolution Medical Video Monitor (2)
High Resolution Medical Video Monitor
High resolution monitors intended for use with various medical imaging techniques.
Ophthalmic Ultrasound (2)
Ophthalmic Ultrasound
A high-frequency high-resolution device, used to measure the parts of the eye.
Control System for Surgical Instruments (2)
Control System for Surgical Instruments
A system which is intended to set various operating devices in the pre-selected default parameters.
Injector for High Viscosity Liquids (2)
Injector for High Viscosity Liquids
A special injector mainly used in ophthalmology, for injecting viscous fluids into the eye.
Ophthalmologic Cautery Unit (2)
Ophthalmologic Cautery Unit
A device with a tip which can be heated to a preset temperature range for producing coagulation in ophthalmologic use.
Devices for Color Perception Test (2)
Devices for Color Perception Test
Various devices designed to perform tests for color perception of patients or for testing the color signal discrimination ability of color anomalous individuals.
Laser - Ho:YAG (2)
Laser - Ho:YAG
Solid-state laser that has a rod of yttrium-aluminum-garnet crystal doped with holmium as the active medium.
Organ Transport Container (2)
Organ Transport Container
A container that maintains organ viability during transportation.
Ophthalmic Tonometer Calibrator (2)
Ophthalmic Tonometer Calibrator
Calibrator is used to test ophthalmic tonometer accuracy.
Eye/Face Wash Fountain (2)
Eye/Face Wash Fountain
A small station to rinse and wash materials from the eyes and face should they be exposed to noxious materials.
Ultrasonic Scanning Data Processor (2)
Ultrasonic Scanning Data Processor
Data processor designed to take and process digital data collected from ultrasonic scanning systems.
Electrothermal Cautery Probe (2)
Electrothermal Cautery Probe
Electrothermal cautery probe whose heating part is encased in a probe cover.
Ophthalmology Workstation (2)
Ophthalmology Workstation
Workstation that takes and processes the digital data and images taken by ophthalmic instruments, by still image and video cameras, and/or from patient records.
Intravenous Hanger (2)
Intravenous Hanger
Hanger to suspend intravenous fluid delivery containers.
Laser Safety Eyewear (2)
Laser Safety Eyewear
Protective device used during laser procedures containing filter glass that provides adequate visual transmission with high optical density for the specified laser wavelength with which they will be used.
Rotating Vestibulo-Ocular Function Chair (2)
Rotating Vestibulo-Ocular Function Chair
Chair that evaluates the vestibulo-ocular reflex during head movements, by checking the rhythmic movement and/or deviation of the eyes in response to the stimulation of the vestibular system by angular acceleration or deceleration.
ENG Electrode (2)
ENG Electrode
Electrode attached around the nose and measuring the movements of the eye in relation to the ground electrodes in Electronystagmography
Nystagmus Test Eyeglasses (2)
Nystagmus Test Eyeglasses
Eyeglasses that facilitate tests for assessing nystagmus based in the evaluation of involuntary movement of the eyes as a result of external stimuli
Eye Enucleation Snare (2)
Eye Enucleation Snare
Snare that places and tightens fine gauge pliable alterable wire loops around the optical nerve for mechanical resection.
Head Camera Operating Room Video System (2)
Head Camera Operating Room Video System
Video system that submits pictures and audio from the operating field.
Medicine Cabinet (2)
Medicine Cabinet
Healthcare cabinet that stores medicines and other frequently used, disposable products.
Operating Room Casework (2)
Operating Room Casework
Casework used in surgical or special procedures rooms.
Aberrometer (2)
Ophthalmic measuring instrument that tests the eye's aberration.
Corneal Abrasion Bur (2)
Corneal Abrasion Bur
Bur used to abrasion of the cornea during eye surgery.
Ophthalmic Caliper (2)
Ophthalmic Caliper
Used during eye surgery to measure between two points on the eye.
Ophthalmic Camera, Photographic (2)
Ophthalmic Camera, Photographic
Camera specialised to take pictures of the eye and used to provide diagnostic data of eye conditions.
Exophthalmometer (2)
Measuring instrument that calculates the amount of abnormal eyeball protusion.
Direct Gonioscope (2)
Direct Gonioscope
Device used to directly measure the angle of the anterior eye chamber.
An ophthalmic instrument for assessing the shape of the anterior surface of the cornea.  (2)
An ophthalmic instrument for assessing the shape of the anterior surface of the cornea. 
Measuring instrument to preassess corneal surgery, contact lens fitting or diagnose corneal disorders
Ophthalmic Knife Test Drum (2)
Ophthalmic Knife Test Drum
Device used to test the sharp point of surgical knives used during eye surgery and procedures.
Lens Spoon (2)
Lens Spoon
A medical instrument for ophthalmic surgical procedures.
Ophthalmic Cross Cylinder Lens Set (2)
Ophthalmic Cross Cylinder Lens Set
Set of two or more cross cylinder lenses used to determine refractive error
Ophthalmic Cross Cylinder Lens (2)
Ophthalmic Cross Cylinder Lens
Cross cylinder lens used to determine refractive error
Ophthalmic Implant Inserter (2)
Ophthalmic Implant Inserter
Hand-help implant inserter for ring implants.
Phacoemulsification Unit Ultrasonic Probe (2)
Phacoemulsification Unit Ultrasonic Probe
Probe designed for lens cutting and emulsification using ultrasonic waves during cataract surgery.
Surgical Eye Punch (2)
Surgical Eye Punch
Eye surgery punch used to remove and implant a segment of eye tissue
Contact Lens Radius Gauge (2)
Contact Lens Radius Gauge
Device used to determine the radius or curvature of hard contact lenses.
Optical Tomography Laser Scanning System (2)
Optical Tomography Laser Scanning System
Laser scanning system that uses coherent light to obtain pictures of the underlying structure within the eye.
Test Drum (2)
Test Drum
A vision testing instrument to check distance vision.
Examination Room Sink (2)
Examination Room Sink
Sink mainly for healthcare personnel to wash hands in hospital examination and/or treatment rooms, as well as physician and dental offices, and nurse stations.
Videonystagmograph (2)
Computerized video recorder system to view, record, and analyze two or three-dimensional eye movements, typically during a set of standardized eye movement tests.
Radiofrequency Generator (2)
Radiofrequency Generator
Radiofrequency Generator supplies electricity at one or more frequencies in equipment that either directly delivers RF energy to the body or changes RF energy into another form of energy.
Fundus Camera (2)
Fundus Camera
Ophthalmic photographic camera which takes still images of the ocular fundus and associated blood vessels of the eye.
Lens Expressor (2)
Lens Expressor
A device used to force out the lens in extracapsular or intracapsular cataract extraction
Smoke Evacuation System (2)
Smoke Evacuation System
Surgical smoke evacuation system that combines all functional elements in a single, transportable stand-alone unit.
Corneal Topography System (1)
Corneal Topography System
Ophthalmic system that determines the configuration of the anterior corneal surface and the refractive power.
Laser - Excimer (1)
Laser - Excimer
Q-Switched Excimer lasers for opthalmic procedures.
Ophthalmic Laser (1)
Ophthalmic Laser
Lasers used in ophthalmology for treatment and surgery.
Ophthalmic Retinal Laser (1)
Ophthalmic Retinal Laser
Opthalmic diode lasers.
Oculoplethysmograph (1)
Devices used for determining changes in opthalmic blood volume.
Laser Trabeculoplasty (1)
Laser Trabeculoplasty
A laser system used for trabeculectomy and shunt implantation.
SLT Laser (1)
SLT Laser
A laser system for Selective Laser Trabeculoplasty (SLT), used mainly for treatment of glaucoma by reducing the pressure in the eye.
Photocoagulator (1)
Angioplasty Argon lasers for treating peripheral vessels.
Laser - Pulsed Dye (1)
Laser - Pulsed Dye
Dye lasers or gold vapor lasers for photodynamic therapy.
YAG Laser Cataract Surgery (1)
YAG Laser Cataract Surgery
Surgery laser device for the treatment of cataract by mean of YAG laser energy.
Endodiathermy System (1)
Endodiathermy System
Micro diathermy units that are used primarily for ophthalmic surgery.
Retinal Blood Flow Meter (1)
Retinal Blood Flow Meter
A non invasive laser based system which measures retinal blood flow.
Objective Visual Assessment (1)
Objective Visual Assessment
Visual function analyzers for vision assessments.
Scanning Laser Polarimetry (1)
Scanning Laser Polarimetry
A device that measures the polarimetry of the eye using laser scanning technique.
Retinal Thickness Analysis (1)
Retinal Thickness Analysis
A computerized system which provides a thickness map of the retina.
Vitreoretinal Illumination System (1)
Vitreoretinal Illumination System
Endoillumination light source for vitreoretinal surgery.
Vitrectomy System (1)
Vitrectomy System
A surgical unit for vitrectomy.
Ophthalmolic Imaging Software (1)
Ophthalmolic Imaging Software
Software used for work out and archive of images received from digital fundus cameras, digital slit lamps, and different ophthalmic cameras and microscopes.
Retinal Digital Imaging System (1)
Retinal Digital Imaging System
Hardware and software solution for high resolution digital images.
Specular Microscope (1)
Specular Microscope
Two types of specular photomicroscopes ate available. The Non-contact specular microscopes obtain an image of the corneal endothelium without touching the patient's cornea, while contact specular microscopes require that a special lens be placed against the cornea.
Pediatric Retinal Imaging (1)
Pediatric Retinal Imaging
Wide field digital pediatric retinal imaging.
Transscleral Cyclophotocoagulation System (1)
Transscleral Cyclophotocoagulation System
The Transscleral Cyclophotocoagulation Systems uses light energy for the intraocular coagulation.
Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) (1)
Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT)
3-D laser scanning systems for optical tomography.
Ophthalmic Laser - Argon (1)
Ophthalmic Laser - Argon
Opthalmic Argon lasers.
Electroretinography System (1)
Electroretinography System
Electroretinograph recorders used for diagnosis of retinal related phenomena.
Retinal Camera (1)
Retinal Camera
A B&W or color film, Polaroid or digital ophthalmic camera specially designed for the photography of the eye's fundus and fluorescein angiography.
Visual Function Analyzer (1)
Visual Function Analyzer
Visual function analyzers for vision assessments.
Electrooculograph (1)
Electrooculograph recorders for diagnosis of retinal diseases.
Vision Screener (1)
Vision Screener
Devices for detection of vision capabilities or impairment. Can perform an examination of the patient's visual acuity such as Hyperopia or Myopia. It projects the charts on a screen placed in a distance of 1-7 meters
Optical Biometer (1)
Optical Biometer
A device capable of making highly accurate measurements along the visual axis.
Tonometer (1)
A device which measures the intraocular pressure and the fluid pressure inside the eye.
Laser for Glaucoma Treatment (1)
Laser for Glaucoma Treatment
A laser which is used for partial destruction of the tissues that make the fluid of the eye.
Ophthalmic Diathermy Unit (1)
Ophthalmic Diathermy Unit
A diathermy apparatus specially designed for eye operations.
Pachymeter (1)
Device for measuring corneal thickness.
Lens Preparation Equipment (1)
Lens Preparation Equipment
Automatic computer controlled machine which prepares lenses for insertion into the glass frame.
Retinal Film Camera (1)
Retinal Film Camera
An optical system which is based on film camera for obtaining retinal images.
Pupilometer (1)
A device which is intended to measure the distance between the pupils for the determination of the necessary distance of both eye-glasses.
Potential Acuity Meter (1)
Potential Acuity Meter
Potential Acuity meter intended to evaluate the possible improvement of patients after the operation (cataract).
Conductive Keratoplasty System (1)
Conductive Keratoplasty System
An electrically powered surgical device which performs a procedure called “conductive Keratoplasty” to temporarily reduce hyperopia.
Eye Magnet (1)
Eye Magnet
Eye magnets for removing foreign magnetic bodies.
Ophthalmic Instrument Stand (1)
Ophthalmic Instrument Stand
A special stand designed to hold various accessories and instruments for ophthalmic observations.
Distometer (1)
Distometers measure the distance between the cornea and spectacle or trial lenses (vertex distance).
Photodynamic Therapy (1)
Photodynamic Therapy
PDT equipment with three key components: a photosensitizer, light, and tissue oxygen. Used to eradicate premalignant and early-stage cancer and reduce tumor size in end-stage cancer.
UV Radiation System for Treatment of Keratokonus (1)
UV Radiation System for Treatment of Keratokonus
UV Radiation System for Treatment of Keratokonus
Ophthalmic Image Digitization System (1)
Ophthalmic Image Digitization System
Image digitization system that takes and digitizes ophthalmic images for displaying, storage, and/or printing.
Ophthalmic Image Digitization System Software (1)
Ophthalmic Image Digitization System Software
Image digitization system software that runs systems that process and store digital ophthalmic data and images taken from a fundus camera, fluorescent angiography, or other source.
Medicine Storage Cabinet (1)
Medicine Storage Cabinet
Cabinet that holds medicines and toiletries.
Contact Lens Cleaner (1)
Contact Lens Cleaner
Sterile solution used to clean and disinfect contact lenses. 
Typoscope (1)
Device that helps reading by highlighting the lines of print being read.
Corneal Diameter Sizer (1)
Corneal Diameter Sizer
Surgical sizers designed to measure and calibrate corneal diameters during corneal transplants or to determine abnormal corneal size in diagnostic procedures
Electronystagmograph (1)
Graphic recorder of the electrical potential created by eye movements.
Eyelid Weight Sizer Set (1)
Eyelid Weight Sizer Set
Set of different external eyelid weights meant to help choose the suitable weight needed.
Nerve Fiber Ablation System (1)
Nerve Fiber Ablation System
Radio-frequency therapy system used for selective excision of nerve pain fibers.
Photic Stimulator (1)
Photic Stimulator
Stimulator that employs light stimuli to the patient.
Tachistoscope (1)
Device that flashes words or images at varying speeds.
Cryotherapy/Compression Unit (1)
Cryotherapy/Compression Unit
Device that uses a compression cuff wrapped around an articulation with either a cold gas or liquid source.
Adaptometer (1)
Opthalmic measuring instrument used for testing levels of dark adaptation.
Eye Movement Analyzer (1)
Eye Movement Analyzer
Device used to observe and analyze eye movement.
Macular Integrity Analyzer (1)
Macular Integrity Analyzer
Analyzer used to assess the effects of degeneration on the eye's macular integrity
Tear Structure Analyzer (1)
Tear Structure Analyzer
Diagnostic instrument designed to assess parts and function of the eye's tear duct.
Visual Acuity/Macular Integrity Analyzer,Bright Light (1)
Visual Acuity/Macular Integrity Analyzer,Bright Light
Analyzer used to measure visual acuity and macular integrity under bright light conditions
Aqueous Flare/Cell Meter (1)
Aqueous Flare/Cell Meter
Instrument that measures aqueous flare and the number of cells in the aqueous humor.
Corneal Rust Ring Removal Bur (1)
Corneal Rust Ring Removal Bur
Bur used to remove rust stains from the cornea during eye surgery.
Ophthalmology Cabinet (1)
Ophthalmology Cabinet
Work, storage and display cabinet for equipment and materials needed in ophthalmic treatment.
Surgical Sclera Depressor (1)
Surgical Sclera Depressor
Surgical depressor used to expose the outer white area of the eye ball for examination.
Enucleator (1)
An instrument used to remove a tumor or eye, for example, whole from an enveloping cover or sac.
External Eyelid Weight (1)
External Eyelid Weight
Eyelid weight attached to the eyelid to provide additional weight during treatment.
Fixed Loop Instrument, Eye Lens (1)
Fixed Loop Instrument, Eye Lens
Surgical instrument with a loop, deigned for extracting eye lens and irrigating the eye during procedures.
Flicker-Fusion Unit (1)
Flicker-Fusion Unit
Instrument used to measure critical flicker frequency.
Indirect Gonioscope (1)
Indirect Gonioscope
Device used to indirectly measure the angle of the anterior eye chamber.
Head/Chin Rest, Ophthalmic Test (1)
Head/Chin Rest, Ophthalmic Test
Head and chin rest device that supports the patient's head and keep it stationary during diagnostic procedures.
Heterophoria Assessment Rod (1)
Heterophoria Assessment Rod
Rod used to measure eye misalignment.
Ophthalmic Insufflator (1)
Ophthalmic Insufflator
Insufflator used to distend a chamber of the eye with liquid or gas during ophthalmicdiagnostic or surgical procedures.
Waveguide Laser Delivery System (1)
Waveguide Laser Delivery System
Laser delivery system constructed of rigid hollow tubes used to deliver laser energy from the laser source to the tissue
Argon/Krypton Laser, Ophthalmic (1)
Argon/Krypton Laser, Ophthalmic
Argon or Krypton laser used to perform photocoagulation in the eye and abnormal vascular tissue in the retina.
Diode Laser, Ophthalmic (1)
Diode Laser, Ophthalmic
Diode laser used to perform photocoagulation in the eye and abnormal vascular tissue in the retina.
Excimer/Ho:YAG Laser, Ophthalmic (1)
Excimer/Ho:YAG Laser, Ophthalmic
Laser that makes a laser beam of either Excimer or Ho:YAG type. The excimer beam is used for photorefractive keratectomy of mild to moderate myopia, while the Ho:YAG beam is used for the alteration of the corneal curvature without removing any tissue in the treatment of hyperopia.
Ho:YAG Laser, Ophthalmic (1)
Ho:YAG Laser, Ophthalmic
Ho:YAG laser used for laser keratoplasty of hyperopia and other eye procedures.
Krypton Laser, Ophthalmic (1)
Krypton Laser, Ophthalmic
Krypton laster to perform photocoagulation in the eye and abnormal vascular tissue in the retina.
Nd:YAG Laser, Frequency-Doubled, Ophthalmic (1)
Nd:YAG Laser, Frequency-Doubled, Ophthalmic
Nd:YAG frequency-doubled laser used to perform photocoagulation in the eye and abnormal vascular tissue in the retina.
Nd:YAG Laser, Ophthalmic (1)
Nd:YAG Laser, Ophthalmic
Laser used to cause photodisruption in the eye, forming a plasma and generating immense localized mechanical shock waves that can destroy tissue.
Nd:YLF Laser, Ophthalmic (1)
Nd:YLF Laser, Ophthalmic
Nd:YLF laser used to cause photodisruption in the eye.
Ophthalmologic Mobile Medical Facility (1)
Ophthalmologic Mobile Medical Facility
Mobile modular medical facility to receive and manage patients for ophthalmic examination.
Ophthalmic Fixation Unit (1)
Ophthalmic Fixation Unit
A device used to assist eye patients to fixate on a fixed or moving light
Ophthalmic Tonograph (1)
Ophthalmic Tonograph
Recorder inside tonometers that records changes in intraocular pressure in the eye.
Optokinetic Drum (1)
Optokinetic Drum
Diagnostic device used to elicit and assess regular and involuntary eyeball movement.
Ophthalmic Ablation System (1)
Ophthalmic Ablation System
Tissue ablation radio-frequency therapy system designed to ablate regions in the eye.
Proton Beam Radiotherapy System (1)
Proton Beam Radiotherapy System
Radiotherapy system that delivers a proton beam to cancer areas in the eye and surrounding tissues.
Video Reading Aid (1)
Video Reading Aid
An electric device that scans written text and displays it enlarged on a video screen for visually impaired individuals.
Laser Scanning System (1)
Laser Scanning System
Scanning system that employs laser beams at one or more frequencies to produce an image of tissue in a transverse plane of the body.
Ophthalmic Ultrasonic Scanner (1)
Ophthalmic Ultrasonic Scanner
Ultrasonic scanning system used to measure the avial length of the eye, asses eyes and study intraocular and orbital tumors.
Slit Lamp/Camera Adapter (1)
Slit Lamp/Camera Adapter
Adapter that includes illumination system and camera mounting.
Plethysmograph (1)
An instrument for measuring changes in volume within an organ or the whole body
Ultrashort Pulse Laser (1)
Ultrashort Pulse Laser
Laser that emits optical ultrashort pulses with duration in the range of the femtoseconds well below one picosecond to perform very accurate cutting as needed in opthalmic surgery.
Ti:Sapphire Laser (1)
Ti:Sapphire Laser
Solid-state laser with a rod of sapphire used for research and ophthalmic procedures.
Entoptoscope (1)
Ophthalmic diagnostic tool for assessing the retinal circulation of the eyes and the visual function behind media opacity.
Argon-Enhanced Coagulation System (1)
Argon-Enhanced Coagulation System
Unit that delivers argon gas for argon-fortified coagulation.