Microbiology - Medical Devices in India

Medical Equipment Categories
Fermentor (250)
A system which supports microbial and/or cell culture applications.
Microscope (130)
Light microscopes using various contrast methods for use in clinical laboratories
Centrifuge (23)
Floor centrifuges, refrigerated/non refrigerated, high/low speed.
Laboratory Incubator (15)
Laboratory Incubator
Aerobic incubators for microorganism and cell cultures.
Laboratory Light Microscope (10)
Laboratory Light Microscope
Microscope that illuminates the object in a way that it appears against a bright background.
Laboratory Incubator, Thermocycling (6)
Laboratory Incubator, Thermocycling
Laboratory incubators for heating and cooling test samples, cell culture, DNA and gene manipulation studies.
Basic Labware (5)
Basic Labware
All the glassware and other equipment used in many different types of laboratory, but excluding specialist equipment such as spectrometers
Sharps Disposal Unit (5)
Sharps Disposal Unit
Puncture-resistant container used to dispose sharp objects used in medical treatment and procedures.
Bunsen Burner (5)
Bunsen Burner
Gas burner that mixes gas with air before ignition in order to give complete oxidation.
Voice Recorder (4)
Voice Recorder
Digital system for dictating and transcribing medical reports and records.
Air Cleaner (4)
Air Cleaner
Portable particulate air filter devices.
Digital Microscope (4)
Digital Microscope
Clinical digital microscopes which create a digital image on a joined screen.
Colony Counter (4)
Colony Counter
An instrument used to count colonies of bacteria and/or microorganisms on an agar plate
Centrifuge Rotor (4)
Centrifuge Rotor
Device that operates as the rotary component of a centrifuge.
Centrifuge, Table Top (3)
Centrifuge, Table Top
Refrigerated and non-refrigerated centrifuges for clinical laboratory testing.
Culture Media Preparator (3)
Culture Media Preparator
A solution used in the preparation of high-quality broth and agar media.
Photometer (3)
An instrument for measuring light intensity or optical properties of solutions or surfaces.
Turbidimeter (3)
Filter photometer that uses a light source that directs the light through a suspension to a photodetector that measures the undeviated light from the suspension.
Microscope Slide Warmer (3)
Microscope Slide Warmer
Warming unit that heats slides and paraffin specimens.
Microbiological Culture Analyzer (2)
Microbiological Culture Analyzer
Automated microbiological systems for laboratory use.
Immunoassay Analyzer (2)
Immunoassay Analyzer
Clinical chemistry/immunoassay analyzers intended for clinical laboratory applications.
Telepathology System (2)
Telepathology System
Telemedicine information system that electronically submits and receives images of microscopic pathology preparations and/or specimens and consultative text to and from one or more remote sites.
Urine Refractometer (2)
Urine Refractometer
Dedicated laboratory refractometer that typically directly indicates the refractive index, the specific gravity, and the serum or plasma protein in the urine sample.
Urine Densitometer (2)
Urine Densitometer
Dedicated laboratory liquid densitometer used to calculate the specific gravity of urine samples.
Ultraviolet Lamp (1)
Ultraviolet Lamp
Ultraviolet lights with germicidal function.
Microscopy Sample Preparation System (1)
Microscopy Sample Preparation System
Systems for preparing samples for microscopy, including Papanicolaou smear samples.
Anaerobic Incubator (1)
Anaerobic Incubator
Laboratory incubators that are mainly used for anaerobic microorganism cultures. Some provide CO2 atmosphere within the incubator.
Petri Dish Filler (1)
Petri Dish Filler
A semi-automatic and/or automatic device for Petri dish filling.
High Stability Laboratory Table (1)
High Stability Laboratory Table
High-stability laboratory table.
Agar Sterilizer (1)
Agar Sterilizer
Steam sterilizing unit that destroys microorganisms present on agar and/or other culture media.
Electrophoresis Column (1)
Electrophoresis Column
Support media covered tube that separates an ionic mixture of solutes into its components when an electric field is applied.
Filtration System (1)
Filtration System
A system that removes particles, gas or liquid from another substance.
Molecular Assay Microarray Arrayer (1)
Molecular Assay Microarray Arrayer
Device that deposits small and accurate volumes of chemicals in predetermined spots of prepared surfaces to obtain molecular assay microarrays.
Infectious Microorganism Molecular Assay Analyzer (1)
Infectious Microorganism Molecular Assay Analyzer
Molecular diagnostic laboratory analyzer that uses nucleic acid diagnostic techniques to find and/or count relevant molecules belonging or associated to microorganisms that infect humans.
Microarray Hybridization Chamber (1)
Microarray Hybridization Chamber
Chamber that holds and encases microarray slides, giving a constant humidity environment during hybridization procedures conducted in either hybridization incubators or less commonly in water baths.