Lasers - Medical Devices in India

Medical Equipment Categories
Safety Eyewear (37)
Safety Eyewear
Eyeglasses that guard the eyes from hazardous mechanical and/or light intensity/frequency conditions, improving user safety.
Scissors (33)
Scissors that cut bandage, gauze, and dressing.
Laser Lithotripter (32)
Laser Lithotripter
Intracorporeal lithotripters using laser energy.
Laser - CO2 (9)
Laser - CO2
Carbon dioxide lasers for use in general surgery and dermatology.
Fiberoptic Laser Delivery System (3)
Fiberoptic Laser Delivery System
Laser delivery system consisting of optic fibers used to deliver laser energy of visible and near-infrared wavelengths.
Biometry Optical Tomography Scanning Laser (3)
Biometry Optical Tomography Scanning Laser
Optical tomography laser scanning system to measure the characteristics of eye structures.
Laser - Nd:YAG (2)
Laser - Nd:YAG
Surgical Nd:YAG lasers for laparoscopic and endoscopic procedures.
Hair Removal Laser (2)
Hair Removal Laser
Lasers which are used for hair removal treatments in addition to other skin treatments.
Laser - Ho:YAG (2)
Laser - Ho:YAG
Solid-state laser that has a rod of yttrium-aluminum-garnet crystal doped with holmium as the active medium.
Laser Safety Eyewear (2)
Laser Safety Eyewear
Protective device used during laser procedures containing filter glass that provides adequate visual transmission with high optical density for the specified laser wavelength with which they will be used.
Optical Tomography Laser Scanning System (2)
Optical Tomography Laser Scanning System
Laser scanning system that uses coherent light to obtain pictures of the underlying structure within the eye.
Laser - Diode (1)
Laser - Diode
Diode lasers for photodynamic therapy, cutting, vaporizing and coagulating tissues.
Laser - Excimer (1)
Laser - Excimer
Q-Switched Excimer lasers for opthalmic procedures.
Ophthalmic Laser (1)
Ophthalmic Laser
Lasers used in ophthalmology for treatment and surgery.
Ophthalmic Retinal Laser (1)
Ophthalmic Retinal Laser
Opthalmic diode lasers.
Laser Trabeculoplasty (1)
Laser Trabeculoplasty
A laser system used for trabeculectomy and shunt implantation.
SLT Laser (1)
SLT Laser
A laser system for Selective Laser Trabeculoplasty (SLT), used mainly for treatment of glaucoma by reducing the pressure in the eye.
YAG Laser Cataract Surgery (1)
YAG Laser Cataract Surgery
Surgery laser device for the treatment of cataract by mean of YAG laser energy.
Ophthalmic Laser - Argon (1)
Ophthalmic Laser - Argon
Opthalmic Argon lasers.
Laser for Glaucoma Treatment (1)
Laser for Glaucoma Treatment
A laser which is used for partial destruction of the tissues that make the fluid of the eye.
Low Level Laser Therapy (1)
Low Level Laser Therapy
Treatment using low-level lasers or light-emitting diodes to alter cellular function over nerves or joints.
High Power Laser Therapy (1)
High Power Laser Therapy
Class IV therapeutic lasers for pain relief physical therapy and wound healing following Surgery or injuries.
Laser Radiometer (1)
Laser Radiometer
Device that measures the radiant flux of a laser beam within a predefined spectral range.
Confocal Laser Microscopy Video Colonoscope (1)
Confocal Laser Microscopy Video Colonoscope
Video colonoscope with integrated optical scanning laser microscopy functionality.
Waveguide Laser Delivery System (1)
Waveguide Laser Delivery System
Laser delivery system constructed of rigid hollow tubes used to deliver laser energy from the laser source to the tissue
Argon/Krypton Laser, Ophthalmic (1)
Argon/Krypton Laser, Ophthalmic
Argon or Krypton laser used to perform photocoagulation in the eye and abnormal vascular tissue in the retina.
Diode Laser, Ophthalmic (1)
Diode Laser, Ophthalmic
Diode laser used to perform photocoagulation in the eye and abnormal vascular tissue in the retina.
Excimer/Ho:YAG Laser, Ophthalmic (1)
Excimer/Ho:YAG Laser, Ophthalmic
Laser that makes a laser beam of either Excimer or Ho:YAG type. The excimer beam is used for photorefractive keratectomy of mild to moderate myopia, while the Ho:YAG beam is used for the alteration of the corneal curvature without removing any tissue in the treatment of hyperopia.
Ho:YAG Laser, Ophthalmic (1)
Ho:YAG Laser, Ophthalmic
Ho:YAG laser used for laser keratoplasty of hyperopia and other eye procedures.
Krypton Laser, Ophthalmic (1)
Krypton Laser, Ophthalmic
Krypton laster to perform photocoagulation in the eye and abnormal vascular tissue in the retina.
Nd:YAG Laser, Frequency-Doubled, Ophthalmic (1)
Nd:YAG Laser, Frequency-Doubled, Ophthalmic
Nd:YAG frequency-doubled laser used to perform photocoagulation in the eye and abnormal vascular tissue in the retina.
Nd:YAG Laser, Ophthalmic (1)
Nd:YAG Laser, Ophthalmic
Laser used to cause photodisruption in the eye, forming a plasma and generating immense localized mechanical shock waves that can destroy tissue.
Nd:YLF Laser, Ophthalmic (1)
Nd:YLF Laser, Ophthalmic
Nd:YLF laser used to cause photodisruption in the eye.
Laser Scanning System (1)
Laser Scanning System
Scanning system that employs laser beams at one or more frequencies to produce an image of tissue in a transverse plane of the body.
Dye Laser (1)
Dye Laser
Dye laser that administer their energy to the surface of previously photosensitized tissues.
Ultrashort Pulse Laser (1)
Ultrashort Pulse Laser
Laser that emits optical ultrashort pulses with duration in the range of the femtoseconds well below one picosecond to perform very accurate cutting as needed in opthalmic surgery.
Ti:Sapphire Laser (1)
Ti:Sapphire Laser
Solid-state laser with a rod of sapphire used for research and ophthalmic procedures.
Laser Probe (1)
Laser Probe
A measuring device that projects a narrow beam of light onto the part's surface. A lens on the probe then reads the beam's position