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Nuclear Computer Description:

In the MedWOW’s catalog, Nuclear Computer is described as follows:
Computer systems specifically designed for nuclear medicine.
The above ads list companies that sell and / or service Nuclear Computer.

Nuclear Computer may also be referred to as:

Computer, Nuclear Medicine | Gamma Camera Work Station | Gantry, Nuclear Imaging | Imaging Workstation | Scanner, ECT | Scanner, Isotope | Whole-Body Gamma Camera System

Nuclear Computer can be found under the following headings:

Cardiology | Neurology | Nuclear Medicine

Tips for buying Nuclear Computer

  • Buyers should look into the software's ease-of-use and versatility, the reliability of its clinical results, the execution speed of its programs, and the manufacturer's upgrade policy.
  • Clinical software is included with most systems. The exact form and norms vary among manufacturers. It is extremely important that buyers understand the operation of the software and the basic assumptions underlying its design.
  • The camera is often located far away from the nuclear computer. Therefore, a special line driver circuit is usually required to drive the low power camera signals over the long lines to the computer. This will ensure that the distances do not distort the signals, and it will protect the camera circuits from being damaged by the long lines.
  • Many applications are covered by analytic software, including cardiac, pulmonary, renal, whole-body, tomography, isotop scanning, ECT scanning, elliptical orbit/body contouring, and planar and SPECT Thallium-201 analysis.
  • Sufficient memory is an important consideration. It enables the nuclear computer to store and retrieve data obtained from nuclear medicine studies. The storage space is available on hard disk, floppy disk, optical disk, and other forms of storage media.
  • When dealing with DICOM compliance, facilities should consider areas such as nuclear medicine, secondary capture, service class user/service class provider, query and retrieve, modality work list, and performed procedure step.
  • When facilities purchase the nuclear computer and gamma camera work station from two different suppliers, they should know which supplier is responsible for which part of the system to ensure fast and efficient service.
  • It is wrong to assume that a nuclear computer from a specific manufacturer will interface with all the gamma cameras sold by that same manufacturer. Buyers should make sure that the nuclear computer and its peripherals can interface with the gamma camera work station.
  • A nuclear computer is usually placed between the information system and the camera. Facilities must pay special attention to DICOM conformity.
  • To review images adequately, the monitor should be large enough with high enough resolution.
  • Some of the users' tasks include making sure that the correct patient details are associated with each set of images, seeing that the appropriate method of image processing is applied, and that physicians use the nuclear computer's advanced image analysis tools to interpret the findings.
  • Facilities are encouraged to form a nuclear computer purchasing committee to assess the technologies, create a budget, select suppliers, conduct negotiations, and oversee network installation and implementation.
  • Technologists and physicians routinely use nuclear computers for managing and processing the range of exams carried out in a nuclear medicine department.