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Kabbra Family

Kabbra Family Logo
Location: Ashanti, Ghana
Business Type: Manufacturer
Co., Ltd. was established in 2001. the registered capital of 5 million RMB. is a professional R & D. production and sales of infrared foot saunas and infrared sauna equipment of the national high-tech enterprises.Having a sauna brand of independent i...
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Motorized X-ray View-box Description:

In the MedWOW’s catalog, Motorized X-ray View-box is described as follows:
Motorized viewboxes for loading X-ray sequence.
The above ads list companies that sell and / or service Motorized X-ray View-box.

Motorized X-ray View-box may also be referred to as:

Film Viewer | Imaging Film Viewer | Mammography Viewer | Motorized Mammography View Box | Motorized Negatoscope | Motorized Radiographic Film Viewer | Motorized X-ray Film Viewer | Motorized X-ray Illuminator | Viewbox, X-ray, Motorized | X-ray Viewer

Tips for buying Motorized X-ray View-box

  • When looking at all the motorized Negatoscope options, buyers should look into future reading practices of their radiologists before purchasing new film viewing equipment.
  • There is growing use of filmless review of clinical images on computer displays, due to the proliferation of digital imaging.
  • Facilities considering both general radiographic and mammography films may want to end up only with mammography x-ray viewer boxes, which incorporate the bright spot and masking features. This will reduce redundant expenses.
  • Brighter hot lights and masking devices should be provided by mammography x-ray viewers for the reviewer's use.
  • These devices (also known as Motorized Negatoscopes) are offered with several different options, ranging from security codes to automatic shutoff features. Facilities should consider the necessity of these options based on their needs.
  • Motorized x-ray view- boxes for mammography should have a higher film capacity than general-purpose motorized x-ray film viewers. They should accommodate an average of 600 films, while general-purpose motorized x-ray view-boxes are required to accommodate only about 200 films. Mammography viewers should hold more images and be able to view about 8 images simultaneously, while general-purpose view boxes should be able to view only 4 images simultaneously.
  • Facilities that are interested in a motorized x-ray film viewer should first determine whether it is actually needed, based on an assessment of throughput. If only two or three films are reviewed for each patient, a motorized x-ray view-box will probably not improve efficiency and productivity. When medical facilities expect a large number of films to be reviewed, a motorized radiographic film viewer may be indicated.
  • The capacity requirements and future reading practices of the facility are the most important factors when selecting a Motorized Radiographic Film Viewer (motorized x-ray view box). Another important consideration with x-ray viewer units is reliability, because radiologists cannot afford any delay in the reporting process.