Endoscopy - Medical Devices in Ghana

Medical Equipment Categories
Ultrasound, Endoscopic (1)
Ultrasound, Endoscopic
Endoscopic ultrasonic scanning devices.
Controller for Endoscopes (1)
Controller for Endoscopes
Robotic manipulators for the use of the medical staff carrying out minimal-invasive procedures (mainly laparoscopic procedures). Help with handling of the laparoscopic devices including the camera and make all maneuvers much more accurate and easy.
Medical Video Monitor (1)
Medical Video Monitor
Monitors designed to display electronic images from a multi input source, either in real time as they are obtained or from a pre-recorded source.
Laryngoscope (1)
Respiratory tract endoscope to be inserted through the mouth into the air tract for visual examination, biopsy, and treatment of lesions of the larynx.
Angioscope (1)
Flexible endoscopic device designed for viewing blood vessels.
Endoscope Tester (1)
Endoscope Tester
Equipment which enables testing and evaluating the performance of endoscopic equipment, mainly the endoscopes. For example a special pump which is intended to detect air and water leakages in channels of the endoscope.
Digital Camera Adaptor (1)
Digital Camera Adaptor
Digital cameras which can be inserted over the eye piece or instead of it, and produce high quality digital images.