Cardiothoracic Surgery - Medical Devices in Ghana

Medical Equipment Categories
Surgical Instruments (2)
Surgical Instruments
A variety of tools which serve the surgeons while operating.
Blood Gas Analyzer (1)
Blood Gas Analyzer
Blood gas/pH analyzers for laboratories.
Blood Pressure Monitor (1)
Blood Pressure Monitor
Automatic electronic non-invasive blood-pressure meters and monitors, also other non-invasive parameters.
Blood Warmer (1)
Blood Warmer
Warming unit for in-line heating of banked blood, blood products, and intravenous solutions from about 4 degrees Celsius to near body temperature before infusion.
Motorized X-ray View-box (1)
Motorized X-ray View-box
Motorized viewboxes for loading X-ray sequence.
Ultrasound, Cardiac (1)
Ultrasound, Cardiac
Cardiac ultrasonic scanning systems.
Cardiac Fibrillator (1)
Cardiac Fibrillator
Electrical device which delivers low AC voltage and is used to induce fibrillation of the heart during the procedure of an open heart surgery.
Angioscope (1)
Flexible endoscopic device designed for viewing blood vessels.
Rotational Angioplasty System (1)
Rotational Angioplasty System
A device which acts to remove hard calcified plaque during the angioplasty procedures.
Angioplasty Ultrasound Therapy System (1)
Angioplasty Ultrasound Therapy System
Ultrasound therapy system that administers energy into the vessels to destroy sections of narrowing.
Glove (1)
Glove used by healthcare workers during surgery.
Circulatory Assist Unit, Peripheral Compression (1)
Circulatory Assist Unit, Peripheral Compression
Peripheral circulatory assist unit for occasional compression.