Home Care - Medical Devices in France

Medical Equipment Categories
Dressing (24)
An adjunct used by a person for application to a wound to promote healing or prevent further harm.
Blood Pressure Monitor (12)
Blood Pressure Monitor
Automatic electronic non-invasive blood-pressure meters and monitors, also other non-invasive parameters.
Forceps (12)
A handheld, hinged instrument used for grasping and holding objects.
Pulse Oximeter (10)
Pulse Oximeter
Oximeter used to calculate the relative amount of oxygenated and deoxygenated hemoglobin by checking light absorbence changes resulting from arterial blood flow pulsations and presenting the results as percent saturation of hemoglobin in arterial blood.
ECG Lead (10)
ECG Lead
Each lead has a positive and negative pole attached to the surface of the skin, which can be used to measure the spread of electrical activity within the heart.
Analgesic Infusion Pump, Patient-Controlled (10)
Analgesic Infusion Pump, Patient-Controlled
Infusion pump that administers a chosen amount of analgesic drug on demand.
Pipetter (10)
Laboratory device used to transfer programmed volumes of solution from one container to another.
Hot/Cold Water Bottle (9)
Hot/Cold Water Bottle
Pliable container filled with hot or cold water and put on the body to administer dry heat or cold therapy to a specific area of the body.
Basic Labware (9)
Basic Labware
All the glassware and other equipment used in many different types of laboratory, but excluding specialist equipment such as spectrometers
Emergency Aspirator (9)
Emergency Aspirator
Aspirator that extracts obstructing secretions, blood, or vomit from a patient's airway to keep air passages to the lungs open and to permit spontaneous or mechanical ventilation.
Infusion Pump Administration Set (9)
Infusion Pump Administration Set
Primary intravenous delivery set for liquid administration from a bag or bottle through an infusion pump either to a hub catheter or needle at the patient site, or to an extension tube set fixed to the patient site.
Scissors (8)
Scissors that cut bandage, gauze, and dressing.
Hypodermic Syringe (7)
Hypodermic Syringe
Small-caliber plunger syringe that administers liquids through a hollow needle beneath the skin.
Intravenous Pole (7)
Intravenous Pole
Slender stand to suspend containers of liquid for intravenous delivery to patients.
Patient Transfer Aids (7)
Patient Transfer Aids
Aids that make transfering a diabled person simpler that require partial or total assistance when going to or from a bed, stretcher, operating table, wheelchair, or other location.
Ice Collar (7)
Ice Collar
Ice bag placed around the throat as a collar.
Patient Humidifier (7)
Patient Humidifier
Humidifier positioned in the patient's inspiratory line to raise the humidity and temperature of the gas flow into the lungs by delivering in-line heated water vapor.
Oxygen Concentrator (6)
Oxygen Concentrator
Gas concentrator that raises the percentage of oxygen in a mixture of gases, typically air.
Nerve Stimulator (6)
Nerve Stimulator
Peripheral-nerve electrical stimulator that employs stimuli to a nerve which assesses the suitability of neuromuscular block during surgery and its reversal during the recovery period.
Nebulizer (6)
A device that delivers medication as a mist to be inhaled into the lungs.
Artificial Airway Humidifier (6)
Artificial Airway Humidifier
Humidifier that adds moisture to the gases in the inspiratory artificial airways, raising the humidity of the gas delivered into the lungs.
Pressure Transducer (6)
Pressure Transducer
An electronic device that turns blood pressure into electrical signals that is recorded graphically for monitoring purposes.
Knife/Scalpel Handle (6)
Knife/Scalpel Handle
Surgical instrument handles used to secure and manipulate a compatible cutting or dissecting blade.
Sharps Disposal Unit (6)
Sharps Disposal Unit
Puncture-resistant container used to dispose sharp objects used in medical treatment and procedures.
Walker (5)
Walkers are intended to facilitate users' ambulation, intended for permanent assistance of disabled patients or for use during rehabilitation. Some are wheeled, other none-wheeled, and some models combine the walker with an integral seat.
Circulatory Assist Unit, Peripheral Compression (5)
Circulatory Assist Unit, Peripheral Compression
Peripheral circulatory assist unit for occasional compression.
Blood Pressure Cuff (5)
Blood Pressure Cuff
Device that has an inflating and deflating bladder in an inelastic sleeve.
First Aid Kit (5)
First Aid Kit
Prepackaged collection of the articles needed to perform early medical treatment.
Infusion Controller (5)
Infusion Controller
Infusion controller monitors the amount and speed with which fluid is infused.
Physical Therapy Massage Machine (5)
Physical Therapy Massage Machine
A specialised massage machine used in physical therapy.
Mobility Scooter (5)
Mobility Scooter
A mobility scooter is a motorscooter that helps physically impaired people get around.
Back Orthosis (5)
Back Orthosis
Orthosis that supports, aligns, prevents, or corrects deformities or to enhance spinal function.
Intravenous Line Connector (5)
Intravenous Line Connector
Intravenous line connector that gives access to an IV infusion set or catheter port from a needleless mechanism.
Automated External Defibrillator Training Aid (5)
Automated External Defibrillator Training Aid
Training aid that instructs users how to use an automated external defibrillator and its accessories.
Thermometer (4)
A device that measures temperature or temperature gradient using a variety of different principles.
Infusion Pump (4)
Infusion Pump
Infusion pumps for general-purpose liquid delivery.
Cotton & Gauze Products (4)
Cotton & Gauze Products
Absorbent swabs and sponges made of cotton and gauze used to collect small amounts of body fluids such as saliva and blood
Overbed Light (4)
Overbed Light
A light source hung over the patient's bed to provide illumination.
Laboratory Analyzer (4)
Laboratory Analyzer
Analyzer designed to be used for in vitro analysis in a central clinical laboratory, operated by a qualified technician, and usually permanently located on a workbench or dedicated floor space.
Aspirator (4)
A small suction machine used to remove mucus and other bodily fluids from a patient.
Bedside Cabinet (4)
Bedside Cabinet
Cabinet located close the a patient's bed that stores items for the patient uses on a daily basis.
Bath Chair (4)
Bath Chair
Chair with back and side rests that supports impaired persons or patients with balance problems during a bath.
Aspiration Collector (4)
Aspiration Collector
A container that collects aspirated fluid.
Household Humidifier (4)
Household Humidifier
A humidifier is a household appliance that increases humidity (moisture) in a single room or in the entire house.
Portable/Home Care Ventilator (4)
Portable/Home Care Ventilator
Ventilator that gives support to patients who do not need complex critical care ventilators.
Wheelchair (4)
Chair attached to large wheels for indoor or outdoor transportation of patients or individuals with impaired walking.
Positioning Aid (4)
Positioning Aid
A variety of pillows, cushions and restraints used to surround and hold a patient's position for medical and therapeutic purposes.
Cable/Lead (4)
An electric cable that delivers electricity to medical devices and equipment.
Rehabilitation Chair (4)
Rehabilitation Chair
Chair that helps patients hold a posture that helpful in their rehabilitation and mobilization.
Thermometer Probe (4)
Thermometer Probe
The part of the thermometer which enters the body in order to check temperature.
Powered Wheelchair (3)
Powered Wheelchair
Battery-powered wheelchairs for indoor and outdoor use. These electric models are heavier than manual chairs, and are suitable for users with limited upper body strength, or those who can't use self-propelled chairs.
Medical Gas Cylinder (3)
Medical Gas Cylinder
A pressure vessel used to store gases at above atmospheric pressure.
ECG Transmitter/Receiver System (3)
ECG Transmitter/Receiver System
System that submits and receives electrocardiographic signals through telephone channels.
Enteral Feeding Pump (3)
Enteral Feeding Pump
Infusion pump for enteral delivery of feeding solutions that give an accurate control of the liquid flow.
Bedrail (3)
Bar that is mounted to the sides of clinical beds to keep patients secure when sleeping and during transport.
Wall Rail (3)
Wall Rail
Bar attached to wall to offer support for infirm or disabled patients.
Overbed Table (3)
Overbed Table
Table that can be positioned directly over the patient's bed to provide a convenient surface for eating, reading, or writing.
Backrest (3)
Pillow or pad that the patient leans against in order to relieve or avoid back pain because of extended periods of sitting, herniated disks, surgery pain, tension, muscle spasms, poor posture, or problems related to wheelchair use.
Bedpan (3)
Receptacle for bedridden patients for urine and feces.
Breathing Circuit Adapter (3)
Breathing Circuit Adapter
An adapter attaches a patient's breathing circuit to a ventilator.
Traction Frame (3)
Traction Frame
Adjustable frame that is typically fastened to the patient's bed for management of various orthopedic conditions.
Stopcock Manifold (3)
Stopcock Manifold
These manifold gives a simple and reliable way of interfacing more then one fluid or gas lines together through luer fittings.
Sphygmomanometer, Mercury (3)
Sphygmomanometer, Mercury
Sphygmomanometer with an inflatable cuff that goes around the arm, a bulb for controlling the air pressure within the cuff, and a mercury manometer.
Peripheral Nerve Stimulator (3)
Peripheral Nerve Stimulator
A device that applies an electrical current to an individual's peripheral nerves with the intention of alleviating chronic pain.
Headlight (3)
Device to be worn on a user's head that gives a light source to help personel see during surgical, diagnostic, or therapeutic procedures.
Headrest (3)
The cushion part of a chair that offers head support during procedures
Breast Aspirator (3)
Breast Aspirator
Aspirator that take milk from the breast of breastfeeding mothers by vacuum suction.
Pediatric Bed (3)
Pediatric Bed
Child cradle fixed bed.
Body Composition Analyzer (3)
Body Composition Analyzer
Physiologic analyzer that evaluates human body composition.
Wheeled Walker (3)
Wheeled Walker
Walker with four- or five-leg, stiff, frameworks with wheels to assist patients walk. Wheeled walker is intended to facilitate users' ambulation
Gastric Aspirator (3)
Gastric Aspirator
Aspirator that removes gastric secretions and toxic solutions from the stomach through intermittent vacuum suction.
Pulse Oximeter Probe (3)
Pulse Oximeter Probe
Probe for use with a pulse oximeter to calculate the oxygen saturation of hemoglobin according to the light absorbance of a patient's arterial blood.
Knife Holder (3)
Knife Holder
Device that holds surgical knives in operative procedures.
Peritoneal Dialysis Unit (2)
Peritoneal Dialysis Unit
Device that extracts metabolic wastes through selective diffusion across the peritoneum by controlling the flow of a solution into and out of the abdominal cavity.
Ultrasound, Portable (2)
Ultrasound, Portable
Portable, small, and lightweight ultrasonic scanning systems of small superficial organs.
Syringe Pump (2)
Syringe Pump
Intravenous, controlled low-dose infusion pumps.
Fetal Monitor (2)
Fetal Monitor
Monitor that measures, records, and/or shows fetal heart rate and uterine contractions.
Air Cleaner (2)
Air Cleaner
Portable particulate air filter devices.
Passive Motion Exerciser, Limbs (2)
Passive Motion Exerciser, Limbs
Exercisers for continuous passive motion of patient's limbs.
Line Isolation Monitor (2)
Line Isolation Monitor
Monitor used to continuously measure and display environmental condition and elements data to which idividuals may be exposed in healthcare facilities.
Airway Clearance Unit (2)
Airway Clearance Unit
Airway clearance unit that assert automated mechanical oscillation to the chest wall to take a high-frequency oscillation of the air column in the conducting airways.
Emergency Shower (2)
Emergency Shower
Showers for emergency decontamination situations.
Gastric Aspirator/Irrigator (2)
Gastric Aspirator/Irrigator
Aspirator/irrigator for automated or semiautomated irrigation, washing, and evacuation of particles from the stomach.
Infant Scales (2)
Infant Scales
Scales designed to weigh infants that are either mechanical or electronic.
Cold Pack Chilling Unit (2)
Cold Pack Chilling Unit
A unit with all of the materials and instruments needed to deliver cold therapy.
Bathtub Rail (2)
Bathtub Rail
Safety bar fastened on shower or bathtub walls for patients to hold onto and not slip.
Commode Rail (2)
Commode Rail
Bar fastened to the walls and floor surrounding the commode or attached to the commode itself.
Bassinet (2)
Small bed with low sides especially for very young infants.
Whirlpool Bath (2)
Whirlpool Bath
Equipment that creates a turbulent water bath for the user.
Battery Charger (2)
Battery Charger
A device used to put energy into a secondary cell or rechargeable battery by forcing an electric current through it
Biofeedback System (2)
Biofeedback System
System that produces a visual or auditory signal relating to the status of one or more of a patient's physiological functions.
Nail Clipper (2)
Nail Clipper
Clipper designed for trimming finger or toenails.
Syringe Driver (2)
Syringe Driver
A small infusion pump used to gradually deliver small amounts of fluid to a patient or for chemical and biomedical research.
Lower Limb Exerciser (2)
Lower Limb Exerciser
Exerciser that produces controlled movements in the lower limb joints without muscular exertion.
Upper Limb Exerciser (2)
Upper Limb Exerciser
Exerciser that produces controlled movements in the upper limb joints without muscular exertion.
Incontinence Pants (2)
Incontinence Pants
Underwear that catches urine in incontinent adults and older children.
Microwave Diathermy Unit (2)
Microwave Diathermy Unit
Microwave therapy system that warms localized body tissues one to two centimeters below the skin to prevent tissue resistance to high-frequency electromagnetic radiation.
Oxygen-Air Proportioner (2)
Oxygen-Air Proportioner
Device that mixes compressed air and oxygen to reach oxygen concentrations of 21% to 100% at either high- or low-output flows.
Positive Airway Pressure Unit (2)
Positive Airway Pressure Unit
Device that applies positive airway pressure at two different adjustable levels during each breathing cycle, giving independent pressures during inhalation and exhalation while the patient is breathing naturally.
Scales (2)
Patient scales with a horizontal platform that is placed on the floor, a chair for the patient, and a vertical column with measuring, control, and/or display functionality.
MRI Compatible Large Volume Infusion Pump (2)
MRI Compatible Large Volume Infusion Pump
Infusion pump that administers large amounts of liquid medications and other therapeutic solutions during MRI procedures.
Heating Block (2)
Heating Block
A device intended to prepare or examine specimens from the human body and that is labeled for a specific medical use.
Hot Plate (2)
Hot Plate
Tabletop device that heats substances in containers placed on them.
TENS Cable/Lead (2)
TENS Cable/Lead
Cable/lead that hooks up the transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation electrode to the generator.
Data Recorder (2)
Data Recorder
Electronic storage recorder for archiving analog or digital electronic data information.
Geriatric Patient Chair (2)
Geriatric Patient Chair
Chair for disabled elderly patients, that is easily washed and has a high back that can be adjusted for upright and tilted positions, as needed for comfort.
Overhead Track Lift (2)
Overhead Track Lift
Patient transfer lifts that are made up of a permanently mounted overhead track supporting a suspended seat.
Vertical Wheelchair Lift (2)
Vertical Wheelchair Lift
Wheelchair lift that permits vertical access for people with physical disabilities.
Electric Bed (2)
Electric Bed
Electric beds are intended mainly to help patient breathing by using the weight of the abdominal contents to move the diaphragm and mainly intended for immobilized patients.
Ultrasonic Cleaning System (1)
Ultrasonic Cleaning System
Ultrasonic cleaning systems for surgical and laboratory instruments.
Bed Alert System (1)
Bed Alert System
Audio/visual warning system tracking movements of unattended patients.
Warming Cabinet (1)
Warming Cabinet
Warming devices for blankets and other items.
Apnea Monitor (1)
Apnea Monitor
Devices which detect breathing stops (apnea).
Medical Gas Monitor (1)
Medical Gas Monitor
Respiration monitors for bedside use that measure concentration of different gases.
Telemetry Monitor (1)
Telemetry Monitor
Telemetric monitors used for in the hospital setting.
Ultrasound Therapy System (1)
Ultrasound Therapy System
Ultrasound systems for physical therapy.
Bed, Pediatric (1)
Bed, Pediatric
Pediatric beds for intensive care or transport within medical facility.
Video Conferencing Equipment (1)
Video Conferencing Equipment
Telemedicine systems using remote telecommunications for videoconferences.
Hyperbaric Chamber (1)
Hyperbaric Chamber
Room for patient treatment in which the air pressure is higher than atmospheric pressure.
Mist Tent (1)
Mist Tent
Tent that gives a suspension of liquid or solid particles for the patient to breath.
ECG Scanner (1)
ECG Scanner
Scanners that analyze and display recorded data from ECG holters/recorders.
Ergometer (1)
Bicycle ergometers.
Scale, Chair (1)
Scale, Chair
Scales designed to weigh patients directly from a chair or wheelchair.
Treadmill (1)
Treadmills for stress tests and rehabilitation.

A device used for physiotherapy exercise and rehabilitation.
Oxygen Mixer (1)
Oxygen Mixer
Devices used to mix compressed air and oxygen.
Metabolic Analyzer (1)
Metabolic Analyzer
A device which uses a simple breath test to determine resting metabolic rate, VO2, speed of metabolism and caloric needs for weight maintenance.
Hospital Beds (1)
Hospital Beds
Various types of Electric and Manual beds, Delivery beds, Pediatric beds and Stretchers.
Body Composition Scale (1)
Body Composition Scale
Physiologic analyzers and scales which assess human body fat composition. These devices may determine body composition based on fat / fat free two component methods, or on several component methods.
Compressed Gas Hose (1)
Compressed Gas Hose
Fortified hose for the delivery of compressed gas for therapeutic purposes.
Pressure Transducer Adapter Cable (1)
Pressure Transducer Adapter Cable
Cable that translates one form of energy to another and transmit them as an electrical signal to a device.
Cuff Inflator (1)
Cuff Inflator
Device that inserts air to a cylindrical chamber.
Flow Transducer (1)
Flow Transducer
A measuring device that calculates volume by dividing flow by time.
Field Strength Meter (1)
Field Strength Meter
Measuring instrument used to measure and display the power density field in a given range of frequencies.
Line-Voltage Stabilization Power Supply (1)
Line-Voltage Stabilization Power Supply
Used to deliver an almost steady, predetermined value of AC voltage for a limited range of input line voltage variations.
Battery Analyzer/Chargers (1)
Battery Analyzer/Chargers
Device that both determines the conditions and supplies electrical charge to rechargeable batteries.
Cold/Hot Compresses (1)
Cold/Hot Compresses
Compresses or packs used to apply cold therapy to a specific surface on the body.
Hemofiltration Unit (1)
Hemofiltration Unit
Equipment that extracts particular toxins or wastes from the blood.
Aspirator/Irrigator (1)
Equipment used for automated or semiautomated aspiration and irrigation of body cavities or other body areas.
Cradle Bed (1)
Cradle Bed
Immobile bed that looks like a baby cradle to protect the patient.
Uterine Activity Monitor (1)
Uterine Activity Monitor
Bedside monitor that measures and shows the frequency and strength of uterus contractions.
Back Pressure Distribution Analyzer (1)
Back Pressure Distribution Analyzer
Physiologic analyzer used to calculate the area of contact and pressure exerted by the body when sitting and/or leaning on a surface.
Body Motion Analyzer (1)
Body Motion Analyzer
Neuromuscular function analyzer that calculates the movement of the human body or body segments.
Liquid Densitometer (1)
Liquid Densitometer
Device used to determine the density of liquids.
Ear Muffs (1)
Ear Muffs
Ear Occluders
Gas Manifold (1)
Gas Manifold
A Gas manifold is a systematic arrangement of valves, regulators and other gas components for the purpose of delivery gas at a regulated pressure from a portable source.
Uninterruptible Power System (1)
Uninterruptible Power System
Power system that provides independent continuous electric power for a limited period of time to compensate for short breaks in electricity supply.
Bedside Screen (1)
Bedside Screen
Barrier that conceals the bed and offer privacy during medical procedures.
Bedside Stool (1)
Bedside Stool
Upholstered stool with a metallic tubular structure to adjust seating height
Home Care Information System (1)
Home Care Information System
Information system that gives administrative and clinical data regarding the provision and utilization of home healthcare services and facilities.
Occupancy Alarm System (1)
Occupancy Alarm System
Alarm system that turns on trigger audible and/or visual signals when patients try to move from a specific area such as a chair, wheelchair, bed, or room.
Leg Bath (1)
Leg Bath
Water bath for the legs.
Arm Board (1)
Arm Board
Board that immobolizes a patient's arm.
Bed Board (1)
Bed Board
Board used on a bed to strengthen the patient-supporting surface.
Foot Board (1)
Foot Board
Board to support the feet.
Medicine Storage Cabinet (1)
Medicine Storage Cabinet
Cabinet that holds medicines and toiletries.
Cane (1)
A device used by people to facilitate balancing while walking.
Hair Clipper (1)
Hair Clipper
Scissor to cut hair above the skin surface.
Air Bubble Detector (1)
Air Bubble Detector
Detector that finds air bubbles, micro bubbles, or foam in extracorporeal perfusion lines or devices that administer blood and intravenous solutions into the vascular system.
Soap Dispenser (1)
Soap Dispenser
Device which holdS either liquid or hard soap.
Medication Dispenser (1)
Medication Dispenser
Dispensers that administers the correct single liquid dose for an individual patient
Electrogoniometer (1)
Electromechanical goniometer for automated calculation of angles using suitable sensors and transducers.
Aerobic Exerciser (1)
Aerobic Exerciser
An excersise machine that facilitates increasing the heart beat through physical activity
Balance Exerciser (1)
Balance Exerciser
Balance exerciser to enhance the ability to hold good posture by using balls.
Eyeglasses (1)
Device with two lenses held in a frame sits before the eyes to aid vision.
Peak Expiratory Flowmeter (1)
Peak Expiratory Flowmeter
Breathing flowmeter that calculates the maximum rate of expiratory gas flow from the lungs, typically at the beginning of the expiration.
Intravenous Hanger (1)
Intravenous Hanger
Hanger to suspend intravenous fluid delivery containers.
Leg Rest (1)
Leg Rest
Device that supports and makse the legs comfortable while the user is sitting or lying.
Mattress System (1)
Mattress System
A mattress system is flexible in order to bend when a bed's positioning is adjusted.
Scrub Suit (1)
Scrub Suit
A two-piece garment of lightweight cotton, worn by hospital staff especially when participating in surgery.
Adhesive Tape (1)
Adhesive Tape
Sticking tape made of natural, semi-synthetic or synthetic fibers.
Typoscope (1)
Device that helps reading by highlighting the lines of print being read.
Urinal (1)
A specialized toilet for urinating into. It has the form of a container or simply a wall, with drainage and automatic or manual flushing
External Vascular Compressor (1)
External Vascular Compressor
Thin, curved sheet of radiolucent plastic for external compression of the internal spermatic vein.
Oxygen Delivery Unit, Controlled (1)
Oxygen Delivery Unit, Controlled
Oxygen administration unit that stops the delivery of oxygen in part of the respiratory cycle.
Hot Plate/Stirrer (1)
Hot Plate/Stirrer
Tabletop laboratory device that is an integral unit that combines a hot plate and a magnetic stirrer.
Dialysate Delivery System (1)
Dialysate Delivery System
A unit that purifies and delivers cleaned blood back to the patient.
Dialysate Conductivity Meter (1)
Dialysate Conductivity Meter
Electric conductivity meter that measures and displays the electric conductivity of a solution administered to a dialyzer.
Hemodialysis Unit Blood Pump (1)
Hemodialysis Unit Blood Pump
A pump which powers blood extraction and reintroduction to the patient.
Posturographic Analyzer (1)
Posturographic Analyzer
Physiologic analyzer that assesses upright posture, balance, and sense of equilibrium.
EMG Lead (1)
EMG Lead
Conductor that connects the electromyograph unit and the electrode.
Lumbar Pillow (1)
Lumbar Pillow
Pillow used while sitting or lying down that are shaped to conform to the lower back, which encourages correct posture and helps with lower back pain and fatigue.
Patient Cooling Unit (1)
Patient Cooling Unit
Cooling unit that regulates a patient's temperature by eliminating heat.
Storage Cabinet (1)
Storage Cabinet
Cabinet for storing various products at a healthcare facility.
Drug Delivery Iontophoresis Unit (1)
Drug Delivery Iontophoresis Unit
Device for minimum-access treatment of diseases by introduction of soluble drug ions into the body through an electric current.
Head Mirror (1)
Head Mirror
A circular concave mirror with a hole in its center to look through attached to a head band, used to project a beam of light into a cavity, such as the nose or larynx, for purposes of examination and permitting binocular vision.
Forced-Air Blanket (1)
Forced-Air Blanket
Blanket typically from plastic material with channels for blowing air over the patient.
Asset Tracking System (1)
Asset Tracking System
Security system to identify, track, monitor, and find assets within a healthcare facility.
Needleless Injector (1)
Needleless Injector
A device that delivers a tiny, high-pressure jet of medicine through the skin without the use of a hypodermic needle.
Tracheostomy Tube Adapter (1)
Tracheostomy Tube Adapter
An adapter which is fitted between the valve and the tracheostomy tube.
Cyclic Arm Exerciser Ergometer (1)
Cyclic Arm Exerciser Ergometer
Ergometer that calculates the work or rate of work conducted by the upper extremity muscles while performing rotary movement on an arm exerciser under controlled conditions.
Caloric Physical Therapy Stimulator (1)
Caloric Physical Therapy Stimulator
Caloric stimulator that employs a dry agent to move the heat to the patient with forced convection.
Insufflator/Exsufflator (1)
Airway clearance unit that applies low-frequency cycles of a slowly rising positive pressure to the airways proceeded by a rapid change to a negative pressure, exhausting the lungs and reproducing in the bronchial tree the effects of a vigorous cough.
Positive Expiratory Pressure Airway Clearance Unit (1)
Positive Expiratory Pressure Airway Clearance Unit
Airway clearance unit that produces positive airway pressure in the airways as the patient exhales through a resistance.
Tubing (1)
Medical tubing for the delivery of liquid and gas substances for medical purposes.