Plastic Surgery & Aesthetics - Medical Devices in Egypt

Medical Equipment Categories
Dressing (22)
An adjunct used by a person for application to a wound to promote healing or prevent further harm.
Intravenous Line Connector (13)
Intravenous Line Connector
Intravenous line connector that gives access to an IV infusion set or catheter port from a needleless mechanism.
Adhesive Tape (11)
Adhesive Tape
Sticking tape made of natural, semi-synthetic or synthetic fibers.
Gown (7)
Disposable medical gown that is worn once then thrown away.
Glove (4)
Glove used by healthcare workers during surgery.
Synthetic Suture (3)
Synthetic Suture
A suture made of polyglecaprone, an absorbable polymer made from a copolymer of the glycolide epsilon caprolactone.
Injection Needle (2)
Injection Needle
Needle that injects fluid under the skin and/or other soft tissues.
Surgical Light (1)
Surgical Light
Light that illuminates the surgical site, for optimal visualization of small, low-contrast objects at varying depths or through small incisions.
Hair Removal Ultrasound (1)
Hair Removal Ultrasound
Ultrasound used for hair removal treatments, using acoustic energy to heat the hair root and prevent re-growth, or disturbing and displacing the hair follicle.
Instrument Tray (1)
Instrument Tray
Flat open container for carrying and storing sterile surgical instruments.
Breast Implant Sizer (1)
Breast Implant Sizer
Sizer to help select a suitable breast implant size and position.
Surgical Bur (1)
Surgical Bur
Surgical bur that excavates, perforates, reshapes, or excises fragments of bone usually during orthopedic procedures, including podiatric surgery.
Surgical Handpiece (1)
Surgical Handpiece
Handpiece that operates surgical rotary instruments used in surgical procedures for dissecting bone and cartilage, such as orthopedic, middle ear, and cranial procedures.
Surgical Procedure Tray (1)
Surgical Procedure Tray
A tray designed to provide all the instruments and supplies needed for the physician to perform a specific medical procedure.
Nasal Surgery Chisel (1)
Nasal Surgery Chisel
Nasal surgical chisel that incises and shapes cartilage of the nose during plastic surgery procedures.
Surgical Punch (1)
Surgical Punch
Surgical punch that cuts a portion of tissue from surrounding anatomic structures.
Keratome (1)
Surgical instrument for incision of the cornea, usually to remove the outer layer of the cornea.