Imaging - Medical Devices in Egypt

Medical Equipment Categories
CT Scanner (2)
CT Scanner
Radiographic computed tomography systems (CT) for total body scanning.
C-Arm (2)
Mobile radiographic and fluoroscopic units.
Ultrasound, Diagnostic (2)
Ultrasound, Diagnostic
Ultrasonic imaging and measurement systems.
Total Body X-ray (2)
Total Body X-ray
A rapid total body X-ray scanner that is used mainly for preliminary scanning of patients in emergency rooms and trauma centers.
X-Ray Tube (2)
X-Ray Tube
X-ray tube designed for X-ray patient imaging, enclosed in its special housing.
Ultrasound (2)
Diagnostic, cardiac or portable ultrasound machines.
Ultrasound Probes (2)
Ultrasound Probes
An ultrasound probe is the handheld component of an ultrasound machine that produces sound waves and receives echos.
Injection Needle (2)
Injection Needle
Needle that injects fluid under the skin and/or other soft tissues.
Ultrasound, Cardiac (1)
Ultrasound, Cardiac
Cardiac ultrasonic scanning systems.
Dental X-ray (1)
Dental X-ray
Film based radiographic system for conventional dental radiography.
Bone Densitometer, Ultrasound (1)
Bone Densitometer, Ultrasound
Bone densitometers using ultrasonic measurements to assess bone density, usually at the calcaneus or patella. Patients are not exposed to radioactive X-rays.
Mammography Unit (1)
Mammography Unit
Computer assisted detection system that finds and classifies areas in mammograms with abnormalities that may be breast cancer, such as micro calcifications, spiculated lesions, and other abnormal masses.
CR System (1)
CR System
A system for digitizing X-ray images from fluorescence plates (cassette).
Rad Room, Analog (1)
Rad Room, Analog
A complete general purpose film based radiographic system.
Breast Biopsy System (1)
Breast Biopsy System
Biopsy units, some mammographic, used to take samples from breast tissue for testing.
X-ray Generator (1)
X-ray Generator
Power supply generators for X-ray tubes.
Mobile X-ray (1)
Mobile X-ray
Mobile radiographic units.
MRI (1)
Magnetic Resonance Imaging scanning units (stationary).
PET/CT (1)
Computed Tomography Positron Emission Tomography (PET/CT) scanning systems generate PET and CT images of a patient in a single study.
MRI Phantom (1)
MRI Phantom
Phantoms for MRI simulation and testing.
Cath Lab (1)
Cath Lab
Angiographic and special-procedure R/F imaging systems (fluoroscopy), including cardiovascular and cardiac catheterization.
Bone Densitometer, Dual Energy (1)
Bone Densitometer, Dual Energy
Bone densitometers, dual energy, isotope or X-ray tube. (DEXA)
Bone Densitometer, Single Energy (1)
Bone Densitometer, Single Energy
Bone densitometer using isotope of X-ray radiation.
Digital Dental X-ray (1)
Digital Dental X-ray
Intraoral Digital X-ray detectors and the electronic acquisition and processing system for dental digital radiography.
Ultrasound, Veterinary (1)
Ultrasound, Veterinary
Ultrasound units specially designed for diagnosing animals of all sizes, including big and medium sized animals.
Mobile MRI (1)
Mobile MRI
Magnetic Resonance Imaging scanning units, specially designed to be used in a mobile unit and installed in a trailer or a container.
Mobile CT (1)
Mobile CT
Radiographic computed tomography systems (CT), generally total body scanning devices which are installed in a specially designed mobile trailer (or movable container).
Image Intensifier (1)
Image Intensifier
A device which converts X-ray patterns into a visible image (Analogue).
MRI Coils (1)
MRI Coils
A coil, or composed set of coils, intended to pick up signals from a specific anatomic area.
X-ray System Control Unit (1)
X-ray System Control Unit
A separate unit which interfaces between the whole X-ray system and the operator.
SPECT / CT (1)
Combined SPECT and X-ray CT systems which are capable of achieving physiological images with improved special resolution.
Ultrasonic Probes for PC (1)
Ultrasonic Probes for PC
Ultrasonic transducers with compact build transmitting and receiving system plugged into USB port for acquisition, processing and displaying ultrasonic images.
Imaging Table (1)
Imaging Table
Suitable table for performing patient imaging procedures.
Ultrasonic Transducer (1)
Ultrasonic Transducer
Transducer that converts electrical signals into mechanical energy in the form of sound and vice versa.
Computed Radiography System (1)
Computed Radiography System
Image digitization system that takes and digitizes x-ray images from image storage phosphor plates.
Mammographic Digital Radiographic System Software (1)
Mammographic Digital Radiographic System Software
Digital radiography software that runs breast radiography systems and controls/monitors a limited number of the mammographic system capabilities.
Mammographic Digital Radiography Workstation Management Software (1)
Mammographic Digital Radiography Workstation Management Software
Software that runs mammographic digital radiography workstations, controls/monitors a limited number of their capabilities, and/or processes data and images taken in the mammographic procedure.
Patient Transfer Aids (1)
Patient Transfer Aids
Aids that make transfering a diabled person simpler that require partial or total assistance when going to or from a bed, stretcher, operating table, wheelchair, or other location.
X-Ray Film Processor Quality Control Monitor (1)
X-Ray Film Processor Quality Control Monitor
Monitor that measures and continuously displays the quality characteristic of the processing conditions in an automatic x-ray film processor
Gamma Camera/ SPET Workstation (1)
Gamma Camera/ SPET Workstation
Workstation used to process digital data and images taken by gamma camera scanning systems that may use single photon emission tomography.
X-Ray Film Cassette Holder (1)
X-Ray Film Cassette Holder
Device used to hold the x-ray film cassettes during radiography procedures.
X-Ray Film Processor (1)
X-Ray Film Processor
Device used to process long rolls of 16 or 35 mm film.
X-Ray Film Processor, Dental (1)
X-Ray Film Processor, Dental
Device used for automatically, fully developing and processing dental x-ray film.
Transcranial Ultrasonic Blood Flowmeter (1)
Transcranial Ultrasonic Blood Flowmeter
Flowmeter for non-invasive calculations of blood flow in the main brain arteries.
Mobile Radiographic/Fluoroscopic Unit (1)
Mobile Radiographic/Fluoroscopic Unit
Radiographic/fluoroscopic unit typically includes two wheeled carts, one supporting the C-arm and the control console and the other holding display monitors and image processing and recording devices.