Health Facility - Medical Devices in Egypt

Medical Equipment Categories
Steam Sterilizer (9)
Steam Sterilizer
Steam sterilizing units for large quantities.
First Aid Kit (2)
First Aid Kit
Prepackaged collection of the articles needed to perform early medical treatment.
Injection Needle (2)
Injection Needle
Needle that injects fluid under the skin and/or other soft tissues.
Surgical Light (1)
Surgical Light
Light that illuminates the surgical site, for optimal visualization of small, low-contrast objects at varying depths or through small incisions.
Stretcher (1)
Hospital stretchers for patient transportation within a healthcare facility, usually in a supine or prone position.
Blood Bank Information System (1)
Blood Bank Information System
Data management information system that gives clinical and administrative data at blood bank centers.
Hospital Bed (1)
Hospital Bed
Adjustable electrically controlled bed.
Computed Radiography System (1)
Computed Radiography System
Image digitization system that takes and digitizes x-ray images from image storage phosphor plates.
Medical-Air Compressor (1)
Medical-Air Compressor
Compressed air system part that mechanically compresses atmospheric air.