Emergency & Bioterrorism Preparedness - Medical Devices in Egypt

Medical Equipment Categories
Shoe Cover (10)
Shoe Cover
Cover that fits over healthcare personnel's footwear to keep shoes clean from dirt, grime, and other contaminants; to help keep operating rooms surgically-sterile; and to control infection.
Gown (7)
Disposable medical gown that is worn once then thrown away.
Glove (4)
Glove used by healthcare workers during surgery.
Adult Ventilator (4)
Adult Ventilator
Intensive care ventilators used for adult ventilation or respiratory support.
Blood Cell Washer Bag (2)
Blood Cell Washer Bag
Bag for the storage and processing of red blood cells in blood cell transfusion washers
Scissors (1)
Scissors that cut bandage, gauze, and dressing.
Medical-Air Compressor (1)
Medical-Air Compressor
Compressed air system part that mechanically compresses atmospheric air.