Clinical Laboratory - Medical Devices in Egypt

Medical Equipment Categories
Syringe (33)
Syringe is often used to administer injections, insert intravenous drugs into the bloodstream, apply compounds such as glue or lubricant, and measure liquids.
Steam Sterilizer (9)
Steam Sterilizer
Steam sterilizing units for large quantities.
Glucose Monitor (4)
Glucose Monitor
Point-of-Care whole blood analyzers measuring glucose concentration in blood.
Microscope (3)
Light microscopes using various contrast methods for use in clinical laboratories
Oximeter (2)
A laboratory instrument used to simultaneously determine oxygenation of hemoglobin forms.
Centrifuge (2)
Floor centrifuges, refrigerated/non refrigerated, high/low speed.
Blood Cell Washer Bag (2)
Blood Cell Washer Bag
Bag for the storage and processing of red blood cells in blood cell transfusion washers
Microcentrifuge (1)
Microcentrifuges for small volume samples.
Spectrophotometer (1)
Laboratory spectrophotometers for visible and UV light.
Urine Analyzer, Automated (1)
Urine Analyzer, Automated
Semi automated or fully automated urine analyzers for laboratory use.
Mass Spectrometer (1)
Mass Spectrometer
Mass spectrometers for clinical laboratory use.
Electron Microscope (1)
Electron Microscope
Electron microscope that provides a topographical image of the surface of a specimen, useful for understanding its surface structure.
Pipettes (1)
Pipettes, pipette fillers and serial repeating pipettes.
Hematology Laboratory Analysis Software (1)
Hematology Laboratory Analysis Software
Laboratory analysis software that runs computerized hematology analyzers and monitor a limited number of their capabilities.
Laboratory Analyzer (1)
Laboratory Analyzer
Analyzer designed to be used for in vitro analysis in a central clinical laboratory, operated by a qualified technician, and usually permanently located on a workbench or dedicated floor space.
Pipetter (1)
Laboratory device used to transfer programmed volumes of solution from one container to another.
Spectrofluorometer (1)
Spectrophotometer that checks the emission of electromagnetic radiation by a substance at a wavelength after it has absorbed radiation at another wavelength.
Turbidimeter (1)
Filter photometer that uses a light source that directs the light through a suspension to a photodetector that measures the undeviated light from the suspension.