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Medical Equipment Categories
Pacemaker Tester (2)
Pacemaker Tester
Tester that assesses the performance of implantable pacemakers; they are typically intended to measure, evaluate, display, and/or record a set of pacemaker parameters and/or visual waveforms, such as amplitude, pulse rate, and pulse width of the pacing current signal.
Implantable Defribrillator Lead (2)
Implantable Defribrillator Lead
Lead that conducts electrical signals from the pulse-generating unit of an implantable defibrillator/pacemaker to the heart and then creates the myocardial signals back to the unit.
Pacemaker Lead Adapter (1)
Pacemaker Lead Adapter
Device used to adapt an implantable pacemaker lead to the connectors of another pacemaker for which the lead was not originally meant to be connected.
Analgesic Stimulator (1)
Analgesic Stimulator
Spinal cord electrical stimulator that administer stimuli to alleviate pain.
Orthopedic Internal Fixation System (1)
Orthopedic Internal Fixation System
A system used in surgical implementation of implants for the purpose of repairing a bone.
Cardiac Valve Prosthesis Sizer (1)
Cardiac Valve Prosthesis Sizer
Sizer to calculate and calibrate the annulus diameter and placement of cardiac valves to decide the suitable size of the replacement valve prosthesis to be implanted during a surgical procedure