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AMDworldwide, L.L.C.

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Location: California, United States
Business Type: Supplier, Service Provider
Since 1985 AMD has provided excellent new and reconditioned medical imaging equipment. With sales in over sixty six (66) countries, we specialize in delivering excellence in both equipment and customer service
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Ultrasound, Cardiac Description:

In the MedWOW’s catalog, Ultrasound, Cardiac is described as follows:
Cardiac ultrasonic scanning systems.
The above ads list companies that sell and / or service Ultrasound, Cardiac.

Ultrasound, Cardiac may also be referred to as:

Cardiac Echo | Cardiac Ultrasonic Scanning System | Cardiac US Doppler | Doppler Flow Mapping System | Doppler Spectrum Analyzer | Duplex Scanner | Flow-Mapping Doppler | Scanner, Ultrasonic | Scanner, Ultrasonic, Compound B | Scanner, Ultrasonic, Other | Spectrum Analyzer, Doppler | Ultrasonic Analyzer | Ultrasonic Imaging Unit | Ultrasonic Laminagraph | Ultrasonic Scanner | Ultrasonic Unit, Diagnostic | Ultrasound Scanner | US Scanner Cardiac

Ultrasound, Cardiac can be found under the following headings:

Cardiology | Cardiothoracic Surgery | Internal Medicine | Pediatrics & Neonatal | Imaging | Intensive Care Unit

Tips for buying Ultrasound, Cardiac

  • A full-featured cardiac ultrasound system, typically used in cardiology departments or private cardiology clinics, is needed for a comprehensive cardiac study.
  • If there is a need to transport a system from the Cardiology Department to the bedside, Intensive Care Unit, coronary care unit, catheterization lab, or even to an offsite clinic, then a portable cardiac ultrasound scanner system could be used.
  • Cardiac ultrasound packages calculate quantitative 2-D and Doppler values to aid diagnosis.
  • This area of study involves examining the structure and function of the heart and great vessels, including imaging the cardiac valves, heart chambers, wall motion, and thickness.
  • For timing reference, electrocardiography is incorporated and some cardiac ultrasound scanners are able to perform stress echocardiography studies.
  • A cardiac ultrasound unit can call on the full range of a scanner's Doppler capabilities. Using echocardiography, flow and turbulence can be examined throughout the heart and great vessels.