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P-MediCyp Ltd

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Location: Paphos, Cyprus
Business Type: Supplier
P-MediCyp Ltd is a market-driven , medical technology based company, with the mission to launch, market and distribute unique and innovative Health Care, HomeCare, Wellness and wide variety of better life products in Cyprus, Europe Our wide array ...
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Scale, Chair Description:

In the MedWOW’s catalog, Scale, Chair is described as follows:
Scales designed to weigh patients directly from a chair or wheelchair.
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Scale, Chair may also be referred to as:

Chair Scale | Scale, Chair; Scale, Wheelchair | Weighing Chair | Weight Chair | Weight Monitor

Scale, Chair can be found under the following headings:

Health Facility | Home Care | Internal Medicine | Nursing Services | Intensive Care Unit

Tips for buying Scale, Chair

  • There are also electromechanical units, in which the patient's weight causes a mechanical deflection, which is transmitted by a beam to a linear variable differential transformer, which then produces a voltage in proportion to the deflection of the beam.
  • Weight is sensed directly in the electronic scales by means of transducers in the weighing chair platform.
  • In the weighing chair's mechanical scales there's a beam-balance configuration in which a lever arrangement transmits forces from the floor platform to the beam.
  • Weighing chairs may use two basic types of weighing mechanisms: mechanical and electronic.
  • To measure body fluid gain and loss during dialysis, specialized chair scales should monitor patient weight continuously and accurately over several hours with negligible drift.
  • These chair scales are used for routine weighing of patients who are disabled, elderly, or weak, and therefore cannot stand on a conventional scale.
  • Regardless of patient position, chair scales are designed to provide accurate weight readings.