Rheumatology - Medical Devices in Cyprus

Medical Equipment Categories
Microwave Diathermy Unit (1)
Microwave Diathermy Unit
Microwave therapy system that warms localized body tissues one to two centimeters below the skin to prevent tissue resistance to high-frequency electromagnetic radiation.
Seat Lifter (1)
Seat Lifter
Cushion-like device that helps the user get up from a standard chair or sofa.
Back Orthosis (1)
Back Orthosis
Orthosis that supports, aligns, prevents, or corrects deformities or to enhance spinal function.
Stairway Wheekchair Lift (1)
Stairway Wheekchair Lift
Wheelchair lift that raises a person in a wheelchair along a staircase
Vertical Wheelchair Loft, Motor Vehicle (1)
Vertical Wheelchair Loft, Motor Vehicle
Wheelchair lift that transfers a wheelchair-bound person from the ground to within the vehicle.