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Griffes Co Ltd Laren Co Enterprises Ltd

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Location: Cyprus
Business Type: Manufacturer, Supplier
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Operating Table Description:

In the MedWOW’s catalog, Operating Table is described as follows:
General purpose operating tables with adjustable segments.
The above ads list companies that sell and / or service Operating Table.

Operating Table may also be referred to as:

Microsurgical Table | Ophthalmic Operating Table | Ophthalmic Table, Microsurgery | OR Table | Orthopedic Table | Orthopedoc Operation Table | Surgery Table | Surgical Table | Table, Operating | Table, Operating, Ophthalmic | Table, Ophthalmic, Microsurgery

Operating Table can be found under the following headings:

Neurosurgery | Ophthalmology | Otolaryngology | Surgery

Tips for buying Operating Table

  • Lately, operating tables that are compatible with accessories from several manufacturers have been developed.
  • For both remanufactured and new tables, cleaning the hydraulics is important. Users should follow manufacturers' guidelines in this matter. To remove debris, oil, and water, manufacturers suggest periodically replacing the filters.
  • There are several accessories used to position and stabilize the patient, such as arm boards, shoulder braces, stirrups, leg holders, and counter supports. These can usually be obtained from operating table manufacturers.
  • The operating beds should be C-arm accessible, and accept 35 × 43 cm x-ray cassettes.
  • Other requirements for tables include: a side rail, a load limit of at least 159 kg, a hand or foot operated remote control, arm boards, shoulder braces, stirrups, leg holders, counter supports, and a radiolucent tabletop.
  • A table head section, which should position +45
  • A table foot/leg section, which should position +20
  • A table back section, which at minimum should position- +55
  • These tables should be consisted of at least three sections:
  • Minimal positioning for operating tables and orthopedic tables: from the horizontal plane 25
  • Facilities may wish to consider some additional factors: reliability of the table, replacement pad availability, durability of caster locking mechanisms, low maintenance, ease of cleaning and disinfecting the table and its accessories, protection of mechanisms from corrosive fluids, sufficient power cord length, and service record of the manufacturer.
  • The main factor to consider when selecting an operating or orthopedic table is that it meets the positioning needs of the procedures for which it is intended.