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P-MediCyp Ltd

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Location: Paphos, Cyprus
Business Type: Supplier
P-MediCyp Ltd is a market-driven , medical technology based company, with the mission to launch, market and distribute unique and innovative Health Care, HomeCare, Wellness and wide variety of better life products in Cyprus, Europe Our wide array ...
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Nebulizer Description:

In the MedWOW’s catalog, Nebulizer is described as follows:
A device that delivers medication as a mist to be inhaled into the lungs.
The above ads list companies that sell and / or service Nebulizer.

Nebulizer may also be referred to as:

Controller, Temperature, Humidifier | Heated Humidifier

Tips for buying Nebulizer

  • Usually, nebulizer units with heated-wire capability cost more and lead to greater expenses for cleaning and disinfecting the wires.
  • A circuit hose insulated with disposable orthopedic cast padding may be less expensive to use than non-disposable servo-control-led heated wires, with no loss of effectiveness.
  • Facilities are strongly encouraged to evaluate the nebulizer procedures and techniques of the clinical staff.
  • The expenses on nebulizer accessories also vary based on the size of the breathing circuit and chamber, the need for an exhalation valve and for dual or single heated wires.
  • Price reductions on disposables are offered for large volume purchases. Also, some manufacturers offer contracts for disposables in which the heated humidifier is supplied free of charge.
  • Facilities should also consider the remote water reservoir reprocessing costs and water usage.
  • In cost estimations, buyers should consider the depreciation of the nebulizer unit.
  • The type and use determine the costs of heated humidifiers. Long-term costs are also affected by whether nebulizer parts are disposable or reusable: disposables usually cost twice as much per year as reusables. Conversely, reprocessing costs should be considered for reusable nebulizer items.