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Location: Larnaca, Cyprus
Business Type: Supplier
LAIBA MEDICAL Founded in 1987 and importing new and refurbished MRI equipment to Asia and the Middle East, our head office was relocated to Cyprus in 2009. From our new offices we continued to expand our European operations by providing our client...
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Laser - YAG Description:

In the MedWOW’s catalog, Laser - YAG is described as follows:
Solid-state Ho:YAG lasers with the doping element HO.
The above ads list companies that sell and / or service Laser - YAG.

Laser - YAG may also be referred to as:

Laser, Surgical, Holmium YAG | Surgical Ho:YAG Laser | Surgical Laser

Laser - YAG can be found under the following headings:

Cardiothoracic Surgery | Gynecology & Obstetrics | Neurosurgery | Oncology | Otolaryngology | Surgery | Urology | Lasers

Tips for buying Laser - YAG

  • Facilities should look into the following factors before selecting a YAG laser: clinical need, existing technology, number and types of procedures to be performed, versatility of the instrument, experience and preferences of the surgical staff, effect on reimbursement, and some safety and reliability issues.
  • Laser technology committees were formed in some medical facilities in order to evaluate policies, procedures, safety factors, and purchasing issues related to surgical Ho-YAG lasers.
  • Facilities should carefully identify the types of lasers that will meet the specific needs of the different surgical departments. One YAG laser is not appropriate for all surgical applications.
  • When the facility is considering buying only one surgical laser, the one to consider should be the Ho-YAG or Nd-YAG combination laser, which can be used for various types of specialty procedures. Facilities can also check the CO2 laser, which has the same cutting ability at a relatively low cost.
  • The following requirements should be met by the YAG laser: an output of at least 5 W, a wavelength of 2,100 nm, at least 0.2 J per pulse, an aiming beam and an internal cooling system. The surgical Ho-YAG laser should also be capable of external fiber calibration.
  • High-power YAG laser units can be widely applied, while low-power surgical laser units are well appropriate for procedures in niche specialties, such as ophthalmologic, dental, and sinus surgery.
  • The most important factor when choosing surgical Ho-YAG lasers is the power output. The cost increases with the power. The amount of power needed depends on the types of planned procedures.