Healthcare Information Technology - Medical Devices in Cyprus

Medical Equipment Categories
Medication Management System (1)
Medication Management System
Automated system for dispensing, counting, packaging and medication management.
Clinical Pharmacy Information System (1)
Clinical Pharmacy Information System
Information system that gives clinical and administrative data regarding hospital pharmacy procedures.
Mammographic Digital Radiographic System Software (1)
Mammographic Digital Radiographic System Software
Digital radiography software that runs breast radiography systems and controls/monitors a limited number of the mammographic system capabilities.
Magnetic Resonance Imaging Scanning Software (1)
Magnetic Resonance Imaging Scanning Software
Software that runs MRI systems that use endoscopic scanning reception coils and controls a limited number of their capabilities.
Mammographic Digital Radiography Workstation Management Software (1)
Mammographic Digital Radiography Workstation Management Software
Software that runs mammographic digital radiography workstations, controls/monitors a limited number of their capabilities, and/or processes data and images taken in the mammographic procedure.
Full-Body MRI Unit (1)
Full-Body MRI Unit
MRI system that permits imaging of all body areas, and whose magnetic fields usually range from 0.5 to 1.5 Tesla.
Physiologic Monitoring System (1)
Physiologic Monitoring System
Physiologic monitoring system to continuously track vital physiologic parameters in critical care conditions.