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P-MediCyp Ltd is a market-driven , medical technology based company, with the mission to launch, market and distribute unique and innovative Health Care, HomeCare, Wellness and wide variety of better life products in Cyprus, Europe Our wide array ...
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Ear Thermometer Description:

In the MedWOW’s catalog, Ear Thermometer is described as follows:
Electronic infrared thermometers.
The above ads list companies that sell and / or service Ear Thermometer.

Ear Thermometer may also be referred to as:

Thermometer | Thermometer, Infrared, Ear | Tympanic Thermometer

Ear Thermometer can be found under the following headings:

Emergency Medicine | Home Care | Nursing Services | Pediatrics & Neonatal | Intensive Care Unit

Tips for buying Ear Thermometer

  • It is important for hospitals to be able to verify calibration and perform in-house service on ear thermometers. The service manual should provide a procedure for that purpose.
  • Facilities should look into the cost of the disposable tympanic thermometer probe covers and calibration-checking devices, as well as the price of the ear thermometer and service agreements, before they determine the true life-cycle cost of the instrument.
  • Tympanic thermometers have several advantages, including the ease of temperature-taking process for both patients and nurses, particularly when patients are unconscious, unwilling, or unpredictable. These ear thermometer devices reduce the incidence of infection caused by cross contamination.
  • Facilities should know the limitations of ear thermometers and understand the difference between temperatures taken in the ear canal or on the skin and those obtained from traditional sites before making a purchase decision.
  • Common batteries should be used for the tympanic thermometer; replacement should be simple. The display should indicate the need for recharging in case of rechargeable batteries.
  • To ensure long battery life, automatic shut-off is preferred. The battery should allow for at least 5,000 measurements.
  • It should be easy to apply and remove probe covers with minimal user contact to avoid contamination. Tympanic thermometer covers should be smooth with no sharp edges that may cause discomfort.
  • The ear thermometer units should be light, easy to carry, and comfortable to hold. They should provide a way of carrying a sufficient supply of probe covers, to minimize the possibility of probe spilling and contamination.
  • The ear thermometer should have a display screen that is either an LCD or LED indicating °F or °C, low-battery alarm, and high/low patient temperature.
  • A one-piece tympanic thermometer with a disposable probe cover makes up the unit. An ear thermometer should have a measurement range of at least 80-108°F with readings accurate to ≤0.5°F (≤0.3°C). A message should be displayed if a temperature reading is outside the range.
  • Ear thermometer devices should allow users to measure body temperature quickly and non-invasively; the possibility of cross-contamination is minimal because the units do not contact mucous membranes.