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Griffes Co Ltd Laren Co Enterprises Ltd

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Location: Cyprus
Business Type: Manufacturer, Supplier
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Bronchoscope Description:

In the MedWOW’s catalog, Bronchoscope is described as follows:
Respiratory tract endoscope that views the inside of the respiratory tract, especially the trachea and the bronchi of the lungs for therapeutic or diagnostic procedures.
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Bronchoscope may also be referred to as:

Bronchial Endoscope | Fiber Optics Bronchoscop | Flexible Bronchoscope | Video Bronchoscope

Bronchoscope can be found under the following headings:

Otolaryngology | Pulmonary Medicine | Intensive Care Unit | Endoscopy

Tips for buying Bronchoscope

  • Buyers should confirm compatibility between the bronchoscope and an automatic bronchoscope reprocessor.
  • Additional video hardware may be offered. This may include camera adapters, image processors, monitors, and image archiving equipment.
  • Buyers should also consider safety issues and cost-per-cycle, as well as the educational options provided by the manufacturer. Facilities should keep in mind that preventive maintenance training can help in avoiding costly repairs to delicate components.
  • Other factors to consider include: the shelf life of the cleaning solution, the minimum effective concentration, and associated disposal restrictions.
  • Before making a purchase, facilities should consider the sensitivity of the bronchoscope to heat, the required rinse time and temperature, the reuse life of the cleaning solution, and whether manual or automatic processing will be used.
  • Some facilities automate part of their reprocessing with liquid disinfecting or sterilizing units. Users should turn to the operator's manual when reviewing high-level disinfection or sterilization. They should also look at the hospital's infection control and risk management departments.
  • The purchase of additional bronchoscopes may be needed to fulfill daily caseload requirements if EtO gas sterilization is the preferred reprocessing procedure.
  • Some bronchial endoscopes have channels that can be cleaned with a brush.
  • The cleaning requirements of these bronchoscopes should be evaluated by facilities. They should also review their scope reprocessing protocol to ensure that it coincides with the scope manufacturer's reprocessing recommendations.
  • Bronchial endoscopes should also be compatible with as wide a range of reprocessing agents and devices as possible.
  • To aid the physician in estimating the location of the structures under view, markers should be no more than 10 cm apart, and their marked position should be accurate to within 1.0 cm.
  • All bronchoscopes should be clearly marked with depth-of-insertion markers. Their dimensions may vary, especially between adult and pediatric models.
  • All controls should be clearly marked and easy to operate.
  • Bronchoscopes vary in their image brightness and resolution, depth of focus, magnification, color differentiation, angle of vision, and field of view. Different types include fiber optic bronchoscopes and flexible bronchoscopes.
  • The best way to judge the bronchoscope's optical quality is through on-site equipment trials. Facilities are encouraged to use each system on a trial basis before purchasing, to allow physicians to offer their input.
  • Image quality and ease-of-use are the two most important selection factors for bronchoscopes.