Siemens (Costa Rica)

Business Type:Supplier
Location:Costa Rica

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Address: 200 este Plaza de Deportes; La Uruca San José 1000, Costa Rica
Company Description:
Siemens Medical Representative in Costa Rica. For 127 years, Siemens Medical Solutions has been building a reputation as a world-class leader in healthcare innovation. Our rich understanding of the art and science of healing has allowed us to pioneer leading medical solutions that see deep into the human body with ever-greater precision. Siemens has been leading the way in medical innovation, developing state-of-the-art equipment used in the ever-advancing field of medical imaging, which is the non-invasive or non-surgical visualization of internal structures. The goal is to create images of the interior of the human body for diagnostic or treatment purposes. Siemens has innovated groundbreaking technologies in fields of medical imaging such as Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI), Computed Tomography (CT), Nuclear Medicine, Ultrasound, and Angiography. Many U.S. hospitals rely on Siemens leading-edge medical technologies to help them to provide their patients with the very best care available. Today, Siemens is the world's largest supplier of premium ultrasound systems and worldwide leader in producing imaging systems in general. With state-of-the-art technology that permits shorter exams, faster results and earlier detection, diagnosis, and treatment, Siemens has innovated medical solutions that contribute to a better quality of life for millions of people around the globe. To learn more about our company and how we’re raising the bar in healthcare technology, select one of the links below: * Conditions * Imaging Procedures * Siemens Imaging Products Looking Ahead Siemens is committed to leading the way in innovating new products and technologies that will advance the needs of healthcare, and people like you, everywhere. That’s why we apply for patents at an average rate of one new invention per day. It’s why two-thirds of all our products are less than three years old. And it’s why Siemens advances medical technologies to new levels in order to promote happier, healthier, and longer lives.