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  • Unter Hasslen 20, Tuttlingen 78532, Germany, Germany
  • Unter Hasslen 20 78532 Tuttlingen, Germany, Germany
  • UNTER HASSLEN 20, Tuttlingen - 78532, Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany, Germany
Website: www.rz-medizintechnik.com
Company Description:
RZ-Medizintechnik GmbH offers standard and speciality instruments & accessories for various surgical fields such as arthroscopy, ENT, urology, ophthalmology, & plastic surgery. We offer a complete set of laryngoscopes for adults and children. These laryngoscopes permit a good view of the laryngeal area even in difficult anatomical conditions such as limited oral aperture or short, thick and stiff necks. The flat-shaped support of the laryngoscope against the teeth provides uniform pressure distributions. All our laryngoscopes have a smooth surface and are easy to clean and sterilize. The specially designed laryngoscope holder and chest support is placed directly against the thorax without affecting respiration.
RZ Medizintechnik GmbH RZ Medizintechnik GmbH - since more than 15 years internationally esteemed for our - top quality products - at reasonable prices - individual service - quick realization of customized products - innovative development of new products.

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Endoscopic Forceps
RZ-Medizintechnik Gmbh
RZ-Medizintechnik Gmbh
Surgical Instruments
, RZ Medizintechnik GmbH, RZ-Medizintechnik Gmbh
Surgical Wire Crimper
RZ-Medizintechnik Gmbh
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Vascular Clip
RZ-Medizintechnik Gmbh
Vascular Occluder
RZ-Medizintechnik Gmbh

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Rainer Zubrod - Managing Director

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  • RZ-Medizintechnik Gmbh