Pfm Medical, Inc

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Location:United States

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Address: 2605 Temple Heights Drive, Suite A, Oceanside, California 92056, USA, United States
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Pfm Medical, Inc specializes in products such as EZ Huber®, pfm PICC Catheters, and interventional cardiology. The EZ huber isolates the caregiver from harmful patient fluids and oncology drug splatter. PICC catheters & trays provides increased flexibility to both administer and medications & perform CT imaging using one PICC line. Nit-Occlud® spiral coil system is designed for transcatheter occlusion of patent ductus arteriosus. Nit-occlud coil especially designed for PDA closure graduated stiffness from aortal to proximal windings for optimal adaptation to ductus anatomy.

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Pfm Medical, Inc
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Pfm Medical, Inc

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