Newport Medical Instruments Inc.

Business Type:Supplier
Location:United States

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Address: 1620 Sunflower Ave., Costa Mesa, California 92626, USA, United States
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Newport Medical Instruments Inc. is a manufacturer of ventilator for infant, pediatric and adult patients for use in many applications, from emergency and intensive care to sub acute and homecare. Our product includes e360, E100m, HT50, e500 Wave, Breeze E150 ventilators. Our ventilator has characteristic features like volume or pressure control ventilation, volume or pressure control ventilation, pressure support, back-up ventilation, PEEP/CPAP, built-in, comprehensive alarms/monitoring. We also offer accessories such as air compressor, carts, oxygen monitors. Our MAXO2 (OM25-series) monitors with sensors can be used in hospital.

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Intensive Care Ventilator
Medical-Air Compressor
Oxygen Mixer
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