Medtox Diagnostics Inc.

Business Type:Supplier
Location:United States

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Address: 1238 Anthony Rd., Burlington, North Carolina 27215, USA, United States
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Medtox Diagnostics, Inc., the diagnostic segment of Medtox Scientific, Inc. specializes in diagnostic drug screening devices for use in corporate, corrections, rehabilitation and clinical trial programs. Our line of drug testing devices offer ability to save money by performing the drug screen first before any other work is completed. Our devices are simple to use, easy to read and offer a cost-effective, streamlined alternative to laboratory screening. Our Profile®-II A cassette device with adulterant option offers screening results within 5 minutes. It is activated by the tester pipetting urine into the sample wells. The substances tested include cannabinoids, opiates, amphetamine and cocaine. Our Profile® III A cup device with adulterant options offers screening results within 5 minutes. It is activated by the tester attaching the screening device to the top of the collection cup. The substances tested include amphetamine, barbiturates, benzodiazepines, cocaine and methamphetamine.

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Chromatography Reagent
Clinical Chemistry Reagent
Immunoassay Reagent

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Peter Heath - CFO & VP Finance