Mecamed Corp.

Business Type:Supplier
Location:United States

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Address: 6993 Nw 82 Ave Bay No. 30, Miami, Florida 33166, USA, United States
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Mecamed Corp. specializes in offering hospital equipment. 2001B electrocardiograph features dual channel, soft touch keyboard, high resolution thermal head for printing, and includes an internal rechargeable battery. It is suitable for use in emergency rooms and ambulance. UTI3 is an intensive care incubator with servo control of skin temperature in premature newborn intensive care conditions. It features cabinet stock with drawers for housing accessories, a totally transparent dome, an integral double wall built in acrylic glass of 6 mm, a carrier suitable for normal maneuvers, and for intensive care therapies.

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External Automated Defibrillator
Transport Ventilator

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Omar Eduardo Montanez